Time for CFL teams to maybe look at real small quick qb's?

Ok, we are losing guys now like a Drew Brees that would have been overlooked say 10 years ago since the NFL finally figured out that you don’t have to be 6’5" to be a decent qb. So I’m wondering why doesn’t the CFL go after some real small qb’s in college that are dynamite, say even around 5’8", that are real Flutie-like? And if a guy like Steve Sullivan can do well in the NHL at 5’8" 155 lb well, maybe it’s time that even for a pivotal position like qb, they look smaller for great talent (different sport and no real comparison, just making a point about smallness).

Well...they should definately try something. The talent level at the QB position is the lowest that I have ever seen it.

I think Drew Brees is a big exception. But, let's all remember that he had superb coaches with the Chargers and has good coachs with him now in New-Orleans. Is Sean Payton the OC? I think he is.