Time for Jave to move on

There were a number of miscues in the opening half against the Bombers on both sides of the ball but what continues to stand out is the weak play of Jave Glatt at linebacker. The Bombers first big gainer - a slant off the left side - was cause by Glatt's inexplicable leaving of the passing lane just before the completion. His rushes at the line are totally ineffective and are just one less guy we have in coverage; the one time he did make it in the vicinity of the QB was done by completely giving up the outside containment that was his responsibility, leading to a roll out and wide open receiver.

He is like the guy we all know in sports who is just not there on the 50-50 ball, not the guy shedding the block and making tackles, not found in the backfield creating losses and rushed passes. He is a floater, and I don't think it is totally from a lack of effort as much as a complete inability to read the play and physically take on the required personnel. Time to move on.

We can point out other players as well. How many time have we been burned down the field? How many times have we shot ourself in the foot with stupid penalties when we had Winnipeg pinned in their end of the field and momentum going our way. Can't really say we should focus on one player can we. I do agree that glatt made some mistakes but he also made some adjustments as well as the rest of the defensive team.

What was it last time? 400 yards rushing the last time these two teams met. Played without Glatt. This time not even close and pretty much in effective with Glatt in. Glatt is a run stop line backer and it showed this game. To fault him because he didn't play a perfect game is just silly.

From the files of dooger in surrey :

It’s been a tough year for Jave Glatt, losing his starting linebacker job after showing great promise in previous years. I wouldn’t characterize him as a ‘floater’ but he does seem too easy to run against, which is, after all, his primary responsibility of a linebacker. He gets caught up in the wash , or otherwise out of position, way too often and loses run containment. I have yet to see evidence of improvment by him this year. I guess we have to be patient until the young guns (Yurichuck and Araki) get their opportunities to start. To be fair to him, he was a force on the kick cover teams all game.

Yesterday the Lions won despite being unready to play in the first quarter. We gave up too many big plays on defence and we just can’t give up an easy score like that on the first play from scrimmage. But our team depth (Lulay, Harris, Yurichuck, Iraki, Arceneault, Gibbs), opportunistic defence ( Miles, Marsh, Armour, Foley…) strong special teams play (McCallum, Araki, Yurichuck, Lombala, McCullough…) and our ability to run the ball all game long won it for us.

Michael Bishop often seems to cough up easy picks when he is pressured.

Grice Mullen seemed overly hyper early on. It looked like he quit a bit on a pass pattern over the middle that cost us a pick, but he got better as the game went on and was solid on returns. O Neil Wilson tried to shorthand a pass that was a bit behind him and tipped the ball to a defender instead. These are the type of mistakes we’ve been making for most of the year and must correct if we are to go anywhere in the playoffs.

Neither Pierce nor Lulay were able to get the ball to Geroy or Paris. I don’t understand multiple draw plays on second and long. How about a few screen passes to mix it up a bit? (Overly conservative/predictable play calling has ben an issue all year long.) The Pierce fumble was probably unpreventable, since he couldn’t see the defender near him on his right as he drew the ball back to throw. Steve Williams was again really solid inside but needs to appreciate the value of getting revenge within the rules. I don’t know if Ibrahim Kahn was cutting or chopping him, or what? Williams hasn’t lost his cool like that before.

Paul McCallum and the kick cover teams looked pretty solid all day. Lulay surprised everyone with his mobility and ability to extend plays. A. J. Harris was great! With at least 200 all-purpose yards he deserves to be the CFL player-of-the-week. I’d love to see him and Mallet in the same backfield when it gets cold next month. The offensive line was solid and didn’t hurt themselves too much with dumb penalties, like offsides, procedure or holding. While we didn’t get very many sacks our defensive line provided solid, consistent 4-man pressure and forced Michael Bishop into making key mistakes. Great individual efforts by Baron Miles and Dante Marsh were huge keys to victory and Korey Banks definitely looks more comfortable back at halfback.

The referees seemed to let a lot of the ‘clutch-and-grab’ stuff go; maybe that’s why the game seemed so entertaining. Are you listening, Tom Higgins?

Kudos to the Lions coaches and players for a comeback win on the road, keeping us within reach of the Stamps and the Riders. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re four wins and just one loss in the last five games.

I love winning![/color]


oh boy.. this is going to be a long one

so lionpride.. you sign up to make a thread calling out one player and saying his "weak play" continues to stand out. Well... since you've posted it... let's dissect your argument a little.

looks to me like he was trying to get around the block from the RB.. and i'm sure Glatt can't read minds so how is he going to know exactly where the passing lane will be and when exactly the ball will be thrown? Why wasn't it Foley's fault for not being a bit more to his right to block the passing lane?.. or how about Williams for running into Foley?.. why is it Glatt's fault?

and i notice that you failed to mention the most important part of that big play... the 2 missed tackles that could have kept that gain to 12 or 14 yards instead of the 52 yards it went for. Glatt was a pass rusher on that down.. it's not his fault the WR was wide open and both Tristan George (the cover man) and Ryan Phillips didn't bring him down.

yes... every pass rusher is one less man in coverage.. that's quite obvious.. but that is not Glatt's fault if that's what he is being asked to do on that play. Your issue there lies with Mike Benevides. However his pass rushes were not ineffective.. he forced an INT on one of his rushes.

Mike Benevides?.. is that you??... do you have a copy of the defensive play book?.. do you know what plays were being called?.. how do you know what Glatt's responsibility was on that play?.. how do you know his responsibility was contain and not not sack?.. and was it Glatt's responsibility to cover that wide open receiver too?

And it was not "one time" that he made it "in the vicinity of the QB"... go back and watch the game again... i count 5 times..

10:50 to go in the 2nd: Glatt comes out of zone coverage to chase Bishop after he's flushed out to his right and looks like he's going to run.. Glatt gets in Bishop's face, prevents the run and forces a throw away.
3:30 left in 2nd: Glatt gets past the line and close to Bishop but is hit hard and knocked down from the side by an O-lineman on a pull. Bishop does roll and throw for about 12 yards to an uncovered receiver. <--- now i'm guessing this is the play you're talking about... did he over pursue to the middle on that play when he could have contained a little?.. yeah maybe.. but he bit on the fake hand off like most players would. But considering the lineman was on a pull and headed right towards Glatt he would have been hit even if he had contained which only would have given Bishop more time in the pocket.
0:24 to go in the 2nd: Glatt gets close despite having his legs taken out from under him by a cut block from Reid. If it wasn't a quick throw due to it being a goal line play he would have been right in Bishops face.
4:34 left in 3rd: Glatt was right in the face of Bishop and if it were not for the quick thinking, quick read and quick throw it was a sure sack. It also didn't help that there wasn't a DB within 10 yards of the receiver.
4:18 remaining in the 4th: Glatt pressures Bishop into throwing a brutal pass right into the arms of Barron Miles for the INT. If Bishop didn't throw it would have been a sack.

so that's 2 close but foiled by a blocker and 3 hurries, one for an INT.

Most LB's at around 225lbs have a hard time shedding a block from O-linemen that are almost 100lbs heavier and that's been our biggest problem against the run this year. O-linemen have been able to get up field and get blocks on our LB's. But you can't say he hasn't been making tackles. Glatt only started 5 games, Armour has started 10 games and Glatt only has 3 fewer tackles. I've also just given you examples that he does get in the back field and rush passes.

Is he perfect?.. no.. but show me a single pro that is. Can't be done.

And let's be realistic here... i'm pretty sure Wally has a better eye for talent than you or i. If Glatt was completely unable to read the play and physically do the job he wouldn't have been able to last as long as he has here.

I agree good post chronic. It was one of Ryan Phillips wimpy attempt to make a tackle, that aided the 52 yard gain and there's more to come just keep an eye on him. i'm wondering why wally hasnt kicked his ass.

Ding !!!! Ding!! Lets hear it for Chronicguy :rockin: QUOTE THE TRUTH!!! :thup:

I was also asking for Glatt to be replaced, but his play lately has improved, no doubt due to the crew around him improving and the fact he is no longer in the middle.

Here's a thought and a stat I was unaware of till it was flashed on the screen last week.

Everyone says that Armour is a bigger stronger LB than Glatt?......I didn't realize they are exactly the same size, height and weight. Maybe in the weight room Armour is stronger, but he does play the middle "bigger" and tougher, I think Glatt is faster so it balances out, Glatt on the outside, Armour in the middle.

I don't see the problem with having depth at any position... especially one as important as Linebacker

Some good analysis dooger and chronicguy