Time for Full Time Referees

I have been advocating full time Referees for years now - I think it would do two things: Most importantly increase the consistency on calls such as PI - PI is in the eye of the beholder - a mauling and no call and a tap on the back - flag.
The second thing that would occur is that we would be able to attract a better quality of referee. I am tired of games and I'm not speaking about the Riders here - Edmonton and BC both might have something to say about the result of bad refereeing on the outcome of a game and the standings in the CFL. Full time referees are something the CFL can afford and needs.

I know! Lets have a fan poll before every call. That way the most popular call can be made every time. Sure the games will take a few weeks to play, but they could reduce the season to eight games!

Bad teams [cough - Lions and Esks - cough] will take even longer because of all the mistakes they make, so they could be sand-boxed for the entire season to duke it out together.

I’m pretty sure the league already does most of this - except (maybe) paying them well and running daily on-field drills. There was an injection of money into the officiating a couple of years back, that has paid off pretty well IMO - I don’t see any worse calls in the CFL than I do in almost any other sport I watch (MLB, NHL and FIFA come to mind). When they put that money in, they started bringing up CIS and CJFL officials to do some CFL games for the first half of the season, at which point they either kept some and/or sent them back to the CIS/CJFL. The money didn’t go just to the CFL either, it went to the amateur ranks too. I assume they’re still doing this program, although I haven’t kept tabs on it.

Does anyone know exactly how much these refs get paid? And does anyone know whether the refs actually are full time during the season? Working for the CFL for only half the year would technically be part time. I honestly know pretty much nothing about the refs.

However to me there is no doubt that the CFL does evaluate and cut a number of refs at the beginning of (and maybe throughout) a season, and that the refs study film and do what’s necessary to stay in shape. They’re being paid to do a job, after all, and that’s part of it. Not to mention, these refs are clearly highly motivated to do their job, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the position they are.

The reffing can be a problem, but it's no different than any other league.
All you can really do is hold the refs accountable, and do as much training for them as possible.
The NFL doesn't have full time referees either. It's almost impossible given the structure of the season in football.

From a fans perspective, referees are the CFL's weakest link on-field. Video replay challenges has been an improvement, but more work is needed. Firstly they need to be seen as accountable. Correct me if I'm wrong, by I have never heard of an official being even reprimanded let alone fired. I'm not advocating for us fans to do the evaluating, but we should know the result. Game film should be used to score each officials performance, without this type of feedback, consistant improvement will not be achieved. The CFL has this great site, an officiating page highlighting recent controvertial calls and explaining them to the fans would help us learn our game especially to the new fans the league is trying to attract.

I would prefer well paid contract referees, to full timers with little incentive to improve.