Time for a new Grey Cup!

What an embarrassment to the nation, the fans and the CFL this cup should be retired and kept in a nice safe place at the CFL hall of fame. It is old and fragile :roll: We need a new cup something that can handle being tossed around in the cold!
Made of solid sterling silver etc :wink: :lol:

It was the base of the Cup that separated from the Cup itself. I have no objections to a replica or replicas being made -- after all, the Stanley Cup has replicas -- but I would like the original design of the Cup itself to be kept intact.

I'm not "embarrassed" by this, kakapoopoo happens...and the Grey Cup has been damaged/lost/borrowed without permission various times! The 1986 Ticat Grey Cup parade was once such incident when the trophy was damaged.

Oski Wee Wee,

kinda funny that they bring it in by military helicopter, and the Mounties with white gloves. Give the cup to the football players, and they snap it in half....good times!

It kind of Funny but Still Very Sad

The Cup would not be broken if it were treated with the respect it deserves.As far as something new is concerned, the new player awards looked like mini- world cups. Maybe we should replace the Stanley Cup with something more "modern" like a golden puck with frickin laser beams coming out of it?
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I just had an Austin Powers moment.

It's gone now.

C'mon guys, it's North America's oldest trophy... if you were 94, wouldn't things be falling off from you? I don't think I meant that the way it sounded

The base means squat anyhow.....it keeps getting altered anyways.....it's the mug that counts and that s.ucker is indestructable.....keep the original going.....I don't want to see any replicas (except in beer cases)...lol

The Grey Cup has been to war and back so to speak......I am not the least bit concerned that someone snapped the base off...who cares?...crazy glue, or better yet, duct tape it back together and send it on it's way!

The Grey Cup lives forever!

It is not 1st Time The Cup has been Broken.
It's been Sat
it has Been Dropped

Hell at least has not been lost.. Like Stanley Cup..

It was reported that The Cup is worth $53,000, cats99.
I would say that it is made of β€˜solid sterling silver.’

Speaking of National Treasures that get a little dinged up over time.....I'm sure no-one in America would even dare suggest that this chunk of metal gets replaced because it's got a huge crack in it.... :wink:

A little epoxy would fix that right up.

An Argo fan

The Grey Cup has had its share of mishaps over the years, here's the list.

Monday, November 20, 2006 - 10:00AM

WINNIPEG (CP) - The Grey Cup has long history of abuse, neglect and damage.

And Wally Buono, whose B.C. Lions broke the historic trophy Sunday while celebrating their 25-14 win over the Montreal Alouettes, is not a first time offender.

In 1998 when he was coach of the Calgary Stampeders, his team claimed the CFL championship trophy with a wild 26-24 win over Hamilton. Then Stampeders nearly left Winnipeg without the hallowed Cup, which is valued at $53,000.

Calgary returned to its hotel for a reception after the game before heading to the airport. The club had chartered a flight home that night, but prior to boarding realized it had left the trophy back at the hotel.

As total panic was setting in, salvation arrived in the form of the trophy itself. Amazingly, someone had placed it on a bus headed to the airport.

It wasn't the first time the Cup had been forgotten.

In 1964, the B.C. Lions sent someone back to their hotel to retrieve the Cup after arriving at the airport empty-handed. And in 1984, hours after a team celebration, former Bombers' GM Paul Robson sheepishly returned to an empty Winnipeg Arena to find the trophy sitting at centre ice.

Former Toronto kicker Mike Vanderjagt lost the Cup in November 1997. Vanderjagt took it to a bar in his native Oakville, Ont., where it was stolen.

It was earlier stolen in 1969 from Ottawa's Lansdowne Park and held for ransom. When the CFL balked, Toronto police found the Cup in a hotel locker.

Other incidents include:

  • The University of Toronto won the first Grey Cup championship in 1909, but didn't receive the trophy until the following March. And when they got it, they held on to it for two years, figuring they didn't have to return it until another team beat them for it. That happened in 1914 when the Toronto Argonauts captured the title. Since then, the winning team has made the trophy available to next season's champion.

  • In 1947, it was almost destroyed by fire while on display at the Toronto Argonaut Rowing Club. The office was gutted, but a slightly tarnished Cup survived.

  • In 1987, the trophy was broken when a celebrating Edmonton Eskimo sat on it. In 1991, tape held the neck of the Grey Cup intact when it returned home with the Toronto Argonauts. And in 1993, it was again broken when Edmonton's Blake Dermott head-butted it.

Ironically, the Grey Cup wasn't supposed to honour a football champion. It was originally to be awarded annually to Canada's top senior hockey team, but Sir Montague Allan beat Earl Grey to the punch, issuing the Allan Cup.

Grey later donated the trophy to recognize the Canadian rugby football winner.

:thup: :thup:

Yup! So what! It broke. Another great story to add to the Canadian tradition and another winning professional with a story to tell his grandchildren.

It wasn't even the real cup. The original hasn't been presented for about 20 years according to the news lately.

Yup! So what! It broke. Another great story to add to the Canadian tradition and another winning professional with a story to tell his grandchildren

Exactly, just adds to the Grey Cup lore.

Yeah, it didn't "break". No big deal.

It's fixed. As others have already said, add this story to the lore.

It wasn't even the real cup. The original hasn't been presented for about 20 years according to the news lately.
That's an urban legend. There is still one and only one Grey Cup. It has been rebuilt several times by Birks, so you could argue that it's not the same Cup as the original.

As we watched the Celebration in Winnipeg, I turned to Bunner and said - they're going to break it and I am going to be pissed. Seconds later, it was in two pieces. I did like the old school look of just the mug part.

Maybe they should make it easily separable so the base can be removed for things like drinking from the cup and dancing around on stage with it.

A couple of other Cup tidbits:

Someone scratched out Rocket Ishmails name from the 91 team roster.

They used to carry the cup around in a hockey bag. You would be at a Grey Cup event and the bag would be sitting in the corner until they were ready to bring it out for pictures. There was even a plot by a group of Tiger Cat fans to swap an identical Cooper hockey bag full of bricks when no one was looking.

I can confirm the prediction, as can Cupboy. No more than 10-15 seconds elapsed before it was reported snapped. It was the greatest CFL-related prediction since Bob Cameron went on Winnipeg radio in 1990 and said that the Bombers would win the upcoming Grey Cup by a score of 50-10.

I could hear the Earl of Grey rolling in his grave as some American players on BC wore the broken Cup as a hat during the dressing-room celebration. Then again, the tradition has been to let the players do what they will with it. And I thought about how that same Cup was once soiled by the incontinent infant son of an argo player in 1997. It made the hat thing a little easier to take.

Turns out there Two Grey Cups ..

the Real one is Sitting in Storage at CFL Hall of Fame

I was talking to Mario, the keeper of the Cup.

The old girl is made of sterling silver, and they had it fixed before BC got on the plane.

All's good, the guy who worked on it was so honoured to be given the task of fixing it he did it for free.

I read in the papers that he had to stop several times while working on it to compose himself.

Can you imagine how he felt while he was working on it and how proud he was when he was finished?

Another very cool Canadian moment!