Time for Berry and Hall to walk the plank

Need I say more?

I agree but unfortunately I don't think RH will be walking the plank. Definitely DB. If that shotgun formation and a handoff to Brandon West on a 3rd and 1 gamble isn't enough to get him fired - I don't know what will. Put Ken Miller in for now and spend the time to find a young creative OC that will help Darian realize his potential. Hey we have to make plans for next year now.

Perhaps we've been looking at this coaching situation from the wrong point of view. At 1-7, they are clearly one of the most over acheiving coaching staffs in the CFL history. They are collectively the worst group ever assembled period. The fact that they've been able to win 1 game is truly amazing. That`s giving them the benefit of doubt that they had anything to do with the win. Given the talent on the team, the team had to meet someone on a down moment.

The first 3 quarters better represented their collective abilities. Anything they did during the week between the games was a total waste of time - even greater than anytime the fans wasted watching the garbage. As for the comeback it was in garbage time against another 1-6 team, so don`t take too much away from the game.

It`s scary to think of what to expect from this Keystone Cops coaching staff, now that they have 2 weeks to do nothing.

Why does Hall have to go after this game? The defense has actually done at least an adequate job most games. They held Toronto to under 300 yards offense this game and you want Hall to be fired?

A lot of talk about Berry,Hall, Marshall and Taman, but what about Durant? Should he not shoulder some blame for the ineffective offense?

I agree Herschel; anytime your defence holds the opposing team to under 100 yards on the ground AND holds the opposing team to 169 yards passing, you should win the game. This loss isn't on Richie Hall.

I don't think it is on Ritchie. After 8 games we still do not have consistently good or strong pressure on QB's. We are very deficient as a front four. I think most are happy with the interior guys.........but it doesn't really matter because as a front 4, they aren't getting it done.

But what is an issue for Hall is we aren't getting any plays on D. To steal games, to win games you need some sacks forcing 2nd and long. You need forced fumbles from pressure and you need some picks. Shit, we had a pick last night only to have a flippin penalty.

Frazier, McKenzie, Graham no picks after 8 games. The brightsopt is Tristan, no wonder he never played receiver because he can't catch (he should be at 4 INT's). How many fumble recoveries from Freeman, Barrin and the D-line? We need takeaways. Spotting a team is good but once in a while you need to infuse momentum and forcing a turnover.

I think the guys are not responding to marshall. I think it's his head. I hate to admit this because I was as positive as anyone about his coming here. But the guys just aren't playing hard enough. They all take a turn screwing up and they've been talking about this same issue for 6-7 weeks? That starts at the top.

Not sure what they will do. If anything were to happen, needs to happen by Monday. Millertime will be busy this weekend. No doubt he has been working the phones and talking with people we'll never ever hear about, just in case his decision to fire his headman happens?

What pisses me off a little bit is we trade away a guy like Mullinder and we get this unknown from Montreal. I thought they would have inserted Mr. Baker into the lineup already.........not sure what they are waiting for?

Effrum Hill is admirable. He's a small guy and really giving it. But he's just not a top flight receiver prospect? I hope he proves me wrong but we're still deficient at receiver and all this new talent needs to get into the roster and see what shakes out? What else could happen that is worse.............lose a few more ball games.

Not sure everyone...........but I think if a coach get turfed it will be Mr. Marshall, probably regreattably as well.
But I'm not sure.

One defensive move I found baffling was moving James Patrick - allstar safety - to linebacker. Go figure. It didn't seem to hurt or help one way or another IMO but to me it is still a puzzling move.

I just want to know who was resposible for the Offesive play calling in this game, because it was the best I have seen from the Riders this season.

It's called making catches - something the Riders had not done as a group with consistency all year - looked pretty good. But I found some of the play calling questionable - 3 hitch screens go nowhere and one of them almost gets Dressler killed.
3rd and 1 in the shotgun - I don't think so Mavis. Finally not going for a 1st instead of the TD on that final drive. But overall I agree the play calling on O was much improved. With a field goal kicker we win the game.

The third and 1 shotgun was fine. There are 1000 ways to get one yard, all effective.

Shall we analyze the play:

3 receivers wide to the field, tight end to the boundary, ace set shotgun. - This forces the defense to vacate the box. If they don't you get an EASY screen to the field. This is a great strategy to get one yard. It gives you 1 on 1 matchups along the line.

Ok, West is the back lined up on the field side of the QB. he takes the handoff and makes a bee line for that TE on the boundary. The TE (Hughes or CLermont? I can't remember) fails to get a push on his man. That's ok, even the best players don't win all the 1 on 1 battles. It is to be expected that someone might not make their block, it is VERY common for a running hole to not be there when you expect it.

What does West do? He stutters behind the TE. He hesitates before he decides where to go. That's a rookie mistake. Never stop moving in the backfield.

Now, the TE may have failed to get the push, but he DID neutralize his man. There was lots of room outside the TE. It may be different if its a draw and everything collapses around you, but this particular play could have easily bounced outside. If he does, it's a footrace to the stick with Cannon or Kuale or whoever the LB happens to be. Seeing as West is a speed guy, I like his chances.

But since he hesitated, Foley caught him from behind. Now Foley is quick, but there's no way that an end should catch a kick returner like West from behind.

Foley came unblocked from the field side. That is ok, the play was designed to be over by the time an end could get there. The play was designed to run away from that end, and in order to sell the field side screen, it was perfectly fine to leave that end unblocked. If West keeps running Foley is a non-factor. That's why Foley was so pumped after the play. He knew that he was screwed on the play but he hustled and caught West's mistake. It was bonus for him.

It was a rookie mistake by West. Rookies do that. He's a good player, he just messed up.

But that was NOT a bad call.

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