Time for 3 divisions, 3 teams

With Ottawa just about back, why not have three divisions with three teams? It would create some natural rivalries, more heated races for a top spot. For the playoffs, you would take the three division leaders, then the next three best teams as wild cards. The three wild cards and weakest division winner would play each other in week one of the playoffs, then those winners would take on the top two divison winners. The winners then play for the Grey Cup. The divsions could look like this:




I agree with your signiture, but not much else... I'd personally hate it if they made 3 divisions. I quite like the rivalries we have now. Saskatchewan has cultivated a rivalry with every Western team (counting Winnipeg as a western team). I think just having 3 teams in a division would actually water things down. Less possibility for movement in the rankings. I'd say we can revisit this when there are 12 teams in the league... years and years down the road.

If you are going to have wild cards with 9 teams.....you might as well just have 1 division.

I say leave it as it is.....but lose the crossover!

I'd like no divisions at all but that's just me.

Nah, one is better than 3.

How about 8 divisions?

BC Division - Bountiful Brethren
S. Alberta Division - Bassano Bassoons
N. Alberta Division - Vulcan Spocks
Sask. Division - Sask. Potholes
Manitoba Division - Russell Rustlers
S. Ontario Division - Windsor Wanderers, York Yankees
N. Ontario Division - Ottawa Ooops
Quebec Division - Rouyn-Noranda Roys

Nahhhhhhhh. Scrap it.


Keep it with two. Hamilton and Toronto are 52km apart it would be pretty expensive in travel to have those divisions.

With those divisions you lose the Eskies/Riders rivalry and the Cats/Argos rivalry.

Keep it the way it is.

Please tell me you are kidding.

Why? Don't you want to promote that natural Hamilton-Sask rivalry?

Two divisions is just fine. The other posters have used up all my reasons NOT to change!

I'm all for one division...top six make it, period.

One division everyone makes the playoffs!
Everyone gets a trophy!
That otta keep eveyone happy

And the Riders wouldn't have to wait another 2 decades before they win another Cup. :stuck_out_tongue:

...and Edmonton would make the playoffs this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch. :lol:


BC, Edmonton, Calgary and Sask in west.
Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa in east.
Winnipeg in the central (with room to add Brandon and Thunder Bay).

Top team in each division gets a bye while the second place teams in each division play a knockout game to see who advances to the next round against Winnipeg. East and West first place finishers then play each other.

(For those dumb enough to take this comment seriously, I feel the need to say I'm just kidding)

Actually, you ALMOST got it right. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Toronto in one division as we know Toronto is the "Centre of the Universe" then put the other seven teams in the "Left Overs" division!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

...wait until RLR comes back, then just give the danged trophy to the Lions...

Hopefully we will have had 3 divisions for many years before RLR comes back....and as we will not be getting 3 divisions (because it isn't a very good idea) anytime soon.....