Time for Dermabrasion

First off , I would like to state that I am in mourning interspersed with embarrassment, disappointment, disgust and anger. I have a headache after this debacle.

Dermabrasion is most often used to improve the look of facial skin left scarred by accidents or previous surgery, or to smooth out fine facial wrinkles. It's also sometimes used to remove the pre-cancerous growths called keratoses.

Dermabrasion is most often used to improve the look of offenses and defenses left scarred by interceptions,sacks, inability to open holes for your RB, concussed Qbs, no kick return game, no pass rush, undersized dbs, overconfidence or inflated ego and to smooth out ineffective unimaginative play calling. It's also sometimes used to remove the pre-existing cancerous offensive schemes.

The Bombers really need a new skincare regime after back to back games with the Riders. These games exposed every pimple on this team's offense and defense moreso than any games this season thus far. Any amount of Clearsil to hide the blemishes on this team has long since worn off and dermabrasion may be the only solution. Where is a good dermatologist when you need them?

Let's address the scarring left after 10 games. Since most of you have adressed or are aware of the obvious issues let's dig a little deeper.

Yes, the offense is at or near the bottom with the Argos. Lapo has stated he is running an offense that is somewhat similar to the offense he ran in Sask. So given the talent at each postion, are the Bombers more, less or equal to the talent that Sask had and now has or his coaching the weak link. If the players here in Wpg are less than the Riders then we need different ones, if they're better than we may need better coaching and if they're equal than maybe we need smarter players since if physically they measue up perhaps their football IQs don't.

In this past off season defensive co-ordinator Tim Burke and Bombers linebackers coach Casey Creehan, thru Joe Mack's connections had the opportunity to visit with Packers Dom Capers and discuss ways to use Odell Willis as a jack linebacker/DE similar to how Clay Matthews is used by the Packers. Well, you know perhaps another phone call is in order to figure out a way to offset the schemes offenses have been using to neuter Willis's effectiveness. Last time I looked the BC Lions were closing in on our sack totals for the season and personally I don't think the rest of the league is thinking that the Bombers Dline is the most difficult to play against regardless of what the stats say. Ditto for the dbs. What happened to the aggressive bump and run strategy that we heard was going to employed more by the Bomber secondary this season? Or has the diminutive size of our Dbs being exposed as we face better and bigger receiving corps around the league. Again when you look at each game regardless of their current 7-3 record the Bombers pass defense has been at times more porous than impermeable. The injury to Dorian Smith has been noticeable as the inside tackles (with all due respect to Doug Brown) have not shown much push to the Qb. And with the apparent loss of JoLo for an unspecified number of games the defensive middle of the Dline now looks like the soft underbelly of someone on the Biggest Loser.

Speaking of soft underbellies, take a look at that Oline. The only thing you can say is "Oh!!!" Douglas or January take your pick and sit one down and let Kelly Butler in at tackle. He may not prove to be an upgrade but at least Buck will have a different melon to look up at when he gets thrown to ground and tossed about like a lion bringing down an antelope and ripping it to shreds. As for the rest of them they need a wakeup call too but being Canadian acts like a forcefield to some extent in this league. The Oline is being asked to protect the Qb (debateable at best) and hence they seem to lack the skill set to open holes for the run game. Put Jeffers Harris back in the game and see if both his speed and pass catching have improved since being dropped from the playing roster. At least his bigger body is more effective in blocking schemes and he's a harder guy to tackle than Denmark.

At this point in the season this team is not good enough to continue past the first round of playoffs and maybe even the regular season if they don't get their act together. That goes for the coaches, GM and the players.

So, what time was that appointment with the dermatologist again?

...I suggested the o line get a re-do BEFORE this last fiasco...Douglas is not having a great year(sophomore jinx)...Morley and January are weak....LaBattes play has trailed off...(coasting for another shot at the nfl)...Khan is not the guy we drafted from the defunct Ottawa franchise....IT'S TIME to look at one of the weakest parts of our team, an o line, that has a lot of warts... Whoever misssed that block (almost identical to the one earlier in the season) should be identified...because that my friends is INEXCUSABLE and could have meant our season, right there and then :thdn: I was just furious watching that...Was it Reid who missed an assignment or was it an O lineman being totally outclassed ...It has to be addressed...I'm not that in luv with Fred Reids play this year that i wouldn't mind seeing either Garrett or Volney given a shot....We might get better blocking for Buck at least and maybe defenders wouldn't be so willing to tee off on a back like that,,,Fred is fast but the opposition is tossing him around like a rag doll most of the time..Time for a change there as well...I hope we are not going to field the exact same players that looked so ineffective for the last 2 games...If Lapo does not make any credible adjustments in the game against Mont. we'll be eaten alive AND my wavering faith in our head-coach will be solidified.....I hope we can learn from these two debacles (didn't seem to learn much from the first one however) or i'm afraid we'll be on a slippery slope watching the rest of the division pass us by.. :roll:

And here I thought the Bombers would go 18 - 0 this year, quick........smooth out my wrinkles.

Give your heads a shake, this was a 4 - 14 team last season, if someone said, hey would you take 7 - 3 after 10 games this year........everyone would have answered yes please like excited little children.

Suck it up, the team played like crap and got beat. At least recognize how bad they are playing (6 turnovers) and be thankful they aren't getting beat like this at the top of their game.

Seasons are ebb and flow, up and down, all that matters is where you are in November, no one will remember or care how you got there.

Another aside..I wonder if the loss of Richard Harris is catching-up...This team is not playing like a winner...It;s not so much that we lost the last two....IT'S HOW WE LOST THEM''' Totally dominated...If a red-flag hasn't gone-up...I think it should definitely be in someones back pocket :wink:

Suck it up??? Crap? More like diarrhoea and flogged with a steel tipped cleats. I don't have to recognize how bad they're playing, it's in plain sight and they were close a couple of times this season to being beat at the top of their game. But hey, karma's a bitch and it's getting them back.

No one will remmber how you got there, ask the Lions in 2000, Stamps in 2001, the Argos in 2004 and then ask the three losing teams - Montreal in 2000, Winnipeg in 2001 and BC in 2004.

I agree we all would have said yes please to a 7-3 record so far but excited little children. Maybe a bandwagon fan.

I agree with you to a point, as I usually do. I'm happy as hell with a 7-3 record.

These last two games have highlighted what's been a problem all year (and last year too) - the Oline play and special teams. There hasn't been much done to improve special teams, and nothing done to improve the oline.

I'm tired of us always having to start inside the 20 while our opponents are starting near midfield. Tough to win games when you always have to go twice as far to score. Especially when we don't taking the ball away 5 times a game

I think it's time for either Douglas or January to sit for Butler. Maybe move Labatt to centre, bring in Greaves to play guard, and sit Kahn and Morley. They aren't good enough.

Just my humble opinion.

Can the oline play better, probably. Can 5 linemen block 6 or 7 rushers, no. Can they open holes against 7 or 8 defenders in the box for the RB, again no. You can't keep putting players in a no win situation all the time and expect different results, that's insanity. Until the coaches recognize it and do something about it, things won't change.

Getting fooled on the fake kick was inexcusable though. Coach says someone wasn't lined up properly, well who is watching that and why wasn't a time out called to get them aligned properly. That's just bush league.

To lay it all at the feet of Buck or a receiver or a lineman and say well they missed an audible or missed an assignment is like playing Russian Roulette with your QB's life. He is the one player you have to be sure isn't going to get hit on every single play and as the coach he has to do a better job of ensuring it doesn't happen instead of leaving it up a rookie receiver to hear an audible.

...Buck was rocked.......there was a break down somewhere...Apparently the kid Kito messed-up...As i said in another thread...he's still very green but now he can see the serious result of missing a block (assignment)...This does not do anything to obsolve the O line from their poor play this year...I like the idea of starting Butler and moving LaBatte to center...Morley and January should be looking over the shoulder soon if the line does not show any improvement...I think that Sorrenson (ni) ,who we picked-up a little while ago, would luv a shot :wink:

I totally agree with you...The problem isn't Buck, and I don't think it's the receivers. But I do think the line is a problem. Both the run and the pass blocking are terrible. Definitely can be improved. Also, knowing that, and the coach's must know that, where hell are things like screen passes, shovel passes, options, moving the pocket...all things that can help your Oline out, that we just don't do...

I liken the O-line in football to the goalie in hockey. If a goalie isn’t playing good or is just plain no good, the whole team suffers. Maybe the answer is simple, have Lapo tell the line to hold and tackle on every play, because it’s apparent these infractions aren’t being called anymore, at least not on the other teams. Sorry guys, I just had to get that out. I’ve been watching the line ever since Papa first pointed it out a while ago and there sure is a problem there. It’s no coincidence Reid’s numbers are down. A changing of the guard might work to shake up the ones who stay.

When is the last time you saw our team throw a short pass over center when the team is constantly blizting? If they have 7 or 8 guys coming there's only 4 or 5 to defend the rest of the field. quick inside curls are gone. The QB should never be left with his blind side unprotected when they are sending a 1+ Dline. Why Ried would move across to the other side is a mystery.

It's not of any comfort to hear the coach state he is quite happy with the Oline and all that is needed is to place them in a position to play better. Hello, we have played 10 games this year already.

You are right about the fake punt. I don't think we ever managed to cover one of these. Strange the coaches did not suspect it when everybody else seemed to.

It's probably equal or better with the exception of the O-line. Sask had a better O-line. Ours is horrible.

For one, he still has 2 sacks in the past 3 games. For two, if by "schemes", you mean "grab him and don't let go ever even directly in front of the ref", there's not much we can do to "offset" it.

I'M glad the real fans can see the real problems.. i can too.

it's been beaten to death on here... it's oline and sp teams.. they are our weakness.

oline? what can you do really... hence lapos responses to it.. no coach is gonna come out and say YEAH THEY ALL SUCK CRAP.. even if they want to and are thinking it like im sure lapolice is. Reality with the oline, theres no quick fix, there was noone worth shelling out the bucks for in free agency.. backups really and gauthier who is not worth what sask gave him at his age.. oline will take time.. we need to hope guys like dunn(back in school), swiston(ir),kowalczchuk(ir) and sorenson are the answers. Heres what i would do tho just to see what happens..

Teams know our oline sucks, they know we have no running game due to our sucking oline... they know it. mack knows it, lapolice knows it, bc to montreal knows it.. so... why not.. well instead of putting reid in there on second and long or whatever.. why not take him out.. put greaves in as the 6th olineman... surely 6 guys can stop 5.. i would hope. why not just say EFF the run and just pass pass pass all game.. 5 receiver set, no running back and 6 olineman... why not. i mean really..

SP teams.. when we do get a good return, penalty.. and sometimes a pretty iffy one at that.. not blaming the refs for the loss's here but... jesus the last game with willis not getting the holding call against him and labbe taking the "illegal block" penalty on browns big return then 4 plays later,the sask player does the same block to us and no call? well geez, seems like sometimes some of these refs have it out for certain teams. willis doesnt get the holding call and our guys get pass interference on the same play.. i swear to god if i had a sniper rifle at the game the ref would have been taken out.. WE ALL SAW IT ..how they didnt.. i have no idea at all.

7-3 maybe 8-3 or 7-4 and tied for first in the league with the powerhouse calgary and montreal? not to bad for a team who wasnt supposed to do much this year..

dermabrasion? nah... just the way football goes sometimes. cant win em all.. i figured once we lost one or 2 all the clowns would come out and crap on the team.. never knew some were so uneducated tho about what the real problems are...

buck? receivers? reid? haha NO.. they are the only good things on offense.. oline tho, battles are won and lost in the trenches, last 2 games... our guys got slaughtered like it was vietnam and we were the americans.