Time change for season opener - now 7:00PM ET (5:00PM in Saskatchewan)

As I speculated last week (in a post that was for some inexplicable reason considered off topic) the CFL and Ti-Cats have announced that the start time has been moved up to 7:00PM ET (5:00PM Saskatchewan time) to help minimize the conflict with that you know - other thing happening that night.

They will be doing a viewing party at Mosaic Field for the CFL game too after the success of having over 13,000 show up for that other thing last night. Both THF and Mosaic are inviting their fans to stay to watch that other thing after the CFL game.

Now we just need a break weather wise here in Hamilton with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon with rain through the evening.

This was the only move the team could make and the right timing to announce it.

Though there will be an overlap, there was no realistic way to move the start time earlier than 7pm

Would the video board have a picture in picture feature starting at 9?

Not a picture in picture but according to this many TV’s in THF will flip to the basketball game at 9:00PM and then all the public is invited in at the conclusion of the Cats game.

Here is the Ti-Cats press release on the time change.


Fans invited to watch duration of TSN’s broadcast of Game 6 of NBA Finals on 3,400 square foot video board at Tim Hortons Field following Ticats game

In celebration of Canadians across the country rallying behind the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and their drive to win the 2019 NBA Championship, the Canadian Football League is moving up the start time of the June 13 game in Hamilton between the Tiger-Cats and Saskatchewan Roughriders to 7 p.m. EDT from 7:30 p.m. EDT.

During the game, select televisions around Tim Hortons Field will switch to the beginning of Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Raptors and Golden State Warriors at 9 p.m. The Tiger-Cats will also open the gates to the public following the conclusion of the team’s home opener for fans and community members to view the remainder of TSN’s live broadcast of the Raptors game for free.

The entire stadium, including the field itself, will be accessible for everyone to watch the remainder of the game on the team’s 3,400 square foot video board.

It’s a very exciting time to be a sports fan in Canada with the start of the CFL season and the Toronto Raptors making their mark on Canadian sports history with this amazing run,? said Matt Afinec, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Tiger-Cats.

“With our home opener aligning with Game 6 of the NBA Finals, there’s no better way to celebrate than to open the gates at Tim Hortons Field after the Ticats game and create our version of ‘Jurassic Park’ at Tim Hortons Field.?

See you on Thursday night!

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats

I suppose the CFL game will be relegated to one of the alternate TSN feeds and the Raptors will stay on TSN1?

TSN1 and TSN4 from 7-9 have NBA pre-game stuff and from 9 onwards the NBA game.
TSN2 has live coverage of US Open Golf from Pebble Beach until 10:30PM
TSN3 and TSN5 have a CFL pregame at 6:30PM, then the game from 7:00PM onwards and they flip to the basketball game after that.

That’s what I figured. And it sucks. lol

It was the US open that was relegated.

TSN 3 and 5 are considered the main network.

TSN 1, 3, 4 and 5 combined are the ‘main’ network - but they are each sort of regional like the Sportsnet Pacific, West, Ontario and East networks are and that is illustrated by some of the region specific programming on those channels…

  • TSN1 - BC and Alberta (Canucks Lunch),
  • TSN3 - Saskatchewan and Winnipeg (the Jets Region),
  • TSN4 is most of Ontario (the Leafs region, Leafs Lunch),
  • TSN5 Ottawa Valley and east (Sens region)

Good news.

Forecast seems to be getting better for the game tonight. All week the chance of precipitation during the game has been 50% or higher but here is the latest from my phone app. Chance of rain down to 25% at kickoff and down to 15% at 10:00PM by the time the game ends.