Time clock question

can someone point me in the right direction on this?

I am a long time CFL fan and under the rules i have found, in the last three minutes the clock stops on a dead ball and yet in the last 20 seconds of the game it did not. Has there been a rule change?

I'm guessing this will answer your question

Dave Randorf ? @DaveRandorf

TSN on screen clock was off. We clarify on SC “@efraser007: was the TSN clock wrong? The clock definitely ran after ball carrier was down.?

I really wish TSN would put a dedicated camera on the game clock instead of having their own clock on the screen. Every season this gets brought up at least once. The TSN clock is NOT the official game clock. If TSN stops their clock too soon they start it up early to catch up with the game clock. If they stop their clock too late they keep it stopped until the game clock catches up.

he never went out of bounds, if it is the play I am thinking of, therefore it was not a dead ball, and the clock does not stop.

In the last three minutes of each half, the clock stops at the end of every play. If the ball goes out of bounds, there's an incomplete pass, or there's an accepted penalty, the clock starts again at the next snap of the ball; otherwise, the clock starts again when the next play is whistled in.

In this case, there were 12 seconds left at the end of the play (not the 19 shown on TSN's on-screen clock). When the next play was whistled in, Edmonton was not ready, and Reilly wasted most of those 12 seconds calling the play, and the clock ran out before the end of the play.

It's a great lesson for Reilly and the Eskies coaching staff. You have to have your plays lined up and ready to go...

First the play should have been reviewed like other close plays in this game. Esks thought it would be. BUT with 5 seconds left Reilly could have spike the ball and time would have stop as per a incomplete pass. Gone back to the huddle and got a full play. Esk should have won game.
Another point. Clock DOES stop in last 3 minutes to spot the ball, then whistled back in to start clock. In NFL clock doesn't stop.

That would not be ruled an incomplete pass. It’s an intentional grounding penalty.


the clock stops on EVERY play in the last 3 minutes.

the clock will NOT start until the snap of the ball IF:

incomplete Pass
Player goes out of bounds
Change of Possession
Time Out

The Clock will start when the Referee blows his whistle IF:

Player goes down inbounds
after a Running Play
a Completed pass, with player tackled inbounds

the Referee is supposed to blow his whistle to start the 20 second clock once the sticks are set and his referees are ready.

ermmm...yeah...thats what I said....he never went out of bounds...so it wouldn't stop.

it sounded to me like you are saying that it doesn't stop, period.

it does stop, but just to put the ball on the field again and for the sticks to be ready. then the ref blows the 20 second clock and in this case the game clock.