Tim Tebow to the CFL???

A lot of NFL QBs can not play in the NFL. LOL.

They wouldn't be leaving, they would be forced out. If Tebow or any other player can get a backup job in the NFL, they aren't going to leave. They would only come to the CFL if they have exhausted every possible NFL option. And if they came to CFL, they wouldn't be guaranteed a starting job. And no CFL team, in the salary cap era is going to invest $400,000 in a player that has never played a down in the CFL. Any GM that would give a player who has never played in the league anywhere close to half a million dollars should be fired immediately.

It's not "which is it." You made the statement that a lot of NFL QBs couldn't "hack it" in the CFL. I said that we will never know, but to suggest that guys like Brees, Manning, et al. couldn't is ridiculous. There are some QBs that probably couldn't play in the CFL (there are some QBs that are on NFL rosters that shouldn't be), but I'd say more than half of them could have success in the CFL. Just looking at the starting QBs, I don't see very many that wouldn't be successful in the CFL. The NFL nowadays more closely mirrors the CFL than at any time before, so the players down there are now better suited to play in the CFL. Players who have been on CFL neg lists, like Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, are now starters in the NFL.

The truly talented players are also amongst the hardest working and you're foolish if you think that they wouldn't put their all into becoming the best no matter where they played. If Tom Brady played for the Alouettes, he would still strive to be the best and would be great up here too. Same with Peyton Manning or Drew Brees or even marginal guys like Alex Smith. Maybe Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder wouldn't be good up here, but they stink down there too. But to say that most NFL QBs couldn't play in the CFL is just silly.

First off, the most important thing, is looking after your family, if holding a clipboard pays a million bucks a year, thats where you go!. All of our current starters in the CFL tried to make the NFL, Ray and Burris to name a few. They were cut, fair and square, no great conspiracy. Not sure why , people need to compare leagues. ? Enjoy the CFL for its uniqueness and it’s part of our history in this country .Comparing the CFL to the NFL is silly and pointless. Tom Brady makes more in one year than every player in the CFL, combined. We are not even a blip on the radar compared to the NFL. I like the CFL better and i enjoy the game better.

Maybe the truest statement anyone has ever written on these boards.

I agree that we should not compare the NFL to the CFL. They are 2 different animals all together. Thats my whole point. The skills set for a lot of positions (not all) is different for the CFL, then NFL. QB's have been cut by CFL teams, only to go on and play for NFL teams too. Tyler Palkpo, cut by the Al's, went on to start a few games for the Chiefs (i believe). Jason Garrett cut by Ottawa, went on to start for the Cowboys. Even Kerwin Bell was cut by CFL teams, then the next year, i'm watching Monday night football and there he is going 8 for 8 in the 4th Q for the Colts. I'm sure if i did some research i would find a whole bunch more

In the past, QB's have come to the the CFL, that could very well continue to play in the NFL. Tim Rosenbach came to Hamilton in the 90s, calming that NFL football was no longer fun for him. He started for the Cat's and he sucked. He was quoted as saying that his year in the CFL was the most frustrated time he ever had playing football and it would take him years to fully understand the CFL game. Jarious Jackson was the back up in Denver for 4 years, playing in only 5 games. He said he could have stuck around the NFL, but he wanted to PLAY, so he made his NFL money and came to the CFL. The Bigger named NFL QB's that have come up here would get the 500,000 for not playing 1 down in the CFL. Do you think if Montreal does sign Vince Young, that they will only pay him 150,000?. When Rosenback signed with the Cat's he was one of the highest paid QB in the CFL at the time. Same when Vince Ferragamo came up here to play with Montreal. another QB bust. I agree that in some ways the NFL is starting to mirror CFL players. Drew Brees would not have even been looked at by the NFL 15 years ago and he more than likely would have been playing in the CFL. Where people would be saying "he's a good CFL QB, but he could not play in the NFL" When the NFL and CFL scout QB's, for the most part they are looking at different skills sets. The games are so different and in a lot of positions require a different style of player. There is a reason why Linebackers in the CFL are not 240LBs and lineman 350lbs. To me saying most NFL QB could make it in the CFL, that's silly

Honestly, Tebow couldn't make it as a premier CFL qb. I like him but I just don't think he has the smarts.

Rosenbach sucked, period. He was terrible in the NFL and terrible in the CFL. He just wasn't a very good QB.

And how much playing has Jarious Jackson actually done up here? Not a whole heckuva lot. He's not a very good QB. Passable backup, nothing more. He can claim he came to Canada to play but the fact that he hasn't played all that much since he came up here and never went back down to the NFL says a lot more than anything he'd say himself.

It's not about skill sets. Henry Burris isn't all that different than Aaron Rodgers. Anthony Calvillo isn't all that different than Tom Brady. Ricky Ray isn't all that different than Peyton Manning. Those guys all have equivalent skill sets. If any of those guys played up here, they would dominate. Not because they are great NFL QBs, but because they are great players, period. There are differences in the game, but the QB position in both leagues is pretty similar now. You see teams in the shotgun more, you see teams passing more, you see teams looking for QBs that are more mobile (I'm not talking scrambling QBs, but ones, like Rodgers or Andrew Luck, that are capable of running). If you look at many starting QBs in the NFL, you'll see guys that play the game very similarly to those in the CFL. Bad QBs in the NFL have been bad QBs in the CFL; good QBs in the CFL have been bad QBs in the NFL; good QBs in the CFL have been good QBs in the NFL; but we've never seen an honest to goodness good NFL QB play in the CFL. When Timm Rosenbach and Jarious Jackson are your examples, you're reaching. It's not like those guys came from the top of the heap. Heck, they didn't even come from the middle.

At no point have we seen even a decent NFL QB try to make the CFL, so to say they couldn't without ANY proof is ludicrous. I base my opinion on the fact that they are good QBs and therefore believe that they would be good QBs if they played here. You're basing your opinion on some faint notion of skill sets and... well, that seems to be it. We're never going to agree on this and neither of us can actually prove our point, so unless you say something over-the-top stupid that I have to respond to, I'll make this my last post and give you the final word.

Very few CFL QBs will get far in the NFL, and the reverse is also true but not for the same reasons.

The very best NFL QBs who are starters, and a few backups, can start on many another NFL team for millions if not at least be a prime backup for the same. Financially they would not blink at the CFL though I would think would do very well.

Otherwise those in the NFL who are 3rd string or fighting to be backups usually don't match up well for sake of the different skills required for play in the CFL as include an accurate strong arm and with few exceptions some additional mobility.

I have two whole threads on the subject, and right now only two potential NFL crossover QBs come to mind -- Dennis Dixon and Rhett Bomar though I don't know much about the latter and neither does it seem to be the case for anyone else.

[url=http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=64791]viewtopic.php?f=15&t=64791[/url] [url=http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61509]viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61509[/url]
[url=http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2012-12-10/tim-tebow-espn-coverage-skip-bayless-first-take-jets-qb]http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2 ... ke-jets-qb[/url]

ESPN is late to the party but at least made it, and the above applies to the overall overhyped coverage every (expletive) year of those damn sucky NY Jets for that matter!

How long can those Jets and their fans live on the foul fumes of Joe Namath for that matter?! Every new QB is heralded as their second coming and so forth year-in year-out from a bunch of loud mouth New Yorkers including on ESPN.

To add to the list: NFL starter and Pro-Bowler Trent Green was third string QB for the Lions (BC variety) in 1994 and was cut by the team at season's end

Ricky Ray was cut "fair and square" from the NFL? How many snaps did he get? Try zero. I suppose NFL teams are so smart they just knew that "QB from Canada" wasn't good enough. Or Dave Dickenson? He dressed for 4 NFL teams but was given zero snaps. Was that fair and square, too? Can we honestly say he just wasn't good enough for the NFL (DD has the highest QB rating in CFL history)? Or Derek Wake, who was cut by the Giants in mini-camp, without getting one chance to rush the passer (as the Giant's coach later admitted?) Wake just wasn't good enough for the NFL because they cut him, fair and square. Two years later his highlight video caught the attention of the Lions coaches, then after one look they put him at DE. The rest is history. "Cam" Wake got 3 sacks in his first CFL game. Or Brandon Browner? Or Jerell Freeman? Both cut by NFL teams and out of the league. Jeff Garcia was a NFL cut too. Just not good enough, I guess? :roll:

Ricky Ray looks better to me than some qb's in the NFL right now, mind you I just want the NFL highlight reel and with 30 teams, it's tough to follow but on the highlight reel some of the no-brain INT's I see thrown in the NFL you have to think a guy like Ray would not be throwing those.

Tim Tebow or RR on my team in the NFL? I'll take Ray any day given the same age sort of thing.

Jeff Garcia was not an NFL cut. In fact under the advice of Paul Holgrem he advised Garcia to go to Canada and get some playing experience then return and the advice turned out to be good advise. This of course arong the time that the CFL US expansion experiment and while the teams could not cut it financially it gave QBs a chance to go right to a pro league and play a lot faster like Garcia did.

I think the NFL just gives so much preference to early round picks. A lot of guys that have longer development (but end up better) just get moved down the depth chart with every draft until they are out.

absolutely they have invested money in them so they will get more preferance but they still leave space for those lower round picks and rookie free agents. That is why we are beginning to see former NFL players like Joe Burnett, Pat Watkins, Korey sheets, Chad Simpson hitting the CFL in their prime football years their mid 20's now.

After Tebow was officially released by the Jets, Fox News is speculating that Tebow may be on his way to Canada.
They said he may follow the example of Joe Theisman, Warren Moon and Doug Flutie go to Canada and show what he can do.

He did check out Edmonton's secret mini camp earlier in the month... If he does come to Montreal, what a circus that'll be!

Garcia was in a NFL camp coming out of College, was released and was then advised to come to the CFL.

[b][u]New York Jets Release Tim Tebow[/u] Many believe that Tebow's career in the NFL is over unless he is willing to change positions.Others have suggested the Canadian Football League. But based on the style of play up north, Tebow would likely be a complete disaster in Canada. [url=http://www.businessinsider.com/new-york-jets-release-tim-tebow-2013-4]http://www.businessinsider.com/new-york ... bow-2013-4[/url][/b]

I agree, although the Als (who hold his rights) will be a hot ticket in town til the team implodes.