Time for CFL to ensure home team in Grey Cup

I know this has been discussed before and most people like it the way it is now and say there is not enough time to plan for all the events that presently go on if a home team had only one week to prepare. But is the Stanley Cup finals, World Series any less of an affair? I don’t think so. Why do they have to do the player awards at Grey Cup time? I know the league doesn’t care because the city/team hosting has guarranteed the league ‘x’ number of dollars anyways. But I just think it would make the atmosphere so much better, guarranteed sellouts and all of that. Just my opinion.

Have you been drinking?

I like the neutral location. It's a part of football. The Grey Cup, Super Bowl, NCAA Bowls, and CIS Championship are all held at neutral locations.

It would be an absolute logistical nightmare - bordering on the impossible - to try and put together anything of substance for Grey Cup Week if you didn't know in advance who was hosting it.

Change can happen. I guess I'll post this again after a year when a city hosts it and the hosting city is a bad team that year and the stands are noticeably empty. And I think this could very well happen again but hoping I'm wrong.

It happens all the time. Regina has had two of the best Grey Cups in history, and the Riders were bad both those years. Ottawa was a decent Grey Cup, and they were their typical awful selves.

Neither the Stanley Cup or World Series are played in 1 game. Different situation.