Time For Changes Now Before It's Too Late!!

No Long complaint here, if some fans want to keep patient and wait 5-6 games down the road before changes are made (auditions for 2011) than so be it, i am calling for changes now i have been patient for 20 years and have no more for this team:

Bowman ---- Dropping 2 passes and than laughing and smiling about it makes me sick to my stomach, do you think you're untouchable? you were great last season even though you were known to have the droppsies and now it's showing!! I know Edwards dropped one as well but he was not laughing and smiling about it and to be quite blunt his pass was a tougher catch to make and also he is one of the best reciever's in the league. Too bad TJH is injured because if he were playing and playing as good as he was it would probably make moving Bowman an easier decision for the BB'S. I know some will say to me "trade one of our best reciever's, are you crazy?" I will tell you now if we can get someone who can catch the ball, doesn't think there untouchable and doesn't have the cocky attitude than i say YES trade Bowman!!

Kavis Reed ---- A loser everywhere he has coached, cannot put together 60 minutes of solid defensive football, zone coverage schemes suck and don't work, why is he still here?

Glover? The guy can't cover squat, has been burned on NUMEROUS occassions, if we are going to have a guy blow coverage as often as Glover than why not start Beasley and let him learn as he is young as is expected to make mistakes, Glover Gone in my opinion.

no comment. but it seems like pete and repeat were sitting on a boat and pete fell off.. who's left?

Trade Bowman? A high-priced import WR who can't catch and doesn't care.

Who do you think would want him? It took everything ET had to get the Bombers to take him.

Here we go again, i am not saying we need to completely overhaul the team, i am just stating simple facts and if you don't agree that is your choice. But i think everyone has to admit that these mistakes, dropped passes, penalties and so on is getting a bit ridiculous already especially after the team worked on them all week in practice prior to the MTL game. So in respect to that maybe i will clarify my points so even the simplest mind can understand (no pun intended):

  1. After dropping TWO very makable catches against MTL, one that would of most certainly led to a TD and possibly change the momentum of the game, Bowman was clearly laughing and smiling after his drops, to me that is a sign of a player not giving a damn. When Edwards dropped his passes he was visibly pi$$ed off, not laughing and smiling, after all he is our top receiver. If Bowman does not care about this team, find someone who does, this is just the way i see it with Bowman and it seems like his head is somewhere else and not in the game. Can he show us he cares? sure he can and i truly hope the bye week gives him time to reflect on the team concept, but if not and he continues to display the attitude that he is showing he can and should ride the pine at the very least.

  2. Glover has been horrible at defending pretty much all season, he has been burnt more times than i can count and it is getting stupid already. Why not either start a young guy in Glover's place such as Beasley (example) and see what he or someone else can do, honestly a rookie cannot be any worse than Glover at this point and again bench him or move him because honestly i don't like the way he is playing period.

  3. This team needs consistancy for 60 mins and through the first 8 games the defense is only putting in a good effort for 30 mins a game and this rests on Kavis Reed's Shoulders so either he fixes it and the defense plays with effort and consistancy for 60 mins or it's time to evaluate Reed and his position with the team.

I am not giving up on this team as i see alot of positive signs, but to win games and get to the next level this team needs to tweak something and/or make small changes and that is what good football teams do, they don't ride the same player's game in and game out when on a losing streak and expect them to magically get better overnight, if fans still want to be patient with a tough schedule ahead than you are only fooling yourself and in turn you are watching an audition for next season and beyond, we need wins now this season because we are falling out of a playoff spot very quickly with Hamilton picking it up and with us only one win up on a crossover playoff spot.

But i guess i am the only fan that feels this way, but this article on this sites home page sums it up and here are the key quotes from this article:

Head coach Paul LaPolice continues to be frustrated over what to do about turnovers. There were three more in the clubs fourth straight loss, a 39-17 setback in Montreal. Two of the giveaways were fumbles by quarterback Steven Jyles, one of which was deep in Bomber territory and returned for a touchdown by Chip Cox, another came at the Montreal 17-yard line and denied the Bombers a chance to score.

On both occasions, Jyles was about to get sacked and should have been thinking first and foremost about protecting the football. LaPolice continues to preach about ball security, but his words are falling on deaf ears as the Bombers have now committed 21 turnovers in eight games.

Penalties also continue to plague the Bombers. They took nine more for 131 yards against the Alouettes.

And then there's the issue of dropped passes. Adarius Bowman dropped two perfectly catchable throws from Jyles, the first of which had big-play touchdown written all over it, and the second would have put the Bombers deep into Montreal territory. Both drops came in the second quarter when the Bombers were fighting to stay in the game.


Lapolice says they can't stay with players who keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Some players are obviously on thin ice. By the same token, both LaPolice and General Manager Joe Mack say it's very difficult to make significant personnel changes over a short period of time.


Mack and personnel director Ken Moll have been scouring NFL camps in the last 2 weeks in hopes of finding 2 or 3 players who can come in and make an immediate impact.

So disagree and tell me i don't know what i am talking about or have been talking about for weeks now, obviously it's becoming more clear that i know more than people give me credit for!!

Apparently they found a kid in Minnesota named Peterson who they think might turn into a real player. Don't be surprised if they neg list him.

I don't understand what you have seen in Bowman in the past that this surprises you rather than to think it is the norm for him. He has been routinely dropping passes since his 1st day of training camp with the Riders. He hasn't gone 2 games in a row his entire career without AT LEAST 1 blatant drop.

Maybe we can ship Bowman, Reed and Glover out of here and honestly bring in a reciever who can catch a defensive coach who can coach and a CB who can cover, guess we just picked up more of Wally's trash with Glover!!

Maybe we can put Buzz at Reciever, Boomer at CB and Bella as our defensive coach, honestly i can't see them being any worse at this point!! :roll:

Just have Jovon Johnson play corner and reciever.

The papers are saying, a WR, OL and DT will be brought in, they would also like Ryan when he's healthy and Heffney if he can't find work in the NFL.

At least 2 of those 5 will improve the team for certain, it's just a work in progress and folks need to keep their pants on for now.

They're stating the obvious on that one.

Ryan most likely won't be back until mid-late October at best as he needs surgery according to some reports, of course other reports state he is still able to play but will require offseason surgery, so who do we believe? and do we risk additional injury to Ryan if the second report is true?

I can see Hefney returning in 2-3 weeks when final cuts in the NFL take place and Hefney is a definate improvement on defense at DB. Unfortuneately for Heff he is not even expected to be PR'D in Detroit according to NFL Insider Magazine as there are at least 4 player's who have the advantage over him, but again good news for us!!

According to some sources and as you stated Piggy a WR and OL are on there way here from down South but never heard anything about a DT, honestly i don't see a need for a DT unless it's a Neg player or a PR player. I heard many names brought up about the WR on his way, but i will be tight lipped until it's indeed a fact...

Other reports say that one or two former CFL WR'S who are/will be cut from the NFL are being mentioned inside Bomberland, who they are i have no idea but the name Grice-Mullen has floated around more than once, also heard that one or two Bomber TC castoffs are being considered once again, these player's may have made the club if it were not for injury etc. Hall, Franklin, Shelton, Strickland (take your pick i suppose), i would like to see Hall get a shot, too bad he injured himself in camp, but on the bright side we may not have kept TJH if these injuries in camp did not occur, everything happens for a reason i suppose.

Other "rumours" or as they say reports state 2-3 current player's (no names mentioned) are being shopped around but so far no takers...... Bose two teams are the most likely but again i can't see an Eastern team wanting these player's and The West teams play this week and if BC and Edmonton lose i expect changes to be made there immediately and i can see Winnipeg making a move with one or both BC and EDM.

But i do expect at least one-two changes in the next few days ... no overhaul needed, just rid the trash we have .... Have to also take into account these NFL castoffs and if they can grasp the CFL game quick enough as we are pretty much half way through this disasterous season (so far).

Tait has said the CFL receiver is either Gerran Walker of Mullen.

Bomber brass is not happy with the DT beside Brown, they want a bigger man than either Smith or Hopkins who get more push up the middle.