Tim Tebow’s chances?

…what do you think about TT’s chances of making the jags? I’m with Barkley on this one, I like TT but I doubt he can ramp up fast enough or high enough to actually be a pro tight end…

I care as much about Tebow as I do about Johnny Manziel.

As in, not much at all.

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Not as good a chance as he might have had 10 yrs ago.

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I concur . I care as much about little Johnny Tebow as I care about little Timmy Manziel .
Oh and wait , while we're at it whatever became of Michael Sam I am or whatever his name was ?

Tebow will get cut by Week 2 when some better, younger NFL prospect becomes available after cut down day in the NFL

Tebow will never be back for the same reason that Johnny Butterball will never be back

Far to many good QBs coming up through the ranks

But now I see its as TE but same reason

I hope he does well it would be good for our city. Would bring even more excitement to the upcoming season and we need some of that especially after the last few years.
I don't think he will be an elite player or a superstar but I think he could land a spot on the team even if it is just because Urban wants him here. I think Urban has a plan on how he would use Tebow so time will tell.
It won't hurt me one bit to see him play.

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