Time For Changes In Bomberland!!

We put up a pretty good effort last night against the Cats and i know we would have won if not for a couple of botched plays/mistakes and so on:

NUMBER ONE ---- Get Rid Of Serna already, he missed 2 easy field goals and he needs to be gonzo, now!! Bring in Medlock!!
NUMBER TWO ---- Adarius Bowman had a great game but his dropped pass with under 2 minutes to go may have cost us the game, it should have been an easy catch but receiver's are not perfect.
NUMBER THREE ---- Last play of the game from the five yard line Jyles tried to run it in (at least looked like it), he should of either thrown a ball into the endzone and let the receiever's do there job OR put in an extra blocker (FB) or two and let one of our guys try and punch it in, Jyles had a good game though with the exception of his fumble!!
NUMBER FOUR ---- Renaud is a great punter, but last night all of his punts were pretty crappy, i don't blame Renaud, i blame LaPo and Mack for letting him play with a brace on his kicking leg.


  1. Jyles showed us that he is capable of running this offense when Buck is injured, granted his record as a Bomber is 0 wins and 2 Losses but the CGY game and Hamilton game we could have won.
  2. Beasley showed us his speed and ability as a returner and looked pretty good, he also looked good on Defense when he was in, just needs another game or 2 to read the offense better.
  3. Hicks played a pretty good game in his debut as well and just needs more playing time.
  4. The new guy Green was excellent on special teams and he should only get better.
  5. Stewart is improving every game and looked pretty good with his coverage.


  1. SERNA, enough said!!
  2. What happened to the Suber that played in game one? Hopefully just had an off game!!
  3. Courtney Smith did not impress me one bit at LB.
  4. The defensive schemes were horrible, we allowed there receiver's to get open on almost every play by playing zone, playing 5 yards off the receiver will not cut it (that's Marshalls playbook .. LOL)


  1. I think we have a solid returner in Beasley which will keep Jovon fresh for his defensive assignments, if Jyles plays again we know he can get the job done. We are still better than Edmonton and BC, unless something miraculous happens to these two teams, we should make the playoffs (there are still 12 games to play).
    T.J Harris, Logan and M.Bowman should be ready to go next game or the game after, Buck should return next game or game after BUT i am concerned that he may be worse off than LaPo and Mack are saying, he took starting reps last week in practice alongside Jyles and rumour was he was ready to go SO why didn't he attend the Bombers in Hamilton?

OUR SCHEDULE: We have 12 games remaining and next week in Winnipeg we HAVE TO BEAT the Cats, big game. Our remaining games WILL BE TOUGH GAMES withe the exception of a couple.

Renaud's average was 48 yards with his longest being 59. Unfortunately he got a couple of bad bounces and the ball went into the endzone. He outkicked the Ticats' punter by almost 10 yards a kick (Wilbur's average was 40.2 with his longest being 50).

The only change I would make is getting in someone to replace Serna. I think as our defense gets more experience we'll be fine. I said in another thread that in yesterday's game I believe Doug Brown has played as many or more games than the rest of the starting front 7 combined and 3/5 of our secondary has less than a season of combined experience as starters. I'm willing to be patient.

If i were a bomber fan, i’d be referring to Fridays game as a must win. If the bombers lose that one then they could very well be 2-7 heading into the banjo bowl.

…and if the cats take a kicking…that home and home with the argos could determine last place in the east… :wink:

We part company on this one blue. . . I have been very impressed with this fellow.

Mack sounded pretty clear that he and the coaches are still in evaluation mode for quite a few spots on the team. It's pretty safe to say that change will be ongoing, until they are satisfied with what they are seeing. It's also pretty clear that they are not at this time. Mack has his people scouting the NFL cuts and you can bet we will be seeing bodies coming and going regardless if the team is winning or losing.

haha man... talk about over reaction by the OP here.. just sad blueandgold.. sad man. very sad.

i dunno, u were one of these guys that hyped this team so much in the off season that u just... i dunno... u were wrong and like... reality is, its rebuilding and was from day 1, week 1 of rookie camp.

we lose 3 games by a combined 12 points, our starting qb and 50000 other guys are on IR and u want changes.

u know, its sick.. u mention suber, c smith.. but u dont mention jovon or stewart or glover or everyone else bruce made to look like fools.

really tho, i find myself ignoring most of your posts now because.. well, 99 percent of the time, u post things that arent facts.. dorian smith on 9 game? funny cuz he played last night.

like, my credibility isnt that high on here but yours dude.. its non existent.