Time Count Violation

Again the referees don’t let the play clock wind down to 00.0 before they blow the whistle. 00.9 is not when the play should be blown dead. The CFL needs to either put a tenth of a second on the play clock, or the lights on the clock should turn RED when the whistle should be blown. This has bothered me for years…something should be done

The play clock runs for 20.0 seconds. The 20 is a full second. If they were to let the time run from 20.0 to 0.0, then the clock would look like it starts at 19. Each second from 20-01 is given a full second, so 0 is when they should throw the flag.

sorry but you’re wrong…if you count up, 00.0, 00.1, 00.2 00.3 etc., you are at 00 for a full second

If RougeGod is correct, that the play clock stays at 20 for a full second, and I’m pretty sure he is, then the clock would still read 20 when in fact there are only 19.1 seconds left. And 19 when only 18.1 seconds. And… And 1 when there only 0.1 seconds left. So when it hits 0, it has actually hit 0.0.

Let’s start again

Yes you are correct, the play clock starts at 20.0 seconds. That’s why we call it the ‘20 clock’. Not the 20.5 clock or the 20.7 clock. That’s why the clock does not show ‘20’ for a full second. If that were the case, the clock would start at 20.9.
The instant the referee blows play to start the clock will read 19. If the clock showed 1/10ths of a second the clock would read 19.9
I found some youtube examples. I couldn’t find any 20 second clocks, but these should do. Make sure when you start, that you pause them right at the start so you can see them count down

this one does not have a 1/10th of a second, but when the clock reaches 00 the alarm does not go off for a full second

Are you sure that the play clock used in the CFL goes to 19 immediately when the play is whistled in? Or does it stay at 20 for a second?

I’m looking into that very thing…but I would assume that it would say something in the rule book about it.

scroll down to article 9

I’ll have to watch for it this week at the game. Of course, I’ll need to use the referee’s signal rather than the whistle. With the speed of sound, probably takes a second or so for the sound of the whistle to make it to my seat.

Interesting observation however @25 degree celsius sound will travel 346 m/s. Unless your seat is in a tree outside the stadium you should hear the whistle within 1/4 to 1/6 of a second. While the referees signal may be quicker to observe, not determining the location of the timekeeper who starts the clock, and whether his action is made upon the refs signal or the refs whistle will affect your accuracy. Perhaps a descendant of A Einstein could assist you. ;D

Hadn’t actually thought about what the delay would be, just knew there would be one. You’re probably right that it’s negligible. Yeah, I’d have to put on my Arnold Einstein hat to figure it out for sure.

And the answer is…

The clock starts at 20 for a full second after the play is whistled in. So be the time the click hours zero, 20 seconds have passed.

well. if that is the way it is, THEN I APOLOGIZE TO ALL .
Then my next question would be ‘do the quaterbacks know this is the case?’, because a lot of them seem a little upset. It might be because they’ve received a penalty, but I also think otherwise.

The QBs are upset when it’s called because it’s a completely unnecessary penalty.

The head ref blows time in about three feet from the huddle so they can certainly hear it…and they can easily see the 20 clock when they’re over the ball.

It’s a penalty caused by lack of discipline. The officials don’t throw the flag till they see zero.

Should just never happen at pro.