Just read the very good article on our beloved CFL. It’s a must read.All those who have, comments please!

What story???

ya, it’d be helpful to actually provide a link or story.

thanks for the info.

Unfortunately it is not on the net page, you have to go out and purchase at a high $4.95.

support the CFL… :smiley:

The CFL is on the cover of Time?!?


Among the interesting revelations in the story is how the teams should generate more than $100M this year and with the league office doing a booming $18M. The latter figure comes from an increase from broadcasting, sposorship and licensing. Like we all know, the current TV contract is grossly undervalued and the new one should garner the league a substantial increase.


Canadian edition. :smiley:

It is the JULY 4th issue…for those who want a copy…it’s quite good.

Damn it!

Could some one post the cover?, I’d like to see it!

Already bought mine on Canada Day. Great read! The CFL’s popularity is growing in the United States other countries and it’s simply because it’s the most exciting brand of football on the planet and the oldest sports league in North America. Ahhh CFL Football…how refreshing.

HOW TRUE! :smiley: