Time for Dan Lefevour to start!

After watching last night's TSN segment on the young QBs starting in the league and given the team's current seasonal losing streak, it is time we start Dan Lefevour and build a team for the new stadium.

Shoo, troll, shoo.

There is nothing wrong with Hank. Maybe Lefevour could be used in goal line plays, thus saving our starter from unnecessary beatings. Hank is the man! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I am sorry anotherdork, but some of us in Hamilton actually work and don't have time to put up 200+ post on the same rants as everyone else in 6 months.

Judging by your "blackgold73" handle,your no troll,personally I kind of agree with you about Lefevour,if this season starts going south and turns out to be yet another write-off season,we should give him a few games in the later stages of the season.Hank is going to be 39 next year,and is clearly not our future.It would be nice and refreshing for a change to actually see what a young q.b. could to for a change.I mean really,when was the last time this team actually gave a young q.b. an opportunity to see what can happen(Porter withstanding).Seems all we do is opt for guys in their mid-thirties.It's time to look to the future on this club,and I for one
think that future could be Dan Lefevour.

Only you seem to find the time to troll when times are tough.

It's a valid question. I don't think they need to pull the plug quite yet, but perhaps when Henry is struggling, give him a little time on the sidelines to watch while giving LeFevour some time on the field.

I would like to see Dan get some time, because, and this isn't a slight on Henry, but he is closer to the end of his career than the beginning and Austin has to see if LeFevour is the guy to take over once Henry moves on.

Agree totally. :thup:

It's a valid idea, just a little premature. If this team continues to lose, and the season is eventually lost, you might as well start Lefevour and see what you have. Burris isn't getting any younger.

I believe that moreso than "troll", the suitable term is "sock puppet" or "alt". It's just a question of who the puppeteer is.

I would not hurt to start him and see if we get lucky. I think hanks arm is getting weak and old. We need to know now what our back up's can do before ottawa starts picking. Do we protect the old or the new??

Look at it this way: If LeFevour does not play meaningful reps this season, it is nearly impossible for Ottawa to evaluate him, and choosing him would become a huge risk for them. As it stands now, we protect Burris and there is no danger of them selecting an unknown quantity in LeFevour. Unless he's going to lead us all the way to the Grey Cup this year, giving LeFevour a showcase to raise his stock around the league would hurt the Cats. And Hank's play hasn't been as poor as some people choose to believe.

Agree as well. We've already seen him come in once this year when we were trailing badly, and I'd like to think that he'd come in if we had a huge lead as well - something Cortez never did with Porter last year. And maybe throw him in on short yardage, or even for a change of pace on occasion.

Definitely for a change of pace. Get him in there to operate the zone-read-run-option. Give Edmonton something different to try and adapt to & manage.

The new,will be shocked and suprised if Hank is protected,he probably won't be drafted anyway,giving his age,so why not leave him unprotected.I would personally protect Lefevour out of the remaining 3 q.b's we have.There will be far better q.b.'s for the RBlacks to choose than our 3,and highly unlikely they would draft any of ours anyways.

true, Hank still performs at a high level, leading the league in yards by a fair margin, and currently 3rd in QB rating among the regulars. (at 100.1)

that being said, if Lefevour (or Brohm) gets in some live reps and plays extremely well, the club should leave Burris unprotected as Ottawa would likely prefer Mitchell, Collaros, Willy or possibly Tate as a franchise QB over the elder Hank
whose $400,000 contract will scare off the RB's regardless.

If the cats have any chance to turn this mess around it will because of Henry. He is still as good as the rest of the starters in the league. When you never have the same team and running for your life all the time it makes it hard to do what you can. But if the opportunnity happens put Lefevor in. But to start him and throw away another game at this time I dont think is the best interest for the team.


So, let me get this straight, Burris is leading the league in throwing yards by 300 yards, has thrown a mere 3 ints in 5 games, likely has the most rushing yards on the team and despite getting sacked several times just about every game, hasn't given up a fumble from my understanding and you don't want to start him and want to go with a good, but ultimately unproven prospect.

This is why not everyone can coach and run a football team.

Smiling Hank is the Man in Hamilton, LeFavor would have the same problem or worse No one to throw to? We just got Stala back and with Fantuz out, the receiver who was catching 80% of the passes was Bakari Grant and Greg Ellingson, and Sam Guigarre with one TD?

I would agree the only place for LeFavor right now would be on goal line stands or third down situations and maybe not just LeFavor but mix it up between all the back ups and rest Hank!

I say why not? Five other teams started their backups this week, and four did very well and one did ok. We don't have anything to really lose by giving him a start and the experience would do him a world of good.