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Cut by the Eagles.

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I've been told that the Alouettes last contacted Tim Tebow a year ago and that the Als are interested if Tebow wants to come to Canada.

God, no. That guy is barely a QB in any league and he'd get absolutely murdered up here.

I just read, somewhere, that Tebow was successful in making one of the NFL teams.

The Eagles have released Tim Tebow, ending the former Heisman Trophy winner's bid to win the No. 3 quarterback job for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia ... Tebow appeared to be in contention for a roster spot after Philadelphia traded Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals on Friday.

When Barkley was traded yesterday, many pundits thought that meant Teabow had made the Eagles. Philly now has only starter Sam Bradford, who has a lengthy injury history, and Mark "Butt Fumble" Sanchez at QB. They either think someone released by another team will be a better option than Teabow or that running the risk of leaning on a famously brittle QB is better than keeping Teabow.

If Tim can't win over the coach of perhaps the most out-of-the-box offence in many, many years he would seem to be washed up in a NFL that mostly wants pocket presence.

Don't know that he has ever shown any interest in the CFL; agents always keep options open.

Tebow would never play in the CFL because he could make at least that much (if not much more) money doing tv in U.S. without the possibility of getting hit.

I tend to agree. Those alternatives also provide a much bigger "platform" for his image/fame.

. . . according to sources close to the Eagles, but no announcement from the team as yet. Sam Bradford, he of two ACL surgeries in the last two years on his left knee, makes keeping only two roster QBs an iffy prospect. Having already traded Matt Barkley to the Cardinals, Philly may be temporarily cutting the 2007 Heisman winner (yes, it has been that long ago) with plans to sign him after the first game - thereby taking away a guaranteed contract. Odds are against anyone else picking Tebow up in that short time. All this according to the AP.

This is what Kelly had to say:

Zach Berman, Inquirer Staff Writer
image: http://media.philly.com/designimages/pa ... r-2014.jpg

The Eagles cut 22 players to get their roster to 52 players on Saturday, with quarterback Tim Tebow among the cuts. They left an open roster spot to potentially add a quarterback. Kelly said the Eagles will have a third quarterback, whether it's on the active roster or on practice squad.

But that quarterback is not Tebow.

"I think Tim's really progressed, but we didn't feel he was good enough to be the '3' right now," coach Chip Kelly said.

The Eagles will analyze the waiver wire to find "the most productive guy out there who fits for us." Kelly said the Eagles do not have that player picked yet.

"He really improved his throwing motion," Kelly said. "I think he just needs to get more playing time, get out there and get actual reps. Because I think he's done a ton on his own from an individual basis, but it's about playing the game."

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/spor ... e0q9BhP.99

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Weightman quashes the Tebow rumors, mercifully. Says the org is happy with the QBs it has and that Jim hasn't spoken to Tebow's camp in a very long time. :thup:

Je ne vois pas pourquoi cette discussion a cours. Les Alouettes ont besoin d'un quart-arrière pour éventuellement remplacer Marsh et Crompton.

True, but Tebow is not the answer, and I think both Weightman and Popp know that. Whatever QBs we bring in during the offseason, he shouldn't be one of them.

Il faut lire très attentivement ce que je n'ai pas écrit pour en bien saisir tout le sens... :wink:

:lol: Nice!

The way to permanently squash any rumor would of course be to remove Tebow from their neg list. Since he has been there for 3 years, I do not think it is a stretch to say that Popp would at least take a look before making a decision. More likely, Popp would sign Tebow immediately. The stumbling block has always been that Tebow only wants to be a qb in the NFL. Plus, now he has other options to earn money other than playing football.

That`s it in a nutshell. Popp said Monday the Als would love to have him for his leadership, etc., and that the way to work with him is to design a specific read option package to highlight his skills.

But the Als (or any other CFL team) are not going to anoint him the starting QB, and like Sam it is doubtful Tebow would be willing to go through a CFL apprenticeship to get to his NFL dream.

And while he apparently improved his throwing motion, he was still not good enough for Chip Kelly even as a 3rd stringer.

[i] It's over for T-blow:

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/25295943/tim-tebow-returns-to-the-sec-network-this-weekend]http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootbal ... is-weekend[/url]

We had Ocho Stinko in 2014, Michael Sam in 2015. No SIDESHOWS for 2016. Just players and true prospects who can help the team!

Tebow stay away!


With the dearth of QB depth in the NFL I doubt Teabow would even consider the CFL until late in the CFL season, and likely not until the winter (IF even then). It will depend on whether he takes Kelly's comments to heart and is willing to "take a step backwards" to try to get the necessary playing time.

Don't see Popp taking Teabow off the neg list until he is out of football for a couple of years; not just for the possibility of teabow being successful in the CFL but also because even if the Als don't want him why not hold on until Teabow is either "dead and buried" (in football terms) or a desperate team is wiling to make an acceptable deal.

Most football players dream of playing in the NFL and then being on TV after their playing days are over. Tebow’s NFL career just ended sooner than he would have liked. Fortunately for him, he is now getting paid decent money to just talk about football on TV. Almost everybody in his position would have made the same choice and bypassed playing in another league. No need to take a chance that your image could be tarnished since there is no guarantee of success playing in the CFL. His supporters will just say he never got a fair chance.