Tim Tebow

Coach Trestman was involved in working with Tebow in the Spring to prepare him for the NFL. think he is our negotiation List.
nationalpost.com/sports Good read!

Do you have a direct link to the article NA? Thanks

As noted: nationalpost.com/sports

Jusqu'à maintenant, Tebow n'a pas fait grand chose qui m'ait impressionné, et j'ai l'impression que sa carrière avec Denver sera terminée à la fin de la saison. Tebow semble prendre une éternité à lancer le ballon et peine à trouver ses receveurs.

Mais on doit aussi se rappeler d'un gars dont la carrière ne semblait pas décoller à Hamilton.

I did check that page and all I found was an article titled, “Broncos Begrudgingly Stick with Tebow” and there is no mention of Trestman or the CFL.

here is the direct link:

[url=http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/11/01/tim-tebow-is-not-looking-like-the-denver-broncos-saviour-right-now/]http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/11/ ... right-now/[/url]

Hes not ready to start in the NFL. Denver is such a mess... Hes a better fit for the CFL game and if we do redesign the offense for Adrian. Tim Tebow would be a great fit as his backup.

Well, I don't know if there's anything to this story, but lest we forget that not too many years ago a young QB was starting out in Hamilton and was anything but impressive in his first few starts by the name of Anthony Calvillo!

Would he be a good fit in the CFLin general and an Als' uniform in particular? I think he could. However, I will be more enthusiastic about Tim and the Als when I hear that there have been serious talks between Jim Popp and Tim Tebow. For now, I think Tim is clearly focused on the NFL. He's a great guy, has a great work ethic and life values, and I wish him the best.

He`s a sandlot QB like Flutie.

Is this a joke thread? Tim Tebow? The guy with the crooked, windmill like windup, who takes 20 seconds to throw the ball? The guy who will forever be known as a great college player, but cannot run a pro offence?

Wow! we don't need this kind of problem! This guy is the biggest joke in the NFL! He is constantly mocked because he is not a quarterback. The only thing this guy would bring to the Als, is quarterback play WORSE than Ted White and Eric Kresser, and a box of bibles :roll:

They said the exact same thing about Doug Flutie and worse... You have to be insane to take a kid who went to a college running the type of offense the Gators run and put an NFL team on his shoulders.

Why are we bringing up religion ?

For Hfx, because Tim Tebow is a devout Christian, which is his right.

However, some players, when interviewed, tend to begin with I give praise to Jesus Christ, Allah, the Great Divine Who-Ha… This, in some poeple’s view, is a little over the top. Lest we forget, however, that the future HOFer, all-time passer in the history of football, a QB who has led his team to the Big Dance 8 times (and won it 3 times) - Anthony Calvillo, is also a devout Christian who has also uttered such statements on occasion. Nobody can question his accomplishments over his career and if he wants to give glory, that is his right and I don’t think anyone can criticize him for it.

That's one of the beauty of football. Men from all faith and background working together...
We have a Jewish owner, A GM who's a Christian, a HC who is Jewish, Cahoon was a Mormon, we have some Baptists, Orthodox... Blacks, White, Asian.French,English.

It would be nice to have some openly atheist football players. Seems like the atmosphere of your average football team isn't conducive to those who are not religious.

In any case, I don't give a flying crap about Tim Tebow. We have pro football's all-time passing leader as our starter, and a young man with a cannon arm and a great skill set behind him when Anthony retires.

I'm sure there are atheists too but I can't remember someone bashing them for it.

It's not about bashing, it's about an environment that is so heavily religious that players probably don't even feel comfortable expressing that they're atheists. Look at Trestman and his 'everybody take a knee' nonsense. If I'm not religious, why on earth should I be forced to pretend that I am in a professional environment? Your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, are no concern of mine, and vice-versa, and the coaches shouldn't be foisting this stuff on every player on the team.

I have no idea. I wasn't there. I can't tell you if the everyone was taking a knee. I have no idea what the agreement of environment is from a 3 second glimpse from a camera. I highly doubt that a coach who tells players to use earbuds if they want to get jacked to music as to respect everyone's own taste would force players to pray...

It's not so much about being forced to pray, which cannot be enforced BTW, it is about the fact that some players may join in with the prayer session to appease the coach and other players who are actively religious, in order to avoid being ostracized or viewed as not being a team player.

Wrong as it may be, I can understand why a non believer may follow the pack and maintain a closeted stance as bigotry and intolerance is still among us.

For the record I dont believe Mr. Wetenhall is Jewish, not that it matters one way or the other. It also got me thinking that even though all the Als players on the 9-game injured list dont count against the cap, poor Mr. Wetenhall has to keep signing their cheques, Boulay and Anderson included.

And we can see one of the greatest challenges of a CFL head coach is being able to meld a diverse group of players from different countries, races, religion, and socio-economic backgrounds into chasing a common goal.

When you are in a group sometimes you do things to represent the group. Example: Trestman told players that during the National Anthem they will stand on the sideline lids off. Maybe some Americans disagree with that, maybe we have an anarchist born in Moose Jaw but you do it out of respect for others even if you don't believe in it...

I have a problem pleading allegiance to the Queen. I mean a serious problem with it ... I understand where your coming from but we don't live in a bubble.

Not about living in a bubble, it's about workplace rights that people before us fought for. As for the headphones thing, don't even compare it to religious expression. It's not the same order of magnitude. Trestman could easily be fine with players' musical diversity while still creating a religious atmosphere in the locker room. As tangledweb noted, it wouldn't be surprising to see players going along with the group prayer out of fear of being labeled not a team player. When the coach says, "Everybody, find a knee," do you think a player is going to feel comfortable saying, "No, coach, I'm not praying"?