Time for a real change.

There comes a time when you have to look at a team and just say that something has to give. The Eskimos are at that point, they simply cannot get the job done and I have to believe there should be 3 big changes in store for the evergreen and gold.

  1. Although I have resisted joining the choir, I now have come to the opinion that a change is needed at Head Coach. Danny needs to be replaced.

  2. Get somebody in who can run back kicks. Tony Tompkins gave us a half a dozen great games in 2005 but has done squat since. If you can't come up with a guy who can give you field position then at the very least don't waste and import spot on him. Put in a Canadian return man and utilize an import somewhere else.

  3. Last, but not least. Please for the love of god somebody get rid of Brian Hall, the man is the worst broadcaster on the planet. Listening to him is worse that nails on a chalk board. If one is forced to listen to the Ched braodcast, it is sometime difficult if not impossible to figure out what has happened because he goes off on these tangents and forgets to tell us what has happened. Bottom line is he is simply horrible, fire his can.

#3 would be an issue to direct to Corus Entertainment, not the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club.

PLEASE, only positive messags about our Eskimos in this forum please..
This is easily the best 5-8-1 team; let's celebrate that instead.

Why only positive? Team forums are not simply to serve as outlets for cheerleaders only...so long as it's EE fans doing the criticizing, no problem...

OK, I'm positive that we need a coaching change. One offensive touchdown in 3 games (2 with Ricky Ray) doesn't cut it. Either the Offensive Coordinator or the Head Coach is not getting the job done. The Argoes were putting 7 guys on the line and had the O-line totally confused, it's up to the coaches to find a way to beat that. How about running some screen passes to combat the rush. This is football not rocket science.

I'm positive TNT is not producing, 7.8 yds average in punt returns and 18.6 average in Kickoff returns is pathetic.

You want positive, OK, the defence has put forward a Herculean effort to keep the games close. The first half yesterday the offence went 2 and out almost every time and the D still held them in the game.

I'm sorry, I can't say anything positive about Brian Hall.

Be positive, I am positive that if the Green and Gold make a Head Coaching change we may have a chance next year. There is only so many times that you can hear excuses out of you team's leader, the head coach, before you start to wonder if this person has what it takes to be a leader of a professional sports franchise.

Macioca and Chapdelaine have no clue how to run an Offense. They call all the plays and Pass Pass Pass.

If you have confidence in a QB [IE Dunnigan, Ham, Maas etc} he must call 90% of his plays as he has the best feel for what is going on on the field.

Run Pass plays should be somewhere around even unless you do not have a quality RB.

I wouldn't mind a change. I just don't see any passion from Danny.

If there's anything positive about our possible 5-12-1 season, it's that we'll get an early draft pick! :lol:

I've been saying this since Labour Day, Machocka has got to go, as well as Rick Campbell, And Chaps I know we have had alot of injuries this year , we also had alot last year . Maybe these guys are just not strong enough to play smashmouth football like others in the division. I say we at least start with a new head coach now, He will at least be able to evaluate the talent for next year. then bring in new coaching for the other positions . I can handle 1yr not making the playoffs but 2yrs is not acceptable . Heck we got rid of Tom Higgins And he got us into the playoffs every year and now Calgary is in the playoffs. I have never seen the Esks in such dissaray since 76 and that year I think they made the playoffs.

One thing that I have noticed in Professional Franchises is that when a team does not have confidence or believe in their coaching staff there seem to be more injuries that usual. I don't seem to remember a time in the recent Esks history when they have been so plagued with injuries.
It almost seems like Danny has some sort of dirty laundry on the Esks organization where no matter what they are not going to let him go.

Speaking of changes, how many crucial field goals has Sean Flemming missed this year?

The front office had plenty of time to make a change there and chose not to. It may be too late now.

He's missed less crucial FGs than the offense has missed chances for crucial touchdowns....

Did you see the punt run back when Fleming got juked today?

He barely even tried to make the tackle and when he got juked he threw his arms in the air as if it was everybody's fault but his own. He didn't even turn to see if the play was a TD or tackle or anything. I remember Jon Ryan looked like a football player when guys were coming up field. He would make real efforts to tackle them and did on many occasions. Don't know why I brought Jon Ryan into this and he is much younger than Fleming but either way my point has been spoken.

PLEASE, only positive messags about our Eskimos in this forum please.. This is easily the best 5-8-1 team; let's celebrate that instead.
My friend.... you would not last long on the Ti-Cat board.