Tim Tebow to the CFL???

Tim Tebow to the CFL???
Sounds like he will not ever get the chance to be a qb.
Is the Canadian game better suited for him???
If so, which Canadian team should hustle their butts to get him up here?


The only way Tebow comes up here is if he truly loves the game of Football and doesn't care about the money. Even as a 3rd string QB, he's making far more then a starter in the CFL.

...Montreal holds his rights...

Not exactly sure if Teebow would have the arm to hit the long outs with the width of the field in the CFL. Not so sure he would be a good match for our game.

As a quarterback, no. As a running back, he'd be awesome. Thing is that even if he never gets good, lots of teams will pick him up simply because he'll be a crowd favourite and a great item to promote.

If you’re just looking to create some media buzz and have no hope of winning anything, then sure bring in the circus.

Broncos are a professional, well run organization and Ed Elway wanted no part of the sideshow. New York has always been a Giants town and the Jets are doing everything they can to generate a bit of publicity for themselves. Just like the Hard Knocks series they did a while back. Just like when Ben Johnson raced a horse. WTF.

Any CFL team that brings in Tebow once he’s an NFL washout will be criticized for doing it as a publicity stunt. And 100% rightly so. Forget the gimmick.

Mike Vick is done in Philly - - why not just go after him? At least Vick can play QB.

The Tiger-Cats held his rights up until last week, they released it to put another player on it, then the Alouettes picked up his rights.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2012/12/04/alouettes_jets_tebow_cfl_rights/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... fl_rights/[/url]

That’s for sure. He has never exhibited enough passing accuracy at the pro level despite the strong arm. A largely mobile QB cannot make it at the pro level and it is only a matter of a few games at best before he is crushed and sent to the sidelines.

Buck Pierce is mobile but can throw, and look what has happened to him. Imagine a mobile guy who can’t throw!

For sure he would do great in the CFL, but another NFL team I think will pick him up because he’s not done with football.

Coach Trestman worked with him for two offseason and knows him personaly, if Jim put him back on the neg list its because Coach thinks he can do the job. How many games did he find a way to win in his rookie year ? Compare that to what the rookie class did this year… Was hoping Russell Wilson would be the next guy but it looks like he will be very successful in the NFL.

The Broncos defense was sensational last season. Not sure you can credit Tebow with those victories last season.

Vick could be a possibility if no other NFL clubs are interested. At 33 next season NFL clubs may no longer be interested. Vick certainly still has the ability and the job market for him is very limited and if he could start with a salary that Vince Young was rumored to be offered last season of about 250K I don’t see how he could say no and he came into the season in football shape so he does not garner the lazy tag that young does. plus adding a second football pension from the CFL to go with his NFL pension

Last year wasn’t Tebow’s rookie year; he was drafted in the first round in 2010. When he led the Broncos to all those wins last year, he was in his second year.

I’m not going to go on my usual rant about QB wins being a stupid and useless way to judge a QB’s effectiveness, but I will say that Tebow didn’t win those games by himself. I’m not a Tebow hater at all, but he wasn’t the sole reason the Broncos made the playoffs last year. Also, Denver went 8-8 and won one playoff game, so it’s not like Tebow took them to a Super Bowl or anything. And his stats were terrible. But he does have something about him, an immeasurable will to win. Hate him or love him, Tebow just doesn’t like to lose.

Having said all that, I’ll defer to Marc Trestman on this one. As you said, he’s worked with Tebow before, so if he thinks he can mold him into a decent CFL QB, who am I to argue. His size and mobility will be positives and maybe being with a coach that knows how to teach a QB would be just what Tebow needs. Of his three professional head coaches, Josh McDaniels, John Fox and Rex Ryan, only McDaniels was an offensive guy (and he was the guy that drafted Tebow). Fox never wanted to play Tebow, but his hand was forced when the Broncos got off to a 1-4 start last year. Ryan is a defensive guy and the Jets are just a mess. Tebow has barely seen the field in New York. A coach like Trestman could be just the guy to harness Tebow properly. I doubt Tebow ends up in the CFL, but Montreal would be the perfect landing spot for him if he did.

Hey the quotes got mixed up somehow Green. All reading that’s not my quote that’s Hfx.

CFLSteve given his daunting financial situation, no doubt the prospect of a second pension sure could lure him plus what else is he going to do right?

Good insight again CFLSteve …I would love to see Vick in the CFL too as the game works for his complete skill set and hopefully he gets over a really bad concussion he’s had a few weeks without easy recurrence.

Would any of these guys who are earning over $4 million a year sign for a CFL team and earn $150,000 a year?
Even as back up QBs in the NFL they would earn a million plus.

What starting QB in the CFL makes 150,000. Starting QB’s in the CFL make from 350,000 to 500,000. A lot of pro players want to look back on their playing days and remember thinks like, oh i don’t know, perhaps PLAYING. A lot of NFL QB could not hack it in the CFL anyway

A starting QB will make $400,000, but guys don’t come up here and start right away. They’d make backup money at first and even $150,000 is generous (I’d say most backup QBs make closer to $100,000).

And saying that a lot of NFL QBs couldn’t play in the CFL is ridiculous. For starters, you have no idea if that is true or not. Secondly, we’ll never know for sure so it is an easy statement to make. But if you think guys like Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, to name just a few, couldn’t play in the CFL, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

We are talking about starting QB, not Back up QB’s. Why would a QB leave the NFL to be a back up QB in the CFL, you would assume he is coming up here to start not to be a back up, or they would have stayed in the NFL. . Plus you just said that you have no ideal if it’s true or not, so you can’t make that statement, but then you go on to say, but Drew Brees. Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers etc can play in the CFL. Well which is it, I also said a lot of NFL QB’s can’t play in the CFL, not all of them. There are 90 QB’s give or take in the NFL, if you think the major of them, could start in the CFL, then you are the one, thats as no ideal of what your talking about.