Time For Braley to Sell the Lions

Until this week everyone thought khalif Mitchell was some kind of moron or idiot. Then he does a very well versed interview with Sportsnet (of course) and makes the whole CFL look bush league again. Take away his arm bending,and slashing tactics. Take away his racist political comments, and you can’t help agree with him. We all know what Braley has meant to the CFL… However, he was running the Lions into the ground before he did the smartest thing he ever did which was bring Bobby Ackles back. Bobby Ackles is the reason the Lions are drawing more then 14K right now…not David Braley. Braley also ran two commishioners out of the league, and is now stubbornly holding onto the Lions. The Lions have one of the best stadiums in Canada, The lions have a guareenteed windfall of 5 million dollars for next year’s Grey Cup. The Lions easily have the second most expensive tickets in the league and are still almost hitting 30K/game.The Lions value also took a huge jump (along with every other CFL team) because of the new TV contract.
Now is the time to sell… Sell now before the CFLPA goes to war for the TV money.Sell now before, people start balking at the high ticket prices. (scalpers can no longer get $100 for $160 Canuck tickets).Sell now before it is discouvered that Vancouver is suffering from Grey Cup burn out.
Braley should be able to get 20 million for an asset he paid nothing for. Cohon and other bigwigs in the league should try there best to convince Braley to sell. of course they can not force the issue, or they will suffer the same fate as Lysko and Wright.
If Braley really wants to immortalize himself as Mr. CFL… He needs to just stop blindly wasting his money to save the league and spend his money on something that will be more then a band-aid. He should sell the Lions for 20 million… Use his influence at the BOG to get a double share of TV revenues for the next ten years (40 million extra) and then use his influence at parliement hill to get another 80 million and build the Argos a proper stadium.

Interesting read Bungle but you totally lost me when you mentioned the words 'Sportsnet' and 'CFL'. After that it was totally irrelevant to me. And, of course, your use of the word 'bush' after mentioning 'Sportsnet' just solidifies my irrelvancy.

Anything credible discussing the CFL will be done with TSN. Sporstsnet is irrelevant. Get it? 8)

lol.... TSn would never brodcast the mitchell interiew.... They have 200 million dollars invested in the CFL... Only Sportsnet would show such an interview, because it is negative towards the CFL. It is negative, but it is accurate.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/khalif-mitchell-refuses-to-join-toronto-argonauts-after-trade-from-bc-lions/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/kh ... -bc-lions/[/url]

Well, let's assume it's accurate. Sportsnet has no interest in the CFL as we know, they didn't bid on the contract. So why are they so adamant to air "negative news" for the CFL? Are they doing balanced academic respectable journalism and airing the positive alongside the negative? Not.

Makes no sense, if they think nothing of the CFL, why broadcast anything about the league?

Sportsnet and Rogers is so FOS its' not funny, that's why I won't spend a dime on their Blue Jays and Bills series at all, one reason. Sportsnet and Rogers is scared poopless of the CFL and TSN and it looks damn good on them. What a joke Rogers is. They can take their one dog pony show in the Blue Jays and shove it, which is sad because I'm looking to be a Blue Jays fan, but I'm just not finding any reason to do so.

Too late to edit. Here's the difference between TSN and Sporstnet. I do want to follow the Blue Jays through sports highlights at least and I can get that without any driven negative bias, on TSN, I don't need the Rogers owned Blue Jays channel for that, I can get that from their compeitior, who is triple class-wise with respect to journalism that Sporstnet.

Weird, I get positive news about the Blue Jays from TSN, a team that has lost their first 3 series with all their big salaries this year that is owned by their rival Sporstnet, well Rogers. Who would have thought?

Rogers is the tabloid, Bell and TSN is a full read newspaper. But I admit, tabloids and uneducated persons (not meaning formal education BTW), works perfectly.

I dont get why one would assume he would sell the Lions at all. He helped out bug time by picking up the Argos...his choice was to own the Lions first...not the Argos...one would assume he will keep the Lions. As far as somebody else making the Lions...hey, that may be so, I don't know. If it is, well, kudos for Braley seeing the need for that and hiring the right person. Just because you own a business it does not mean that you need to be the primary controller / manager of it, nor that you are the right person to...that self recognition is what makes many of the rich and powerful what they are.

If he is so bad, why would you want him to focus his attention on a struggling club in Toronto?

Also, how is is spending his money blindly? He makes money in BC, and the 9-10 mil he was handed (which is still BS) for the 100th will mitigate any losses for a few seasons in Toronto. Even if he is losing money...hey, go nuts if it is something you are passionate about. I don't think losing a few mil for a passion is going to put him in line at the food bank.

As far as Mitchell goes...I have heard few call him stupid or a moron...he simply does dangerous things when he plays at times.

I would assume that Braley would sell the Lions because even though CFL teams are now starting to bring in the neibourhood of 15-20 million dollars in revenues (yeah yeah..Rider fans shut up already) each year, the Cfl is still very mom and pop and I believe local owners would be more effective. I believe the Lions could go to the next level(average 45K) if local owners got involved. Braley has maximized what he can do with the Lions and the only direction to go is down. The latest mistake he made was failing to capitalize on season ticket sales after winning the Grey Cup and getting essentially a bran new stadium by raising ticket prices too high. I honestly dont see it getting any better this year for the Lions... The writing is already on the wall with the Canucks all but assured of losing their ten year sellout streak next season.
As for Braley being the best owner for the Argos..... I don't believe he is the best possible owner, but he is the only owner for the Argos. Unless the Argos can get a double TV share (what Sokolowski and Cynaman wanted) then they are not a viable enterprise at any level. TFC is losing piles of money now, but BMO is not the answer... The Argos need a real stadium.
As for Rogers slagging the CFL but Bell (TSN) not slagging the Blow jays.... That should let you realize how powerful the Blue Jays brand is... plus TSN still broadcast MLB games. Yes...I cheer against the Blow Jays at every opportunity... Reyes just blew out his ankle...yahooooo... Hopfully he is out for the season.... on a sad note... The jays are winning :frowning:

well, Braley is not from Toronto, and he does not live in Toronto, and his business is outside of Toronto, so I am not sure how he equates to a local owner. He took his crack at local ownership with Hamilton, and it did not pan out well...hence his move to buy the Lions, who were struggling a bit at the time, and he managed to turn them around superbly.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and what...3rd or 4th largest market between the US and Canada...if there was ever a city that had a 'local' person to buy the club, it should be Toronto.

I don't see how local ownership of a club equates to putting people in the seats...a motivated owner does. Take away the time spent at Empire and the Lions attendance has been rising for a few years now...if attendance is rising, then yeah, you can charge more for tickets can't you? I am sure he has rather smart accountants who realize that raising thicket prices a couple percent will bring in more money than dropping them the same...pretty simple logic when attendance is rising. If average prices are 50 bucks and you raise them to 52, not too many people are going to go OMG...I am so not paying that! Conversely, dropping from 50 to even say 45 is not going to draw enough extra attendance to recoup that percent drop. You only need to consider drop prices if attendance is declining.

I love logic, so long as it is logical. If he is making money and is happy with how things are going, let him try to make a buck. Some people will take the CFL more seriously with a bigger TV deal...some will buy get season tickets to assure a GC ticket next season...I am pretty sure that the Lions will turn a profit...so all the power to him how he manages gameday.

Toronto's attendance increased last season, and hopefully will again this year. They do not need a double share of TV revenues...If the city of Toronto chooses not to support the club for whatever reason (and yeah, there are lots...bad club for a season but is now looking good, Rogers doesn't do them favors, venue...whatever the case is) then the owner can choose to try to ride the wave, fold, relocate, marketing....it's all up to them...sorry, that is just business....the club has no special right that entitles them to exists...the fans chose whether they do or not.

TSN does not 'slag the Jays because they still broadcast MLB games. Rogers has no piece of the CFL and is likely pissy. TSN is also not an owner of sports teams, so there is no competition as far as they are concerned.

Your capitalist ideals simply don't work with an 8 or 9 team league... The CFL can not survive with 6 teams and this seems to be what you are advocating. Toronto is the home base to almost 300 corporations in Canada (Calgary is number 2 at under 100) and hence is vitally important to the well being of the CFL. A simple solution would be for TSN to take over the Argos and simply deduct the losses from the TV money it pays to the CFL. Why this hasn't happened yet, I honestly don't know.... Toronto does not need the CFL....The CFL needs Toronto. Without Toronto, the CFL regresses to a true minor league. A league so minor, you would have to rediscouver your local community channel to find the games on TV, playing to 5000 fans. (maybe more teams though)

The reason Braley should sell the Lions is because it makes the Cfl look completely bush when a player is traded from one team to another and the same dude is still signing the paycheck. There is just no way around it… The whole Roughriders / Rough Riders thing was actually pretty cool… This is straight up bush league.

Bungle, you really don't look like you have a hot darn clue what you are talking about.

From everything I have seen/understand Braley puts the president/CEO in place and the exec committee then let's the GM take over decisions regarding the football team.

Braley doesn't tell Wally or Barker who to hire/trade/sign.

There is ZERO need for Braley to sell one of his teams until the right owner shows up.

As for your idea of "let's just take money that should go from the 7 other teams to pay for a new stadium in Toronto" how about... NOOOO. That's a horrible idea, the Argos do need a new stadium but they can get one done like EVERY OTHER CFL team and not by making the other CFL teams pay for it.
The other CFL teams already do more then enough to keep help the Argos, giving them $40M... umm no thanks. A deal can get done between the province, city of TO(or a suburb) and Braley/the Argos providing the Argos finally make the decision to do so.

The Argos already burned the taxpayers of Ontario for 600 million... I don't see too much leeway for a new stadium. Remember the Skydome was built because of the disaster the 1982 Grey Cup game was... Since the Tomb was built it has hosted a total of four Grey Cups. What used to be a semi-annual event for Toronto was turned into a never event from 1992-2007. Six hundred million dollar blunders are not easily forgotten by provinces preaching budget retraint... If TO ever did get an Olympics, the stadium would be much much too large for the Argos.... So building thier own stadium with very little government help is really the only solution.Every other market does have to fend for themselves and find there own way... However Toronto holds the keys to the car which is the corporate support. Don't under estimate how important corporate support is for the CFL. Teams such as Montreal gather 4 million dollars a year from corporate support. Now that the league has seemingly maximized it's TV revenues ,and has consigned itself to building 22000 seat stadiums... Corporate support is really the only place the league can now grow. Toronto really is now holding the league back. If Toronto had it's own sold out stadium every week, it would improve the perception of the CFL and thus the corporate centre of the nation would have a more positive outlook on the CFL and the CFL would be able to charge more from corporate sponsorship. A very good example of this is that despite having equal ratings back in 2007, CTV was charging more then 3 times the price for a 30 second ad space for the Super Bowl then CBC was able to charge for the Grey Cup. Reguardless what the actual numbers are, the CFL simply can not charge corporations the same rates as the NFL, NHL, etc. If the CFL wasn't short sighted, they would of done as Sokolowski and Cynamon requested and givin Toronto a subsidy. Every dollar invested by other CFL teams in Toronto, pays more in return. If the other CFL teams did help build a stadium for Toronto (they are helping Hamilton this year with a massive subsidy to the Cats) it would be well worth the investment. Same as a video game... If the CFL owners had invested in a video game 10 years ago, there would be many many more fans today in the ever important 18-34 demographic.

Like it or not money talks...we live in a capitalist society...I don't see that changing in my life time...welcome to reality.

In my ideal CFL there would be a dozen teams by now...Unfortunately I deal in reality. Entertainment can only exist if people flock to that entertainment...sorry, that is reality. Same as there are certain bands I really like, but can't see locally, because there simply isn't enough local demand for them...I have a choice....don't see live or travel to do so. I believe it would be a shame not to have a team in the GTA and honestly don't think it will disappear, but how does the league "need" the Argos? presently they are a financial burden...don't get me wrong, I am all on board in riding the wave, because it has not always been the case, just as it likely won't remain the case.

That said, the league will have 9 teams next season, so losing 1 would bring it back to where it is now...I don't want to see that, but not a lot of potential owners are willing to lose a reported ~3mil a season...even say 1mil after the new TV money. With all that, you're talks of local teams playing for 5000 people is well, farfetched and a tad idiotic.

As for TSN owning a team...yeah, I am going to disagree...the lone TV contract holder owning a club has conflict written all over it! If you think some fans have animosity from 1 owner having 2 clubs, simply imagine how they would react to an Argo's team getting a pregame every week and others not, or the schedule being supposedly manipulated. I think TSN would be a great owner, I also think it opens the door for too much controversy so is not worth the risk. The difference with Rogers owning teams is that it is in leagues with 4 times the teams, and other networks cover games.

  • The Argos burned nobody. Yeah, the GC played a big part in getting the wheels spinning, but the Jays needed a new home. They have ALWAYS been the primary tenant.

  • Potentially building a new stadium with little government help, loans aside, should be the only option, as it is for most teams. The biggest issue they are going to have is present attendance....tough to get investors when you are already losing money.

  • paying for TV time in the GC compared to the Superbowl...well, the SB has been on solid ground for years, while the CFL itself is in an era of thriving. Don't fool yourself, TSN knows darned well they are finally in a position where they can start demanding more money for add space...that is why they paid what they did for the TV contract...not for the sake of giving the CFL more money. TSN worked diligently on stabilizing and growing ratings within the last contract...that is done...now they have splashed a big contract out there to wake up the world, and YES...that includes advertisers. TSN has done their homework, and it's analysts have foretasted what rates will be this season through the end of the contract....at a contract 3 times the old one, I guarantee you that advertising rates are going up!

  • Every dollar invested in TO by other owners brings them more in return...I highly doubt that. Handing money to a different market doesn't reap a lot of returns. The only way TO reaps more in returns is if they pack what is presently the largest stadium...which they don't, or if their TV ratings make it to #1 consistently...which they don't. Revenue is based on viewership and attendance...so other markets generate more. If it was based on city population and thus "potential" then Toronto would have 4 teams and Vancouver 2.

I don't see strong foundation in your logic.

wow - where do we begin??? much of your rant doesn't make sense.

First off - when and how did the ARgos burn Ontario taxpayers for $600 Million? explain
Second - Every dollar invested by other CFL teams in Toronto pays more in return??? I don't get that either, you don't explain.
Third - If the "other" CFL teams helped build a stadium for Toronto, it would be well worth the investment? how? again you don't explain.
Fourth - you said "If the CFL wasn't short sighted, they would of done as Sokolowski and Cynamon requested and givin Toronto a subsidy" ??? did they? and where would the CFL get that subsidy money from?
Fifth - What "massive" subsidy did the CFL give the Cats this year? explain..........
and you say in the same sentence "it would be well worth the investment, like a video game"???
On the second part of your sentence you did say that there would be MANY more fans today if they invested in a video game??? really? wouldn't this generation of gamers be sitting in their parents basement playing the game instead of buying a ticket to a CFL game.

well...i do think the video game is overdue...it is a valid form of marketing with today's youth. One of the best things that ever happened to the NFL was Madden Football like what...20 years ago. Anything that can draw a kid's interest is a bonus. I am sure many get draw more to the NFL because they can pick up a video game and relate to the game in that manor, which in turn increases their interest in the real thing...if you had a mild interest as a kid, or an unknown interest, a game is impressionable.

Look at a comparison...when guitar hero and such became popular there was a mammoth upswing in actual musical equipment sales...kids got into something easy and developed an interest.

It is one of, if not the only, points I can relate/agree with.

...Time for Braley to Sell the leos....110 percent agree...One has to wonder, when Braley had a very good offer for the Lions a couple of years ago, why he has clung on to ownership of the club. These people who were committed to the league and very 'solid', according to Braley himself, were left waiting in the wings. The credibility of the CFL is at stake here. Every deal between the two clubs he owns, will be looked at with a jaundiced eye. He should sell the Lions, put all of his efforts into making the Argos the success in the CFL that they should be . We're waiting Mr. Braley. :thup:

The Argos already burned the taxpayers of Ontario for 600 million

What a joke Bungle. If the Jays didn't exist, they wouldn't have built this concrete donut tomb of a stadium in the first place that cost taxpayers some $500 mill or whatever trying to cater to baseball. They would have built a new CNE or upgraded CNE at a much less cost to the taxpayer. A rectangular stadium that also would have suited soccer well.

It's the Jays that took us for a ride and look what Toronto ended up with, a toilet bowl outdated stadium, sure with a roof, who cares, The Tigers, Jets, Giants, Yankees etc. don't need roofs, I hate going to anything there as the bowl design leaves people far away from the action. Thanks Blue Jays. :thdn:

Sky Dome was built for the Jays and Rogers bought it for 25 Million, so who burned the tax payers ??


Say what?
Yes the taxpayers got ripped off big time for this horrible dome.
Initially it was budgeted for $200M and then typically for taxpayer funded projects, the overruns and greed factor kicked in and the cost was north of $600M.
Along came old man Rogers and he grabbed it for a song, basically free and forever off the government books.
Just like the big O, which was the number one taxpayer fleece job over $1B, the crap dome comes in at a close second.