LISTEN UP I,ve see this in peewee football.1.03 left in game ,20 yard pass great catch ,turns &runs 5 yards for td ,GREAT???? 2seconds expire from clock???????????dat ???..4 more plays 8 seconds expire???????? dat da da . Esks get ball but that clock shes a NOT ticking????/ Danny mack finally makes a quick statment which he's NOT suppost to do,because of " no calling officals wrong or names' This' time management of clock was a DISGRACE for any league.I'm a BC fan but the one call which was reviewed & overturned( thankfully( as the eskie had is knee down, the ref was 5 feet away and called it incomplete????? What was he THINKING.Play was correctly given to eskies..But bad as that call was, whats with the time clock BS. Sorry for any team that had to bet officals to win never mind the other team. thumbs down to clock officals??/Guess you got to catch ball, hit ground, roll over, get piled on ,take ball to your bench, without droppingball before it's completed catch??/ BAD CALL//////

What exactly are you refering to here?
The clock, the refs, the game?

Never take the on screen clock as the bible. very often is is wrong and the Television crew will start it early or let it run longer to allow it to catch up to the field clock

McManus was probably referring to the clock that tells the staff when to stop serving alcohol.
He was probably upset at how he managed the clock and was only able to tank back half a keg before sales were cut off.
I can picture him pattin' his belly sayin' "What's this no more alcohol sales? Me and Osbaldiston used to get a good 3/4 of a keg in us before this time! And that's when we were playin' in the game!! My time clock management was just brutal today...oh well...I'll do better next week!"

ro is right, the TSN/ CBC clock is not the official clock.