Time for CFL to Ban the TD Antics

I blame Donald Narcisse. In the 1990s, every time the Saskatchewan Roughrider scored a touchdown he would "entertain" us fans with an annoying strut in the endzone. He was the only one who got jiggy with it in those days. A true Prairie pioneer, I suppose.

Then, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers showed us how to really celebrate. The TD-scoring receiver would call 3 or 4 of his teammates over for an impromptu line dance of sort. How cute, eh?

Fast forward to 2006, and the dreaded touchdown dance/celebration has become the norm not the exception. A simple spike of the football is no longer acceptable. Instead, choreographed performances are what is expected...everything from eating popcorn in the endzone to four men sitting on the field pretending they're rowing a boat or competing in a bobsled race. Wow!

Unfortunately, these pathetic antics are not limited to the touchdown celebration anymore. No sir. Players have taken to busting a move even after making just a first down (Granted if you're the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, that IS an accomplishment and reason for celebration). Even the kickers get into the game and show us how it's done after they kick a field goal. I swear before the end of the year I am going to see a referee do a cartwheel or something after a challenge confirms he made the right call.

And, it's not like these stupid on-field extras are being discouraged. Not by a long shot. The TV cameras are right there to catch all the action. (CBC will even provide the microphone for the mock interview.) The announcers will give us commentary and – just in case we miss it the highlight reels will show us the showboating again.

Whatever happened to the football player who went out on the field, did his job, made the plays, scored the big touchdown, and headed over to the bench? The “no-nonsense? player. We could use some more Ben Cahoon’s in this league, if you ask me.

I think the CFL needs to crack down. The over-the-top celebrations cheapen the product and do absolutely nothing for the game. In fact, it puts us on a level with the WWE. It’s time the CFL bans these on-field antics.

I agree 100%
I feel they are childish and have to go!

Dude, the touchdown celebrations are what makes it so much fun!

As a fan, I enjoy seeing the players' personalities when they play. Whether it,s trash talking, touchdown celebrations, pumping up the crowd or whatever.

The bobslead celebration last night was a classic!

i love TD celebrations...if u don't like it, dont watch.

in hockey, a guy scores and rides the stick or something ( ovechkin goes nuts ), and noone complains.

watch the NFL.

....although your post is entertaining in itself ( chuckled over a few parts out loud) you are missing the spirit behind the celebration...it's all for fun.....we are being entertained......

....Cahoon yes, add Tucker to that list....there's a number of guys who make it no big deal......

At least they're more creative than before, I thought the bobsled thing last night was very funny. No way should the league look at ways to take the 'fun' out of the game.

geesh, people complain that im negative on the cfl, you guys are complaining about harmless stuff like endzone dances, these guys are doing it for the "young fans" to get them hyped up, you old foggies need to get off your rocking chairs and relax, your the same type that complain about younger generations and stuff isnt the same like in your day. The CFL needs to focus on making every franchise financially stable, instead of dancing and trying to recruit former heisman winners.

Leave them, if they do it, fine, the D should have stopped the TD.

I agree, playmaker!

As a young fan watching the game, I love to see trashtalking, celebrations, gestures, anything! I love seeing the players' personalities.

One of my favourite part of the Argos-Als game last week that I attended was Eric England walking over to the sideline before the play waving his arms in an upward motion, demanding more noise from the croud!

I love the TD dances but the one last night was a little excessive even if though it was pretty cool. But TD dances shouldnt be lasting like 30 seconds long.

As a young fan I love the endzone celebration. Calgary's really got it down this year. No other teams are close. Domingez has some good ones when ever he scores.

I loved the bobsled thing, sure a bit goofy but what the heck, this is a game, not a library or study hall.

I think there are more crucial things that the CFL needs to address, some being attendance, revenue, scheduling, salaries, promotion, ownership, growing the league, keeping a bloody team in Ottawa. Those are just a few things that the league needs to progress on before they get rid of, or fine players for celebrating TD's. Yes, the NFL has a celebration policy, but they are the greatest money making enterprise, TV revenue, endorsment giant in North America, all because they put the leagues financial and team sustainability ahead of all, and owners come together to grow the game.

Owners are forced to keep to the party line in the NFL because so much money is involved but then you get guys like Al Davis who moved the Raiders back to Oakland. Don't think Tagliabue was too happy with that one really.

We have a perception that all NFL owners are nice and happy and get along with each other like close friends but I don't think this is the case at all really and if anything, may be more competetive with each other than CFL owners to be honest.

But yes, the CFL has bigger issues I agree Kman than a few dances.

Thanks for all the responses, folks. I'll never be convinced of the value of these TD antics, though.

Perhaps this 28 year old indeed is just not in the "in" anymore. Ah, I'll make a great old grumpy man :slight_smile:

What he said! :thup:

Sorry but I don't see the entertainment value in watching grown men "hump" the goal post!

What amazes me is so many people did not want the refs taking 90 seconds for a video replay yet taking 5 minutes to jump around like fools is fine.

If there is one thing that makes the CFL look bush it's the dancing!

I agree with Ro about the humping of the post, that was a bit much, but they didn't take 5 minutes if I remember correctly.

Playmarker, if you like celebations, then you should e-mail the new NFL commissor and say so to him.

There will never be celebrations in a league that is governed by politics.

The Stampeders risk invoking the Blue Bomber curse. There is no other explanation for why that team from 2001 never won a Grey Cup, other than the fact that they angered the football gods with their ridiculous dancing. Or if you don’t believe in football gods, it must have been the collective wishes of millions of football fans across the country who grew to hate the blatant arrogance of that team.

But at least that Bomber offence was damn good. Stegall, Arland Bruce and Geroy Simon all in the same line-up? Unbelievebale.

Copeland, on the other hand, should have enough self-discipline to impose a moratorium. I would suggest one dance-free game for every pass he drops. That would have taken us into October. Or at the very least, don’t dance until your TD total surpasses your number of drops.