Time for Calvillo to hang it up

Okay time for mchperson to see waht he can do and get rid of Trestman---

Trestman is not a fiinisher, too nice and too relaxed------

Als need Mathews back and get rid of TONY calvillo and the overrated Trestman, he is really not a playoff coach.

Errr, I think we were only aloud 1 set of coaches...

Right because AC fumbled inside the rider 20
AC dropped all those passes in the 1st
AC shanked those 2 punts

AC is bad luck, he just brings about the feeling of losing in big games--

He had all day to throw today and was throwing bad passes all game long--

The happy feet were there today for AC.

Lol I jsut gave you guys the GREY CUP--

I bet on MTL and i tried to JINX them and it worked.

ALright my JINXES worked, the ALS pulled it out, i posted an early GREY CUP champs win ----

COngrats guys this was best team in the CFL--

I am glad for AC and the city of MONTREAL and also for the great Trestman who finally won a big game-

You are nothing but a troll who wanders around posting inflammatory crap in other teams' threads.

A troll who claims victory in both team threads
From the rider forum

No kidding. The mods should really look into banning this guy. All he does is antagonize other fans.

I think he’s been on pretty much every teams’ boards saying that their coach should be fired. It’s getting tiresome.

I think the entire east division save Montreal is hoping Calvillo is going to hang it up.

I would be extremely surprised if AC retires while Trestman is still coaching the Als so that would seem to mean one more season unless Trestman gets out of his contract and goes to the NFL next season.

Did you see Trestman and his family after the game ? Why in the world would Trestman give up a job where he is adored, has all the free time he wants six months out of the year to travel with his family, write and run his own business to go work in a league that will use and abuse him and throw him in the dumpster again (they have before).

People say well the money... Trestman is not broke and that new contract the Als are going to offer him is going to come in at around 500k plus benefits. plus plus plus.

If I am a father of two teenager and embrace culture and appreciate loyalty. I look at Jim Popp and say Ok... how long we signing for and how much can we get from the old man. These two gentlemen are about to have a very, very nice Xmas :slight_smile:

I agree.
Plus I wold be very surprised if he even tried to get out of his contract.

He is a man of honour and I think he would say, "I signed for 3 years, I am giving them 3 years"

Get Trestman locked up to a five-year deal at minimum, Jim. Don't let the best head coach in the Canadian Football League even think about walking. :smiley: