Time for a new QB?

With the Al’s having QBs available
Is it not time the Bombers brought someone in to put the fear of God into Willy?
I’m sick of seeing him over throw receivers, and heaven forbid he gets hurt again this season
This game could easily be 30-0

Willy had a bad night.

However, the Bombs have other issues to deal with as well.

That was some of the most sloppy tackling from the Peg's D I have witnessed.

Please keep in mind , it is only game 1.

Can not expect mid season form just yet.

Looking forward to the Bombers coming here to Calgary next week. :thup: :lol:

They can have Crompton once he is healthy.

the biggest issue that any team has is the lack of practice time,
and this applies to all teams not just the Bombers.
its time to revisit the CBA and change it so that teams have real practice sessions and not these shortened versions, that do absolutely nothing to enhance the product on the field.
if they don't do something soon the games will keep on deteriorating,
like the old saying goes practice makes perfect.