Time for a new name

It is high time for this team to change its name. The use of the word Eskimos is considered racist. This team should now change its name.

Just curious as to how long have you supported the team with it's current name.

considered racist by who and why?

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I am not, never have and never will be an Edmonton football team supporter.

It may not be racist but it is considered derogatory.

LOL; I'll play along.

Considered derogatory by who and why?

By mostly white virtue signalling warriors . There were great articles posted by Inuit stating they love the name recognition where the players wear the double ee with pride .

However saying all that we know they (eskimos) just jumped over a player
because of the mob virtue signalling gang which are no more than bullies .

So I have no sympathy for anyone especially a business who caters to bullies on the internet social media circles who believe they can attack anyone's entire lives based solely on someone's opinion of any remark .

You never open the door to crazy mob hysteria and the control of personal freedoms .


The team is community owned

Wasn't an issue when they won 16 Grey Cups.

Former players like Warren Moon always spoke about his time proudly.

Are you assuming that he's racist.

And why is that every time something happens in the US interms of race that there is a tendency to change the name.

Changing a name won't necessarily end discrimination.

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No, no they shouldn't. History is not going to remember the cowardice of these times very well.

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It's amazing how many groups of people they can claim to represent. Everybody except who they are :slight_smile:


I find the name anachronistic and old-timey sounding, and I'd be okay if it was changed to something like "The Edmonton Esks."

That said, whenever someone claims it's "racist" they almost NEVER include any actual evidence that the people who would know, the people of Canada's north, actually think that, or, if a link is provided it's to the opinion of a single individual in a blog post or some such, who doesn't really represent anybody other than themselves.

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The Washington Redskins name is toast. That's probably a good thing. Also, it's a huge money making opportunity for the club. Engage the fan base, then sell new jerseys and merchandise. Re the Edmonton Eskimos moniker...

In my view, the Eskimos and Redskins aren't comparable. Redskins is a much more loaded term. Plus, Edmonton doesn't incorporate an effigy of an actual Inuit on its logo. No offence Eskimo fans, it's probably the most boring logo in the CFL.

I also think the Eskimos have done a pretty good job collaborating with the Inuit communities in the north. In the end, only they should have a say in this. If there is broad support amongst Inuit Canadians to change the name, go for it. If not, keep the name.

The precipice for any change has to come from the Inuit communities - not the usual white talking heads. Hence, my "thoughts" on this topic aren't really that important.

Now, if you are going to change the Edmonton Eskimos name the timing might be perfect. In 1922, the Eskimos changed their name to the Elks. Don't know why, but they did. Reverted back to Eskimos the following year.

The 1922 Edmonton Elks had a good season. They played in (albeit lost) the Grey Cup that year. Well, 2022 represents the hundredth anniversary of that successful run. Perhaps history repeats itself and the Edmonton Elks are reborn? Wouldn't even have to change the boring logo :slight_smile:

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Just curious why did you say the "Eskimos have done a pretty good job collaborating with the Inuit" and not "Edmonton have done a pretty good job collaborating with the Eskimos?"

Maybe because he doesn't presume to call the people of Canada's north something other than what they call themselves. A football team in Edmonton, despite the name, isn't the people of the north, but he is right that the team has attempted to collaborate with the Inuit. I'm not sure what your point is, if not to troll, in sarcastically mocking him for not calling them "Eskimos."
Teams can change names. It's not that big of a deal. It took a few seasons, but we rarely hear cries of "Rough Riders" any more, thankfully. The Esks could easily and simply change the name, keep the alliteration, and in five years nobody would even care, but to suggest it's hypocrisy to not refer to Inuit as Eskimos is very unfair.

RedBlacks is a racist name and a lousy name ,change it back to RoughRiders.

TigerCats have feelings and are endangered , change the name back to WildCats .....

Leave Eskimoes alone ,great name.

First of all I'm not trying to troll or sarcastically mock anyone. I think you made my point. He called them Inuit because that's their preferred identification, he was showing them respect. So, what I don't understand if that's the case then why is Edmonton still the Eskimos? It's about respecting people, that's the reason this keeps coming up.

The logo is fine but in my opinion your suggestion of "Esks" is just hiding the original term which in some ways is worse. They've used "The Empire" for marketing so I think that's a possibility or as bobbythefinch mentioned "Elk" was used before so why not? Lots of "E" options.

It's "Eskimos." Or, I suppose a purist might argue it should be "Esquimaux." I wonder why it was changed?

Again, I only argue for an updating of the name to something like "Esks" or "Eskies," which are already widely used affectionate nicknames, and only because the current name sounds to my ears to be outdated. I've been a fan of the team for nearly 60 years. That doesn't make me married to "Eskimos."

Thanks for clearing that up. It appears we largely agree. In the article you linked to, Bob Joseph, a man who would know, says "But it's not about your comfort level β€” it's about showing respect and using the term that individuals and organizations have chosen for themselves." This is why I think the name is outdated. It just perpetuates ancient misnomers, even though it is done so without malice. It's interesting, is it not, that "Eskimos" isn't even mentioned in his comments. I'm not sure if that was an oversight or not, but either way it kind of signals that it's not really even worthy of comment given that it's an obvious example of a name "not chosen for themselves."

It's probably not racist, just outdated and disrespectful. Just because it's old isn't a good reason to keep anything.

I disagree that "Esks" or "Eskies" are somehow also disrespectful because they "hide" the original term. Isn't that the point? They are unique words. It's a fair compromise. The team could change its name to something else and people will still complain that it took them too long. It will NEVER escape criticism from some, not matter what name it chooses.

No offence but I feel like your trying to justify the use of the "Eskimos" name despite agreeing that it should be changed. Do I think the Edmonton Eskimos is a racist organization or the people behind it are malicious? No. The name is problematic though for many reasons. This is just one example:

There have been some horrible things done to those people using that name so I think it would make sense to disassociate from it. Like I said before, plenty of "E" options to choose from.