Tim White (The story of his first 22 years)

TiCat WR Tim White impressed me, answering questions from the media, following yesterday's final practice in preparation for hosting the B.C. Lions tomorrow night. A couple of questions, posed by CH TV's "Bubba" O'Neil, prompted me to go looking for more than I knew about Tim and I found this very long, but most interesting, article about him and his challenging life, written 5 years ago to this very date:


Ottawacat, Thankyou so much for posting! :+1:


Wow ! Tearing up reading that remarkable story . Thanks Ottawacat .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Great story. Tim's perseverance and attitude should be an inspiration to everyone in the Ti-Cat's locker room. I hope he is a Ti-Cat for many years.


Thanks, ottawacat. A long read, but worth it. For many of us (at least for me), it's hard to even imagine the challenges some of these guys have gone through.

Here's the Tim White media session you mentioned: https://ticats.ca/video/november-3-tim-white

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