time for a victory party!

It's a bye week. [size=99px]
With an even number of teams what's the purpose of bye weeks anyway? Anyone here know?

It's back to Ottawa.

When the Renegades were still in the league the TV schedule was done (in stone)....

I think thats the answer ,part one.

This is the CFL ... there does not have to be a RATIONAL EXPLANATION for ANYTHING ...

CFL Bonehead: Hey, I got a great idea - let's change the stripes on our football !
Average Fan: WHY ?
CFL: Ahh, uhmmm, ahh ...

CFL Bonehead: Hey, I got a great idea - let's have a bye week ...
Average Fan: with an even number of teams? Why ?
CFL Bonehead: ahh, ummm, well the NFL does it ... umm, ahh ...

CFL Bonehead #1: Hey, I was thinking ... why do we have two divisions for a MEASLY 8 Teams, anyway ?

CFL Bonehead#2: umm, ahh ... because that's the way it's always been ... umm, ahh.

CFL Bonehead: I got a great idea ! Let's use instant replay to make up for our HORRIBLE Officiating ...

CFL Bonehead(s): let's FOLD the Renegades, again ....

When one stops to think about it the list is an EXTENSIVE one ...

When one considers the THOUGHT process behind some of these decisions one can't HELP but be reminded of a Jack Nicholson quote from "As Good as it Gets" ...

When asked how his character knows the mind of a woman so well he responds -
"I think of a man, and then I take away all reason, and accountability"

This pretty much sums up the decision making process of the CFL.


Meanstreak, with all your criticism, why do you still care about the CFL?

Meanstreak posted in sarcasim...........
When asked how his character knows the mind of a woman so well he responds -
"I think of a man, and then I take away all reason, and accountability"

Brilliantly funny sarcasim!
How true....sort of made my day!Ha!

Why would you want a balanced schedule ? So you would lose your biggest rivalrys ?? No more battles between To and Hamilton or Winn. Sask or Calgary , Edmonton . There is no way the owners will agree to that !!!!

Meanstreak, with all your criticism, why do you still care about the CFL?
Well, since you asked ...

I BLAME Bob Young and and his WHIZ-BANG marketing crew!

I gave up on the CFL over a decade ago ... it's irrational, idiosyncratic, "affirmative action" style of operation was a real put off ... plus, it could not keep it's teams alive (remember the Concorde?) ...

Then, one day, a couple years ago I was GIVEN a couple of tickets to a Tiger Cat game ... after a bit of an internal debate I decided to attend with a buddy ... upon arivval to the stadium I KNEW IMMEDIATELY something was DIFFERENT ... there were actually PEOPLE ATTENDING the game !! ... there was a brand spanking new scoreboard too, AND (this is the clincher, I think) ....

I CAUGHT a Budweiser Baseball Cap that was shot into the stands by some cute Bud girls ... the next season my wife (not knowing, I guess, the source of the baseball cap) bought me SEASONS TICKETS !! ... I've been HERE ever since.

I must admit though, the past couple of seasons have REALLY TESTED my loyalty !!


Hey Meanstreak, good LUCK creating your balanced SCHEDULE with a one-diVISioN lEaGuE.

meanstreak: You mean to say you're only here for the bud girls.


at least you're honest!

8 teams one division is a great idea.
people will cry its not tradition.
who cares there is only 8 teams.
I am curious why this thread is called time for a victory party?
Victory party because the season is over?

Having the 2 bye weeks is an attempt by the CFL to keep the season as long as it was in previous years. The CFL has a short season compared to other sports.

The season begins the second week of June and if there were no bye weeks the regular season would be over at Thanksgiving.

I'm not sure what kind of LUCK I would need to establish a BALANCED schedule ...

1 Home Preseason Game
1 Away Preseason Game
7 Home Regular Season Games
7 Away Regular Season Games

Top 6 Get Seeded for Playoffs where EVERY Team gets a HOME Game via the NEW Playoff FORMAT wherein:

1 Bye
2 Bye

3 versus 6 in a Home and Home Aggregate Score Series.
4 versus 5 in a Home and Home Aggregate Score Series.

1 vs lowest remaining seed H and Home*** A S Series.
2 vs higher remaining seed H and Home*** A S Series.

*** Now here is the PAYOFF

Since the CFL likes IDIOSYNCRASY ...why not make the NON PLAYOFF cities (ie this season Edmonton and Hamilton) the HOME Site of the LOWER SEEDED Teams ?(ie teams other than #1 and #2) ...

This gives ALL 8 CFL Teams the SAME NUMEBR of HOME GAMES (which is 9 by my count) before the Final two Teams vy for the Grey Cup ...which is planned the same way as usual.

By my calculations this makes for a 21 week schedule from start to finish ... one could make an argument for a BYE Week between the First and Second Round of Playoffs ... for a grand total of 22 Weeeks.

I believe with a TIGHTER, BALANCED, and albeit IDIOSYNCRATIC Schedule ... the league would GAIN IMMENSELY in such areas as DRAMA ... every single game counts ... the tedium of the MONOTONOUS regular season is REPLACED by an EXTENDED,( and inherently more EXCITING) Playoff Schedule.

The notion of non playoff team cities hosting playoff games is a bit of a stretch, I realize - however,
IF NOT the above idea then some kind of REVENUE Sharing Formula would have to be instituted for the EXTRA Home game the lower (and by definition the less deserving)seeded team would get... and we know what happens when you put the OWNERS in a room together to Negotiate ...

Chew on this, for a while, before you all bitchslap me with your knee jerk reactions.


Hey mean...Thanks for the laff :thup:

And by the way, your schedule actually makes sense...don't look for the league to adopt it though! :roll:

Anytime, wood ...

How bout !! the 1 and 2 seeds GET an EXTRA Home game (the reward for being better than everyone else) for a DOUBLE HOME Aggregate Score Series in the Semi Final ?


Meanstreak.... I actually like that schedule... and I also reserve doubts that the CFL would go for it.

My question is, though, let's say that either Ottawa or Halifax (as is the rumour) enter the league... what would we do then?

Well I'll give you this much, it's creative.

But you're still asking each team to give up at least one home gate. Teams currently get 10 each, plus playoffs.

Buh-wha? That's more "affirmative action" than the rouge and the import rule combined! Taking away home-field playoff games from the haves and distributing them to the have-nots? People around the world are currently getting smoked out of their holes and brought to justice for less than that.

...People around the world are currently getting smoked out of their holes and brought to justice for less than that.
It may be a little different, however, it is a RATIONAL way to ensure each CFL team gets a sufficient, and equal number of Home games to meet the BOTTOM line ... as I say, it is either that or give the 1 and 2 seeds one extra home game, and then figure out a FORMULA that distributes the League REVENUE more fairly.

I'll ask this question ... what, as a PAYING FOOTBALL FAN would you PREFER ... to PAY to watch a third, or fourth REGULAR SEASON game between the SAME two teams ... or a PLAYOFF GAME between two teams that have PROVED themselves to be RELATIVELY better than the teams not in the playoff hunt ?

Keep in mind, this format is for 8 teams ... when/if the League expands THEN another format would be rewuired to keep the schedule TIGHT, BALANCED, and inherently dramatic, and interesting.

For example, in a 9 team (ONE Division) League teams would get 8 home games ... that, in effect means, ONE less home game is REQUIRED in the playoffs ... soooooooo .... instead of BOTH rounds being HOME and HOME AgScoreSeries just the First Round is ... the semi finals just become a ONE and done.

Then, if/when the CFL expands to a 10 team ONE Division league ... each team has 9 home games and ALL Playoffs are a ONE and DONE.

The MAJOR Point being ... the schedule is BALANCED and the reason d'etre of the LEAGUE is to FIND, or otherwise DETERMINE, FAIRLY the BEST team in the COUNTRY ... not the two REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES who happened to EMERGE from a competitively COMPROMISED SCHEDULE.


P.S - My ENTIRE argument rests on the BELIEF that a NEW League Format will TRANSLATE into a FAN BASE that is more INTERESTED and ENGAGED in the ENTIRE League. By scrapping the UNNECESSARY and COMPETITIVELY COMPROMISING 2 Divisions ... the league gains in SCOPE, BREADTH, and PURPOSE.

It is about capturing the IMAGINATION of fans, and giving them a LARGER Picture to participate in.