Time for Free Agent Spree in 10 days

Now we have a GM and Head Coach in place, we can concentrate on building our team into contenders .... First i have to say that our roster isn't all too bad as it stands but we need to address a couple concerns in 10 days starting with:

WHO WILL BE AT TC BEHIND CENTER (QB)? As it stands we have Bishop, LeFors, Santos, Bramlet and Dimichele ... do we make a move for a proven starter such as Jarious Jackson or stick with what we have?

WR - With Edwards injury problems, we seem to be thin in this department ... we have Lucianni, Marshall, Hargreaves, Bowman, Arthur, Edwards (Not to promising in my opinion) but we may get Titus Ryan Back, chances are good for that even though i wish him luck .... Do we go after WATKINS? I say signing Watkins will improve our reciever's greatly, do we make a move for Fantuz? time will tell .... have to go after Watkins in my opinion!!

Our Oline and Dline seem to be okay but another proven olineman would be a great asset i strongly feel!!

Defense ---- can Lobedahn stay healthy? the BIG question with Simpson signing in BC, let's not forget replaceing (DB) Heffney for the time being .... our LB'S are slow and i don't think Charlton has much left, if anything, big question marks here, who can we go after? One name floating around is Byron Parker, can he make a difference? i forgot Lenny Walls is gonzo as well, need to sign a couple player's to at least push what we have in TC!! Is Pierre Luc Labbe ready to be a starter? alot of possibilities, let's hope BIG MAC and Lapolice have some answers.

Well at QB what I'd expect is a few of the ones currently on the roster being let go prior to training camp . . . especially if another QB or two (be it Jackson, Jyles, some other CFL backup, or some new kid from the States) are brought in. You can have too many QBs in camp. . . then none of them get in enough reps or enough playing time in the 2 exhibition games to get a good enough read on them to make a proper assessment.

Just glancing through the available FA'S (according to this site anyway's) no names stand out at QB ... WR there are a couple of possibilities, be it may be a long shot or risk such as bringing back Kerry Johnson who has size and good hands and i feel never got a fair opportunity here, Watkins and a few other's such as a Matt Dominquez (injured and out of the league since 2007 i believe) .... defense i say we should make BIG PITCH for Stevie Baggs if still available, we have the cash with Simpson and Heffney's salary not in play as of now. As it stands i say make a pitch for the following::


Landing ANY is a long shot, but even one or two of the above would make my day in 10 days .... we have more cash available than most teams, so money SHOULD NOT be an issue. Maybe Lapolice (even being OC in Sask) knows what it would take to snag Baggs and maybe a Fantuz .... never say never in the CFL!!

.....Didn't know that Lenny Walls was gone.....I know he was thinking of trying the nfl again but some thought he may be too expensive because of his status....IF he signed on with someone i must have missed it......?????can anyone fill me in... :roll:

...if you're talking about Stevie Baggs.....he signed on with an nfl club yesterday,,,,,,colour him gonzo.. Fantuzs' status is up in the air????????Watkins and Parker.....definitely possibles...

since when was lenny walls gone!

We resigned him before he came, thats what took so long for him to get to camp last season

If anything he is entering his option, dont think any nfl teams have picked him up


as for free agency,

Id like to see the bombers try and land
Kerry Watkins
Cedric Gagne Marcoux
Byron Parker
Steven Jyles

and make some trades

like getting McPherson Here for one

for a QB stable i would like to see
Pierce if BC releases him, if not Bishop as the vet

As for QB i think Lapolice would go after Jyles since Jyles will be a FA in 10 days or they might go after a Jarious Jackson as i beleive Jarious is the odd man out in BC. my mistake about Lenny Walls, he will be back in Bomberland this season.

Order in which we need improvement:

QB ---- I believe Santos, Dimichele, Lefors will be in camp, and possibly Bishop and a college QB or two ... Jyles is a FA on Feb 15 and has upside, but we do need Bishop to be here to help push the young kids, unless we take a shot at Jackson. Also Ritchie Willams is still jobless and may be better than what we have under a new offense.

WR ---- With Edwards being injury prone and Titus Ryan in an NFL tryout our reciever's are very thin ....; Brock Ralph, Bowman, Edwatds, Arthur, Hargreaves, Marshall .... will we make a pitch for Watkins or maybe a trade for Fantuz, maybe both ... LOL .... J/K.

Oline - Need a proven starter i believe, Dline is okay, but would not hurt to bring in experience.

Our RB position is good with Reid, Bernard and another young kid (cannot remember his name)

LB --- Need more than Lobedahn, Charlton etc.

unless walls signs with an nfl team by feb 15th and he hasnt yet, he'll be back.

honestly dont want jarious jackson or steven jyles. id like to see what santos can do, lapo mentioned he has familliarity with him from new hampshire, he also mentioned lefors and wondered about his shoulder problems, bishop should be atleast brought to camp to push him, lapolice also mentioned the kid from temple university, adam dimichele. I dont see us trading for a qb, i dont see us picking one up via free agency. I dont think thats the answer, let one of santos or dimichelle or if the rumors about harrell possibly being on his way here are true, roll with 2 of those 3 and have bishop as a backup/mentor to the young up and comers. I think all we need is a qb who doesnt make the big mistake at the worst time. Mcpherson didnt look that good against us when we played montreal later in the season, dont see all the hype and would think montreal would be crazy to let him go, what do we have that montreal wants? NOT MUCH. i think a draft pick for harrell tho is a good idea like mentioned in a previous post.

as for free agents, i like our running backs. reid and bernard are a solid 1,2.
receivers are ok, we have edwards,bowman,arthur,ralph,luciani,v marshall all under contract, i beleive we signed a canadian by the name of joshua svec too. hargreaves is a free agent but should be resigned. FANTUZ? KEEP DREAMIN.. WATKINS? KEEP DREAMIN. i think id rather let mack and moll do their jobs and bring in a few prospects, maybe we can find our own emanuel arcenaux. id consider making a deal with edmonton tho for one of campbell stamps or mann, they cant afford them all.
oline is pretty solid, morley labbatte khan works for me, january if possibly could be replaced but only if the guy is better and january had a good year last year. (least sacks in the league against, oline did something good) we do need another guard, maybe id look at marcoux from hamilton or maybe try to swing a deal for woodruff out of montreal.

defensively, we are pretty solid.. would like to see jasper johnson brought back, he impressed last season during training camp. again let mack and moll find these guys, there really is noone available on the fa market.
the dline was solid, i like willis brown d smith, g walls, hunt, donny o, id like it if we could draft eddie steele with our pick this year (if we have one still) but i think the bombers should look at keron williams out of montreal aswell.
linebacers? we need an upgrade, thats where jasper johnson comes in.. ike played well enough last year, lobo when healthy is a good player also, barrin simpson might be brought back as he hasnt signed with bc yet but id suspect we will just look south of the border, lots of ncaa lb's to choose from.

defensive backs.. i like jovon, i like lenny walls, i like brandon stewart, thought craver even played well enough but if we could bring in byron parker or jason shivers that would be great. again tho, not overly concerned with this area. ronyell whittaker could be brought in again, how about james patrick in sask? is he any good? LOL. we also have jovons cousin lavonne rowan under contract. this area isnt a big concern for me.

our defense played well enough last year.. if we could upgrade the linebackers and find ourselves a hb and an upgrade at cb for craver, we will be doing good.

offensively tho.. realistically a qb doesnt grow on a tree, id rather develope one of the guys we have, something we just dont do. santos? dimichelle? (both want to be here and both i think will prove if given the chance they can get the job done)
(they will make mistakes but hey, so did durant)

really, receivers and a guard to play opposite labatte and a defensive back such as byron parker would be fine with me.

everyone else we can find down south :slight_smile:

long i know and repetitive probably but u get the idea.

we arent as far off as i thought.

Enjoy free agent spree with the 6 other active CFL teams...I exclude my Argos as I highly doubt they will have a HC due to the ongoing & everlasting ownship fiasco....

whats the latest in argoland bro?

i mean i find it odd, argos like fired andrus b4 kelly was let go, bombers named a new vp in mack, new dir of player personnel in moll and hired a new coach b4 the argos even hired a coach.

whats going on dude?

are u guys gonna get marshall or maybe force pinball to maybe, coach?

whats the likely solution

hey, as a cfl fan... what would u like to see the argos do?

its becoming obvious braley is gonna take over.. what would u like to see him do, lets assume this happens say next week sometime. lets even say.. if u bought the argos say today.. what would u do? :slight_smile: its a fan forum, screw it :slight_smile: lol

LaPolice said he wanted to improve the NI talent on the team, since we only have what 2 or 3 draft picks, what is available in free agency:

Kerry Carter*
Chris Szarka
Obed Cetoute*
Jocelyn Frenette
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux*
Marc Parenteau*
Raymond Fontaine
Ricky Foley*
Scott Schultz
Sandro DeAngelis

I'd take those 5 with the *

We actually have 4 picks in the draft.

People keep saying that Foley is going to sign in the NFL so I guess we'll have to wait and see whether he's available. I'm not sure I would want him on the Bombers to be honest. There was quite a bit of trash talk in the media coming from him aimed at Doug Brown so I'm not sure what his welcome would be like in the dressing room.

I agree that either Cedric Gagne-Marcoux or Marc Parenteau would be a nice pick-up. I was reading at RiderFans that Parenteau won't be back with the Riders so maybe with LaPolice and Baressi in Winnipeg we might have a shot at him.

I'm not sure why you included Scott Schultz on the list of those available - he retired last season.

…and Foley signed on with Seattle today…cross him off the list…Parenteau is a likely fa we can pick-up…He’s developed quite nicely since leaving us for the green guys…I can see us making a play for Byron Parker ( an import not listed here) and possibly for Watkins…If nothing else we’ll drive the asking price-up ( i know it drives other gms nuts) and if the price is right ,might snag a good one…I see this year as being pretty thin for a ‘spree’…more like a bargain basement hunt… :wink: :lol:

well IMO the bombers really need to put an effort into improving reciever and O-line if we are going to groom a young QB... also, like every team, canadian talent as well.....

Kerry Watkins(top Priority)
Marc Parentau*
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux*
PK Sam
Obed Cetout*
Jason Shivers(for Hefney)
Kerry Carter*
Stephan Jyles
Byron Parker

Id make a serious offer for Parker, but i would not get into a bidding war for his services.. Craver was servicable in that spot last season and there are also other options.... If we dont land Parker I wouldnt mind making a play for Jordan Younger.

Word from the Montreal side of the forums is that Watkins may want to sign with Hamilton.Hope this is true, Watkins and Bruce would be a killer duo.

i really hope that doesnt happen... for a couple reasons

  1. we need better recievers if we are going to groom a young guy @ qb
  2. you guys already have a scary offence as it is, and we dont need you landing another all star esq reciever

but, if you do land watkins, we could still attempt to pry Campbell away from Edmonton

.....Watkins would probably like to stay east.....HOWEVER....if somebody throws the right cash at him i could see him playing on a few other teams....namely the arenogoods for one, who are sadly lacking in the receiver dept. :wink: ...Of course Watkins might pass because of the 'uncertainity' there.....but you just never know... :roll:

Sounds like both Hargreaves and Donnelly are close to signing with the Blue.

GUYS older than dirt.. like younger... NO THANKS.

realistically people need to look at this year for what it is... its rebuilding.


hargreaves has officially signed with the bombers, donelly has an offer, but is gonna testt free agency according to todays FREEPRESS.