Time for Full Time Referees

Would you hire a part time lawyer to handle a criminal case for you.

Would you allow a part time doctor to operate on you.

You might, but you get what you pay for.

We need to stop bashing the CFL officials, they are simply part timers.

The league needs to step up to the plate and make these guys full time, with year round training and an end goal to provide the best trained referees they can produce.

This is our league, and we deserve it.

Agreed, but hard for them to get practice in the off season isn't it?
Thats a lot of workshops and film review... but maybe it could be worth it. Can't say it's exactly feasible but I'll entertain your idea hopefully you elaborate a little more.

I think the refs are doing a pretty good job.

Working full time or part time mistakes happen.

What on earth are they going to do all offseason??

Watch video???

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I agree also on this PIGSEYE and thus perhaps you can clarify also. I woke up in the morning today and the first thing that pops into my mind is the resentment from lasts nights game in Edmonton. So many penalties in every game; on one play last night is the no yards call on an Edmonton player who was just inside the five yard radius with a defender in front of him with no chance on getting to the Toronto player and out comes the flag. I'm sure there are a lot of us with our own beef situations on what is being called. Maybe we need a certain email addy that we can send our questioning to somebody (qualified) on these calls, and that person can explain it to us. I for one feel like getting into my car and drive until I find the right person/s who can clarify these calls on the way I see it. Maybe it's just me right now as in my mind I get Pink Floyd Crazy Diamond. And that's not a good place in my mind to be at. Why? Because I get into trouble every time. Anyway, can't wait for the next football game.

" an Edmonton player who was just inside the five yard radius"

So the right call was made. It doesnt matter if someone was ready to block him.

The rule says you can't be inside the 5 yard radius. That's the correct call. If you don't like that one, be upset at the rule and not the people who enforced it correctly.

Besides, you can call that a freebee after the outrageous pass interference Edmonton committed and got away with. Apparently you're allowed outright tackle receivers?

You are correct, the right call was made. On that note, I think it must be hard for players to try and judge on not to be inside the radius considering how the game is getting faster. As for the Referees, it is a tough job and they are doing the best they can. I stand corrected as Edmonton did get away with one as you mentioned. To be honest, I'm caught up in the moment and it's wrong for me to feel that way.

Do what they do with the players...Full time during the season, and during the off season, most have other jobs.


Also, invite twice as many officials as needed to a training camp, and cut the ones that don't measure up. They can always come back again next year. If you want try-out games, they can be CIS, Preseason CFL, or even Junior ball.

Just like the players, returning veterans usually begin as starters and the job is theirs to lose. A stellar rookie can step up and take the position with great execution.
(In the case of officials, really poor execution could wind up in...well...execution :lol: )

During the season, they study film of the teams they will be seeing next week, and prepare for them. They can run daily drills on field for fitness and mechanics and position.

Officials could be sent to the "bus squad" of the CIS or Junior during the year if they have a brutal outing, and "minor league" officials could be brought up to replace them. (Just ask Louis Sakota of the Riders how that works)

Its a pro league. Treat the refs like pros. Instill some pride in them. If they are made to feel like amateurs, they will surely perform that way, as we have seen.

I like it. Fwd this to Higgins.

Edmonton and TO had some questionable calls last night, I was at the BC Calgary game and there was some calls and non calls too , seems this week the officials are letting a lot go in regards to PI.

It would be difficult to to justify the expense which would be worth likely over a million $. At the end of the day, the fans end up paying for it somehow. Even the officials in the NFL are part-timers and hold a regular job during the season.

From Wikipedia.


[i]Employment status

Because their regular season spans only 17 weeks, the NFL is the only major sports league in the United States that only pays their officials on a contract basis as opposed to being full time salaried employees. Advantages to this system include being able to eliminate unqualified officials simply by not offering them a contract the following season, where terminating full-time employees would require them to show cause. Critics argue that full-time officials would free them from the distractions of a second job, but proponents of part-time officials point out that the NFL would lose a number of qualified officials because many of them are owners, presidents, or C.E.O.s of various companies. Proponents also argue that there is only one game per week and the regular season is only 4 months long, and that having full-time officials does not necessarily guarantee that they will make fewer officiating mistakes. The level of training and review in which NFL officials participate makes additional time redundant. In any event, veteran officials can make quite substantial salaries for their work.[/i]

I doubt that hiring full time refs for the CFL would be a go but they have to be more consistent in their calls. The five and ten yards penalty calls are bad enough but when they call an interference that is questionable or miss a very blatant interference call - well those are game changers. This week was the worst reffing I have seen so far this season and I imagine there will be a lot of talk among them about tightening up their calls and paying more attention to what is actually happening on the field.

solution is, all you who are constantly complaining about the refs sign up to do the jobs yourself and show us how its done.

I bet no one on this board, with any amount of training or experience could do any better

if you think otherwise, put up or shut up

That's such a ridiculous attitude. If the officials screw up, then they deserve to be called out, and they screwed up a lot this weekend.

but no more than anyone else would. plus everfan has blinders on and sees phantom screwups when ever it goes against there team. yes they make mistake, but not as much as everyone says, and again, no more than anyone else would.

More money needs to be put towards officiating in general. Not just for higher salaries

I disagree, FYB

I watched all the games this weekend, and didn’t really care who won 3 of them, and yet still noticed waayyy more screw ups than normal. I don’t know what it was in the water, but these guys usually do a much better job than they did this week.

And there are no “blinders” here…as I said, I didn’t care who won 3 of the games. And as for the 4th, I fully acknowledge that the Riders had as many “iffy” calls go for them as against them. So the refs weren’t biased, just bad. I guess if they are going to screw up, they may as well screw up even.

And as for your “get out and do it” attitude, I agree. But don’t think that every complainer has no experience or skill. I reffed multiple sports for years, in addition to playing a fairly high level of both football and baseball. I would still be doing it, but for my fifth knee surgery.

Chief is right. If the players screw up, they get not only disciplined by their coach/team/captains, but they also get called out in the media and their performances are dissected, both by the knowledgeable and ignorant alike. Why should the refs be held to a lower standard? If they are in a professional league, they should perform to a professional level, or face the consequences if they do not.

It's not like their volunteering their time, they do get paid not much but still getting paid.

all this bitching.

yet how many of you truly without a doubt, would put your life savings on the line, say that you can verify and confirm that every call or non call was in fact the right call? or in a case the Wrong Call!?

I bet none of you would dare say it.

the issue with refereeing is they are human, they make mistakes. ya some games are not as good as others but you can't expect them to go 77 games and never make any mistakes, no bad calls or non-calls.

NFL referees are not any better!

plus when you try comparing to other pro sports.. just count your blessings.. it could be worse. we could have NHL style refereeing where GM's tell the refs what to call and what NOT to call and when..

they control the refrees. our CFL refs are not controlled or instructed by our Teams GM's at all.