Time for Change

by abrider » Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:47 pm

I say "Welcome back Ken Miller!!!" too bad Greg Marshall...I believed in you & followed from the start, but when you said on the post game show after the last home game that you did not know what to say to your team to motivate them anymore, your time was up....coaching is all about motivation...as for Doug Berry??? Good Riddance...you weren't able to communicate with DD who apparently needs a lot of babysitting & cannot think on his feet...maybe Dinwiddie needs to start a game or two....at least the rookie mistakes can be blamed on a rookie....to Darian....try throwing the ball to 10 yards instead of the 5 yard under coverage throws...trust your receivers...they will make you look good if you trust them to do their part...try Clermont more often...he's a good player with lots of experience...to Richie Hall...I think your place is on the sidelines & your assistant up in the booth...your defense needs encouragement face to face with you all during the game......................Go Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you misread what Miller meant by motivating. I am pretty sure it was a shot at how the coaching staff seemed unable to motivate the team effectively.

I don't think I misread this...the entire coaching job starts with motivating your players to play the game & training them to play in the fashion you desire is the coaches job as well, but without motivation, you will never succeed in any sport, or for that matter, business.

that is exactly my point. I think he was saying hey, I got essentially the same crew going, i don;t know why these coaches cant