We watched this crap all of last year and are absolutely sick of it. Maas is a joke. We suffered last year and you fired all the other players on the team except for this idiot.

He doesn't have a clue what he is doing and we will not go to any more of your stupid games at Ivor Wynne which we went to 7 last year and watched this idiot throw the ball into the ground 14 times. After sitting through 0 points game after game that was enough.

I can't believe Maas is still playing. This is an absolute joke!! Again!!

My posse and I will not be at any more home games. We didn't pre-buy this year and won't be buying now.

Unless you put Chang in and give us some hope you can start kissing the fans goodbye.

ps. Get rid of this crap forum site with miniscule menus and crap. It took me 10 min. to find the Subject Line. Just keep it simple. We don't need all this chat room garbage cluttering up the forum. All you need is a properly marked subject line and a typing space.

someone has had a few to many drinks tonight?

lol....Hey Timmy ( The Gun ) Chang...you are the man

I was giving Maas the benefit of the doubt with him being injured and all but I'm getting sick of this guy now as well. I'll still go to the games though but I'm definitely not supporting this waste of money and roster spot!

It's a new offense. Relax. Anyone would struggle with a new offense. Especially since there are only two weeks of training camp. Maybe if the CFL had OTA's like the NFL players would have a jump on the offense and defence, therefore making training camp easier. Give Mass a break. He is a proven winner.

hey cmw1612 at least your bro is playing his A$$ off out there man. Jojo is killin it


Hey they put timmy in

why the hell you wait til the 4th to put timmy in

THank GBonds88...i just wish the ticats was on top

Dont worry Timmy, you are still the man...

cmw1612 I wish you could see the bullet Jojo caught from Chang what a pass and Jojo snagged it for the first.

Tell me what you guys think after today’s game.

Who should be the starter from here on out…

Oh Hey GBonds88 Im checking the game out now...its on the net...

I saw and liked it alot...

Damn I really cant get happy cause the team is down...


the other guy

No i dont think I will give mass a break. All teams have new offence co-ordinators this season and not all teams are struggling. Mass is either not 100% or not any good. Simple.

Didn't we hear this crap last year??

for those who have facebook, this group was started last night..



With the exception of your complaint against these forums...

I agree.

Jason Maas is a waste of a roster spot, a waste of money and a waste of my time.

I'm driving from Windsor to Hamilton for the game against Toronto and I certainly hope that Maas is on the sidelines.