Time Clock Error in August 26th game

I am wondering what was happening with the time clock in Winnipeg on the 26th of August. I noticed it was moving too fast so i thought I would time it with my stop watch. There was a full 7 second difference in real time versus what the time clock showed! I caught this one but how often has it happened before? It was near the end of the 1st half and Winnipeg were deep in their own zone with Hamilton about to get the ball back on a 2 and out.

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It could be that the TSN clock did not match the official stadium clock so the TSN tech crew re-adjusted the TSN clock on the fly. Probably went to go grab a coffee and forgot to put the TSN clock in motion.

Yes.. for some reason the CFL and TSN are the last league-broadcaster partnership on the planet to link their clocks.

I thought that maybe the game clock and TSN were not in sync but the announcers said there was 1:06 left, the play started and stopped with whistles and if you watched the video I posted you will see that 17 seconds went off the clock but only 10 seconds in real time.

Never trust the clock you see on the TSN score bug.

If you watch your video, you will notice/hear that the whistle goes and the time clock fails to start, therefor just before they snapped the ball someone corrected the error. The play before was an 8 yard completion, hence being past the 3 minute mark in the half, the time clock stops when the play is over but is suppose to start when the play is whistled back in, this didn't happen. Watch again and listen carefully, you will see for your self, whether it was the in stadium clock or the TSN clock, someone screwed up. If either Duane Ford or Rod Smith mentioned that there was 1:06 left, they either said it before the play was whistled in or they didn't notice the clock error.

Thanks Cooler. I was watching the video again and it occurred to me, came here to post and you had already done so! :smiley:

lol...yeah, only one of a bunch of mistakes by the TSN crew that night...on another note...Rod Smith screwed up a lot but I think that was probably one of his first times at taking on calling the game...I'll still take him over Rod Black though anyday! lol

Here's CFL Head of Officiating Tom Higgins reply to a fan with a similar question about the TSN time clock, which explains the confusion:

Q from Terry: I have noticed game in, game out that the clock keeps running after the whistle goes, 3,4,5 seconds before it stops. Nothing is done, except it seems in the final couple of minutes and then only occasionally. In one game I clocked almost 3 minutes, that’s enough time to run several plays, which would have a bearing on the out-come of the game. Does anyone pay attention during the game?

TH: Some of the confusion around the “clock? stems from the way it is presented on our broadcasts. TSN uses what television people call a “bug?. It’s a graphic representation of a clock and it’s operated by a TSN staffer who is doing his or her best to mimic what the actual official timekeeper is doing. Sometimes, like any of us, he or she makes a mistake.

And on your screen you then see the clock continue to tick. But you’re not seeing the official game clock. That’s the one that fans in the stands see on the scoreboard and it’s operated by the CFL appointed official timekeeper. In some leagues, the broadcaster plugs its clock into the official game clock, so they’re perfectly in synch.

It’s a long, technical story but the bottom line is that hasn’t been possible, in part because of the limitations posed by some of our older stadiums. We hope to fix it as new technology becomes available to us and we move into new facilities in several of our cities.