Time Count Violations

Question: Wouldn't it make sense that when a team wastes a play by taking a time count violation the time should be added back on to the clock? This so-called "strategy" often prevents an exciting final few seconds of the football game.

its all part of the game

it does, but all teams use it from time to time. Time count violation, taking a knee. Why risk a loss when its in the bag.

Yes, but a part of the game that should be improved. Essentially the fans are ripped off of 30 to 40 seconds of what could be exciting football action.

I have no problem with a team taking the penality, but it should be applied the same on third down as it is on first or second.

In the last 3 minutes the time count penality is a loss of down.

What if it's on 3rd down? Do they turn the ball over?

That would be a good result.

and somewhat ridiculous

Not as ridiculous as running out the time clock in such a manner.

Why is running out the clock ridiculous? It is a option that all teams have. Its a strategy that they all use and are penalized when they do

I have always beleived that play clock should only move between the hup of the ball, and the whistle to end the play, on every play.

And if this would make the games too long, then they could shorten the game time down to fit 3 hrs, under normal circumstances. IE, maybe the actual game is only 45 or 50 minutes, but out of that, we the fans still see more actual play time and plays.

Actually they are only ripped off of 1 second. In last nights game, there were 23 seconds on the clock and they let it run down to 3 and took the penilty.

Burris could have snaped it with 1 second left on the 20 second clock and then done the same thing. So in reality you only lost 1 second.....

After a time count, the game clock only starts on the snap so you cant say that he lost 20 seconds on first down and then used another 19 seconds on second down

Had Burris snapped the ball...in all likelyhood, it would have been turned over to the riders. As a loss of down. The riders might have gotten the ball back with 3 second left to play.

I dont think so.
After the time count violation, he snaped the ball with 3 seconds on the clock.

If it was loss of down, he would have snapped it with 1 second on the time clock, 4 seconds on the game clock and would have run the same play. It changed nothing

I think it is fine the way it is. Heck not like the nfl when you know who won when there is 2 minutes left. Well in most cases anyways. If my Riders would have shown up beofre the 4th then they wouldn't have needed to worry about the last 30 seconds. Or if Omarr "statue" Morgan could have made a play then we would have got the ball back.

Marc Trestman has commented how in the NFL you can walk off the field at the 2 minutes warning.....In the CFL you can have 3 more possessions,

Absolutely. The 3 minute timing rules are what gives the CFL an edge in excitement over the NFL. That and the 20 second play clock. I like it just the way it is.


And that can be annoying at times.

Walking off the field or have three more possessions?

My bad. Should have taken that last line out. Walking off with 2 minutes left.