time for a change you think??

so does anyone actually think we don't need changes??? at this point my question is who should be safe. esp in the coaching department but for the team as well. as for me...
jury is still out on taman for me. i think we need some experienced coaching. not some newbies. and show daley the door. i don't even want him around anymore. our rebuilding phase has produced a weaker team than we had a year ago.

keep stegal stoddard, roberts regimbald glenn and wynn(hopefully a starter next year) goodspeed, sheridan, fiaconni, brown, walls, canada, fleming, evans, fields, westwood, ryan, woodson

we still have the worst secondary in the league. is this personel or coaching likely both. samuels has potential i think but needs a good safety for now. which we lack.

No, the Bombers need chages alright.

We need to do what we can to keep Rya on board, dismiss Dailey and bring in K.Jones as a O coach and Wallby as a head choach. Keep Glenn, Stegill, and Roberts in there. Bring back Eric Carter for one more year. and my list goes on and on...

kanga it is the on and on that i would like to hear. you say keep ryan glenn stegall roberts. does that mean every other player deserves their walking papers?? i would think there are some other safe players?? i am really curious who would go if it were up to us.

Dalieys gone, Peterson was traded, and I think we should trade Wynn for some good players.

Mennie still with us, isn't he?

There is nothing wrong with the D, but where is that D corodinator becase as soon as he left, our D whet to shit.

there is nothing wrong with the d. we are on pace to be the all time worst cfl d. somethng is wrong. i agree losing rust was huge. he managed to turn mediocrity into a cohesive unit but it is far from good. franklin gets beat 75% of the plays. the other 25% it is samuels. apparently we have no safety as a backup.

i have said it before.. rebuilding i can accept only if changes are being made. rebuilding does not mean playing a year with poor players and poor coaches and hoping something fixes itself.

Too right, expect for testing Michna when we were winning a game anyway, the management has do jack in regards to the team. If they aren't doing there job, they need to be kicked out by the good people of Winnipeg.

...every position on defense should be re-evaluated.....Canada...Wallls....are keepers ....the rest have to prove they can play in this league...Fleming is not that young anymore .... he has to put his game back together ...otherwise we need to fill a few glaring holes....offensively we have hope....I'm still not sold on Glenn as a No. 1 QB....so signing a Printers would be a huge step to putting this team on the road to success......if Casey were avilable we should go all out to sign him...however there is so many hurdles ...we may not ever be able to ...... but we should give it a good shot....Changing the head coach is a given....if we don't.... the outcome will be ...... spending the next few years mired in the cellar of the league...no one will want to sign on with the Bombers with Daley as head coach....that's pretty well the way I see it.....big changes NEED to be made....I hope changes start soon ....at least enough to give the fan faithful a little hope for the future....right now there is none... :idea: