Time for an OC?

Okay, play calling has not been exactly stellar lately. Seems we are goimg back to run, throw, kick. Yes we've had flashes of glory with the long bomb, but it seems to be either RTK or long bomb.

Perhaps it is time to take some of the pressure off Miller and DD, and hire an OC. At the very least, get the OC some time this year to establish his system, or too see how well the new OC calls a game. We have the money to go and get an OC.

Where are you Mr. Dunnigan? Care to coach?

Matt would not take an OC position it would have to be HC. I think he would be a great HC for Darian and the Riders.

I agree we need an OC but this late in the season I don't think many are available for hire at this late in the season.

Yeah, a OC is definitely a benefit...no doubt, but agree it is too late in the season. Ideally Miller would become OC and a new HC would come in, though that will not happen.

I don't think Miller is going to be our HC next year - he is 70 years old or there abouts - it's one thing to come in mid-season but would he have the stamina and drive to complete a full year as HC or even OC for that matter.

Too bad Dickenson couldn't come in as the OC and HC next year. Huffed ain't leaving for awhile and his brother is here already.

The playcalling hasn't changed all year, Berry or no Berry. The offensive scheme, you can't tell the difference. There is nothing wrong with the scheme, and never has been anything wrong with the scheme.

I have been pleading for that, and even started a poll which few were on board with. By the way…he still could come over as HC.

Not sure anyone who played in the CFL would want thier first HC job in Regina. Tons of pressure to produce. Though Austin and Miller and Marshall all did it recently. So perhaps that logic doesn't hold.

I would rather have Chris Jones as head coach and bring in someone else as offensive coordinator should Miller retire. Maybe Kerry Joseph will retire and we can bring him in as quarterback coach or something.

Personally after the failure of Ritchie Hall and GregMarshall, I'd prefer the HC to have an offensive background. Obviously it's not just that simple but I think it's better to have an offensive slant in the CFL.