Time for a time killer

For those that are bored but still wanting to think Ticat football.

Pick a name of a Ticat player that played in this decade.
The next person to post has to take the last letter of the players name and post a player that has played for the Cats this decade that has a first or last name that began with that letter.
Try to pick an obscure player to make it more fun.

I will start.

Billy Dicken

Jason Nedd.

Troy Davis.

Steve Savoy

Well. that's that. I guess!

NO it isn't!

Craig Yeast.

Tony (the tiger) Miles

Wayne Smith

rob hitchcock

Richard KariKari

Gary Innskeep
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Paul Osbaldiston

Nate Curry....that dreaded "Y" again

i do have 2 but I will see if anybody else comes up with one.

A clue if you like for one guy.
A DB who screwed himself out of a job with us due to unrealistic salary demands.

And Pat, I think Gary Innskeep was from the 70's...but a very obscure player :thup:

Sam frigging Young

Well played.

Carl Gourges

Jarrett Smith

Poor Joe Hagins

My last memory of him was being carried off on a golf cart after a devastating hit, never to return due to a severe back injury. I think it has been brought up once or twice but what ever happened to him ???

If you can continue the thread and anwser the question it would be appreciated


steve stapler

if i recall correctly after his injury he lost feeling and movement etc in his arm correct me if im wrong but i think there were issues to that extent in relation to the injury he suffered that day that caused him to have to retire from football. too bad i liked him and thought he was a high quality db

timm rosenbach