Time for Grey Cup Haiku's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History Abounds
A Country Comes Together
Crown Royal and Coke

Almost kick-off day
Half-time act is N-F-G
Thank God for no "Ranch!!!"

Football played indoors
Offends the senses badly
It should be in snow

Roar you Lions Roar,
Time to lay the smacketh down,
We want the Grey Cup!


revenge is a dish
best served cold
but not this year

Dude...bad form...5-7-5 syllables...sheesh...

I'll give you a do-over. :wink:

how many gallons
of Gibsons did you drink

One of These Days - I'm
Going to Shred the Lions
Defence into lttle Pieces.

Buck Pierce; Pink Floyd style :cowboy:

This is our game
celebrate and cherish it
Grey Cup day is near

[sigh] read wiki dudes
Buck Pierce will be familiar
with BC Place turf


i will take lesson 19 for the win, Actually, I never heard of this before. sorry


no, no, no, no, no...



Haiku doesn't rhyme. A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind. This is the challenge of Haiku - to put the poem's meaning and imagery in the reader's mind in ONLY 17 syllables over just three (3) lines of poetry!

sad is the fan who
has no team in the great game
sepukku beckons

revenge is a dish
well served in cold and in snow
better in the dome

They chant BC sucks
but dont try it in the dome
safer than sorry

yo winnipeg fans
leave your thermos at the door
this aint no igloo

well now red and white
do I got it right or wrong
the songs I sing here

Blue Gold Orange White
Grey Cup Fever Is Now Here
I get there Thursday

No game on the box
To the English pub I go
A stool at the bar