Time count violation on 3rd

We saw it again this weekend.

I personally don't like it when a team takes a time count violation on 3rd down near the end of the game so they can get a "4th down" just to kill the clock.

IMO, the time count penalty on 3rd down should be a loss of down and turnover. That would prevent teams from doing this.

Agreed. This rule should apply after the 3 minute warning in the 1st and 2nd halves.

I agree it is a problem, but it shouldn't be a loss of down and turn over.
IMO it should be move the ball back 5 yds and 20 seconds back on the clock and the clock doesn't start till the ball is snapped.

Or re-set the clock...

However, is it really any different then when one team is winning a close game and they take a knee for 3 downs?

At least its better than the NFL, where they can kill 2 full minutes at the end of the game, and dont even have to take the final snap.

I do agree, though, that a change could make it even better. I like the idea of a discretion call by the officiating crew...

if its noise caused or confusion, 5yds, reset clock to what it was at the time of "whistling in".

If its deemed intentional, like we have been seeing lately, loss of down. This could apply on any down, including on third, which would result in loss of posession. The reason to do it on any down is to prevent the deliberate penalty being taken on 1st or 2nd, which actually kills the same number of seconds as doing so on third, and could serve as a "workaround" of the rule.

i dont think a time count because of noise or confusion should result in re-setting the clock. but and intentional penilty should result in a double penilty.. Anyway..

So as it stands, time count violation on 3rd down inside the 3 minute warning is a 5 yard penalty and the game clock resumes at the snap? Whats the time advantage to running the play clock to :01, snapping it and taking a knee?

If this is the case, the team is trading 5 yards for 1 second. I don't see a need to fix this or add another judgment call to determine 'intentionality'.

The rules should be as black and white as possible, I'm already peeved that they brought back the pass interference on 'catchable' passes again. If its not catchable, the penalty should revert to illegal contact on a receiver as it would be if the pass was not directed at the fouled receiver in the first place. Plain and simple.

I agree. no need to change it, but just made suggestions for if it changes. Like I said, I see no difference between that and taking a knee for several plays.

what difference does it make?

they still run the ball down to 20 seconds and take a knee or take a time out. or take the delay of game.

the clock doesn’t start when they whistle the play back in!

so what difference does it make?

it’s not like it’s going to give your team any chance of winning.

Check that. After said penalty the game clock won't start until the snap of the ball.

From the 2010 rule book http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/CFL/PDF_Docs/CFLRules_2010_ENG.pdf

Article 9 – Time Count
The Referee shall allow Team A 20 seconds in which to put the ball into play. If the
stadium countdown clock is not in operation, the Referee shall be the sole judge as
to when the time count shall commence, after allowing both teams reasonable time
in which to line up after the preceding play.
PENALTY: L5 DR – Yardage penalty may be declined.
NOTE: After the three-minute warning has been given in a half the penalty shall be
12D – LD, 3D – L10 DR.
NOTE: The penalty for a time count violation on a convert attempt shall be L5 DR at
any time during the game.
NOTE: If in the opinion of the Referee, Team A is taking a deliberate third down time
count penalty, the Referee may order Team A to put the ball in play legally within 20
seconds or forfeit possession to Team B.

if I read right, I believe you're agreeing with me...

Sounds like its already covered.