Tim Tebow

There is a full page in the National Post/sports on Tim Tebow - the QB who often runs more than he passes and is now the merging star of the Denver Broncos of the NFL. This QB would have super status in the CFL but is now making his mark in the NFL as a running QB.

The Tim Tebow debate if you will in the US is a bit like Nickleback, well Nickleback has been around longer I suppose. :wink:

I cant stop reading his name as tim elbow.

Oh boy FYB, now you're introducing the British band Elbow into the "debate" albeit Elbow and Nickleback will get no comparison whatsoever I believe. :wink:

I don't want the guy, he's vastly overrated.

Who pray tell in their youth is next in line for the CFL for you other than the handful of younger QBs (<30) perhaps who are decent now?

You would rather have a raw guy to develop than a guy with some serious talent and skills to mould for the CFL game such as Tebow?

If you don't want Tebow for Saskatchewan that is okay with me for sure, but if there are no others out there what do you do sit around awhile forever for the next "Flutie," "Calvillo," or "Ray"?

Good luck with that strategy and with Durant if you think he's the future there too.

Tebow isn't as good as you think.

he's played all his games against terrible teams and he still can't throw a lot of yards and he runs all the time.

once he finally faces a good team (New England) he'll get shut down hard.

...New England's defense isn't anything to write home about, but they'll probably win anyway...I'm enjoying the TT run, it's a lot of fun to watch...


I'd rather see a QB Who can actually throw the ball.

he's the NFL's Nealon Greene.

I don't know... from what little I've read or heard, most people don't expect him to remain with the Broncos, and I can't see many other teams picking him up. Denver's winning, but it seems like it has more to do with luck than any real talent. I kind of agree that he's overrated. He can run, sure, but until he learns how to pass... eh.

I saw Tebow play. He's the real deal. The Raiders aren't a terrible team this year (despite the performance in the last game) and Tebow engineered an impressive come from behind victory against them.

There's more to a QB than how well he can throw. His on field presence and leadership abilities are at least as important. Tebow has those.

Phil Esposito wasn't a very good skater for a centreman but very effective player. Maybe Tebow can do the same.

...exactly, it's all those intangible other things thrown in there that make it interesting to see how it will all unfold..citb, if throwing a football is the only thing that interests you I suggest watching one of these:


...IMO it's the whole package, not just the chucking arm that makes the athlete, a straight drop-back pocket passer seems more boring than a scrambling seat-of-his-pants-make-any-play-he-can QB..

See Rosie Dimanno's column in todays Toronto Star/sports . Rosie mentions his imperfect QB skills and his proficiency at winning football games in the final quarter......the guy does, inarguably , have intuitive foot ball skills....selectively running instincts and is very difficult to tackle"... "Tebow is an unapologetic proselytiizer".Tebow has taken over at starting QB for Denver and won 4th quarter games. He would be great in the CFL.

Look at his passes , players are jumping and diving to make the catch. His star will burn out shortly, the defence can't do it all ,all the time.

What I don't understand is people who suggest this guy is going to be a great CFL QB. If this guys can't throw the wideside throw in the NFL, how the heck will he be able to do it in the CFL, when it's a heck of a longer throw? He wont. He would struggle immensely in the CFL. You still have to be able to make certain throws here, which he struggles to do in a smaller field.

Either way, good to see him having success in the NFL. I don't understand why people want this guy to fail so badly. You can say what you want about him, he's doing something not a lot of people are doing - that's winning. This guy wins, period. Of all people, I think he's the most likely to be able to improve his throwing in the off-season. He has an insane work ethic and is tremendously poised. Have you ever heard this guy be rude towards the media, even though every one wants him to fail?

Last game against Denver he threw for 202 yards- one of these there was a long throw right into a receivers arms but the receiver dropped the ball. He also ran in for a TD. Check the NFL schedule re Denver Broncos this week and, then make up your own decision of his worth. The team has good offensive linemen. They have ex-Bills McGahee who is also a solid runner. Would it not be a monumental endeavor to have a run-first team win big in the NFL!

You must not have seen that game against the NY Jets who have anything but a terrible defence. That's when I was convinced he was for real as I noted in the other Tebow thread in "Other Leagues."

And to go along with R&W's comment, if you think New England is a good defence, I know you are not following the NFL as closely as I had thought after your first comment.

Tebow runs, that's what gets him his wins.

I don't think Tebow is coming to the CFL anytime soon...

Networks look to cash in on Tebow-mania
By Michael Hiestand, USA TODAY

[url=http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/hiestand-tv/story/2011-12-07/hiestand/51749572/1]http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnis ... 51749572/1[/url]

The CFL needs to learn how to market it's stars like the NFL does.
Personalities and certain individual attributes/idiosyncrasies sell like hotcakes. :cowboy: