Time Clock on Converts

Okay, correct me if I am wrong.... becasue If I am I was making a huge ass of myself at the game last night. After BC scored their TD in the fourth and were going for a 2 point convert, the clock was ticking down as soon as the play was whistled in and with all the penalties that occurred, over 40 seconds were taken off the clock. Now unless I have been very confused about this rule all my life, the clock does not move on converts. It is dead time. I was screaming and trying as hard as I could not to swear because there was a 8??? year old girl sitting 2 seats ahead of me, but no one else seemed very disturbed by this. In the end I guess I was kind of glad that the 40 seconds was gone, but I still don't think it should have been. Does anyone know what the rule on this is, because man was I frustrated..... and making a scene.

Go Riders!!

The clock runs on Converts (AP) in the CFL from the blow of the refs whist, just like after the three minute waring in the 2nd and 4th quaters.

nothing to get exticed about, just the way it is in the CFL. Don't like it, watch the NFL.

I think you can find it in the rule book.

If there are more than 3 minutes left in a half, the clock runs on conversion attempts. Only after the 3 minute warning ,the clock will not start on converts.

Thank you for the info. That would explain why it didn't run after we scored. Thanks.

Go Riders!!

unless whisteled in play by the Refs, I have seen it myself.

speaking of rules, I must say, I like the no sift arm rule now, cuz it give the O too much of a advantage over the D, it's injury prone, and the O can still get away from the D by moving around and flexing the body.

Kanga...Sambo is correct on this one. Clock runs on all converts PRIOR to the 3 minute warning in each half. Held after the three minute warning.

then why does the clock run after the ref blows the whist after the three minute waring? (where the teams come out of the huddle)

Sportsmen, did you just really take a moment of your life to tell us Kanga was not the correct one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I timed it, and have seen it, I have doublt checked it, THAT is how they do it.

Kanga...you are wrong! The 20 second clock is the only clock that moves after the 3 minute warning. Don't go by the TV clocks, they are for the viewer only. Go to a Stadium. You will see how its properly done.

From the rule book:

After a touchdown time shall stop and shall resume when the Referee declares the ball in play for a convert attempt, except during the last three minutes of a half or during overtime when time shall resume when the ball is touched on the ensuing kickoff.

I know, I know, and by his answer we are now going to have 5 more pages of posts arguing it.... I can feel it comming.

So the clock runs when the ball is snapped every time after the three minute waring? and doesn't run at all during the convert? is that right?

touched in this case is kicked, right?

Here we go again.... :roll: :roll:

That still does not explain why Omarr Morgan went offside on purpose during that convert attempt. Did the Riders want a timeout? does anyone know what may have happened there?

no idea, you sure it was on purpose?

He went offside to draw the penalty and stop the play. On “Contact” offsides, they flag it and blow the whistle. Simon was left uncovered Morgan recognized it…smart move.

just aweser the questions, mate, and don't keep me waiting in suspensension, cuz it will give me a heart attack.