Time for a QB and coach

Listening to Coach Berry on CJOB talk about dropped passes and it occurs to me; did we watch the same game?

Armstrong gets a gift from the refs on a drop but the ball was so far behind him it could have been thrown last week, miracle he even got his hands on it.Coach Berry call the late pass up the middle a drop, but if Glenn had thrown that one any higher, he would have had to check in at the airport for flight clearance. The pass to Stegall was so far out of reach it was amazing he caught it at all,yet Berry feels the need to mention he couldn't make it in to the end zone.

We establish the run in the first half and it serves us well, so what do we do? Abandon it in the second half of course. Our Defence was stellar and playing Smash mouth football until they bench Canada for a play after the objectionable conduct call, and then the entire attitude shifts.

4 people need to be run out on a rail
-Kevin Glenn, perennial backup with no accuracy at all
-Doug Berry, not cut out for a head coach
-Brendan Taman, has never found a legit #1 QB
-Lyle Bauer,too busy trying to help David Asper steal our team to bother putting a quality team on the field