Tim Tebow

@ArashMadani With Peyton Manning locked up in Denver, it's now about the domino effect. Tim Tebow's #CFL neg list rights owned by the Hamilton #Ticats.

I don't think the guys any good but just thought id throw this up here...

I'm not sure if having "Tebowmania" come to Hamilton would be a good or bad thing. Would he be considered better than Henry Burris? He's certainly much younger and has some experience in big games. Would he fit into Cortez' offensive schemes? It's interesting to think about all of the "What if's" on this possibility.
In any case, Tebow will likely end up on another NFL team. I would think a team like Jacksonville may want him. I chuckle at the idea of him going to the Patriots, since I don't believe Tebow would want to be a full-time backup to Tom Brady. He's going to try to find a starter job somewhere, to be sure.

I think he'd be an average qb in the CFL with an ok team. Just my thoughts. Probably be a decent backup in the NFL for a while though.

I would love to have Tebow. The guy is a winner, plain and simple. It may not look pretty, but he gets the job done. He has never went through OTA's, Training Camp or Pre-season as a starter, yet he took over a 1-4 team and went 7-4 leading the Broncos to the playoffs. Then when no one gave him a chance against the vaunted Pittsburgh defense, he goes out and throws for over 300 yards.

Tebow will never come to Canada.

Tebow will never come to Canada. Provide the link and any proof of this comment.

You’re probably right. There will always be market for Tebow in the NFL because he could play a bunch of different positions. A guy with his personality, desire to win, talent and reputation will have no problem making an NFL roster.


I don't have to. How's that :slight_smile:

What if Timmy had a mission scheduled to build a new hospital in the Flamborough area in the next year or two and needed a place to play on his days off :lol: ?

Tebow prayed for a Super Bowl Championship in Denver and along comes Manning. The Lord works in mysterious ways...

It's rather unlikely Tebow will ever pray here. Oops I mean play here.


QB wins is the most useless stat ever devised for the game of football. Football is the ultimate team game, but QB wins is used as a stat to show how good a player is? The Broncos didn't go 7-4 just because of Tim Tebow. He played a role, but they won a game when he had two completed passes. I'm not one of those people who slam Tebow (after two seasons, and less than one as a starter, he can't fully be judged), but to say he went 7-4 is misleading.

I agree with you, football is the ultimate team game. But the most important player on a football team is the quarterback. You're right, Tebow did not go 7-4, the team did, but Tebow played a larger role in that than any other player did. The Broncos were an NFL worst 7-24 over their last 31 games before he was named the starter in week 6. It's not like the team made any big acquisition between the time that Kyle Orton was benched and Tim Tebow became the starter. Make no mistake, the guy played a significant part in their turn around.

Very unlikely he would come here, but we can always hope.

He must have done something right. They were 1-4 before he took over.

Did Tebow do something right, or did the team?

For example, The Broncos scored an average of 21 ppg with Kyle Orton at the helm, yet scored only 18.5 ppg with Tebow.
Conversely, Denver allowed 28 ppg average with Orton as starter, yet allowed only 22 ppg with Tebow as starter.

It would appear that the Bronco's special defensive unit became much more cohesive as the season progressed, while the offense more anemic, especially after Tebow became starter.

The allowed ppg average could be a result of Kyle Orton throwing 7 interceptions in 5 games and Tebow throwing just 6 in 11 games.

...and if one particular player were to be lauded for the much improved record as the season progressed, it would be PK Matt Prater.
He had four game winning field goals in the latter stretch, including 3 straight weeks on the final play, and a 59 yarder.

Now that is clutch.

*(Prater also has the highest percentage in league history from 50 or more yards, having connected on 12 of 16 kicks!)