Tim Tebow or Vince Young

If Winnipeg finally gives up and looks to acquire the rights to Tebow or Young.
Young along with Simpson would be a couple of big players in the backfield that would be tough to tackle.
Tebow with two 1,000 yard receivers who he can not complete a pass to the run is stacked and the Bombers are worse.
advantage Young

I would not do ANY deal with Winnipeg that could allow them to fix their QB problem. We are in a rebuilding stage from HC to ST players and a deal like this that could allow Crowton to get a power running offense would be a bad strategic decision. If either of those two QB's make their way north. I'd want the team to work them out before trading them.

Watched Tebow against the Giants last night. Was like watching 2 different QBS. Looked good with 2 well placed TD passes, but also threw poor interception and was sacked 4 times.

It will be interesting to see if Belichick keeps him.

He'll keep him. They are giving him his shot and then use the relationship to convert him to a TE :wink:

Inasmuch as the only way the Alouettes will EVER see Vince Young is if he's 40+ and no one else wants him...

And Tebow has the arm equivalent of Sean Whyte's leg...

I'd say neither...

Or Neither

Any way you want to pronounce it

Troy Smith is actually the choice. Smith played well in a back up role in 2010 but lost that spot to Kaepernick in 2011 and we can all see why. leading him to the UFL in 2011 and was cut before Steelers camp in 2012.
A teams are looking for QBs who can emulate the read optionQBs for practice Smith comes at a pretty high price and most teams who will need to prepare for teams that use will most likely go with a younger Practice roster QB whose at a much lower price and one that has recently run it in college.
For Smith this is the perfect time to make the transition and has requested that he not be thrown in there in order to give him a full TC amount of time to Prepare.
Also looking at the chance to get up around the elite QB pay is not a bad gig in the CFL.
If he is not motivated by this then he does not want to play

Checked out the video. First TD was not bad, a rainbow to the endzone that the receiver stretched for, but the DB stumbled to leave the receiver the room to make the catch. The second was almost behind the receiver, he had to stutter and reach back a bit but then the receiver made a couple of brilliant moves top shake two defenders and sprint to the endzone. In the no-starters exhibition week I wouldn't rush to sign him to a long-term deal.

Tebow has been released by the Patriots.

As a religious symbol would he be allowed to come here even if he would want to? :smiley:

lol :lol:

Anothe couple weeks of Tebow burrying Als coverage ??? :?

*** If *** Marcel Desjardins is a huge Teabow advocate then the Als should sign him just to be able to expose him in the expansion draft.

The highlighted text above got misplaced in my prior post; it was part of my comment not idealsheldon’s (my apologies).

Shouldn't be. He won't be heading north in the near future, He will wait to see if he gets interest from another NFL team.

Als have enough on their plate right now with Marsh, Smith and AC.

Do you like
that Tea-bow ham?

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Would you like him
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I would not like him
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I do not like him,

I would only see Teabow as an asset in that Ottawa might like to make a PR splash by drafting him, depending on what QBs end up being available. I don't see him as a QB I would want to build a team around. Nice thing about CFL contracts is that if Ottawa didn't bite and he shows as little as I expect in practice or camp they Als can just cut him. If I am wrong and he is the second coming of Doug Flutie, or Joe Barnes for we old-timers, then being wrong would not be a terrible thing.

Apparently Als have several other QBs on the neg list.

Jason La Canfora ?@JasonLaCanfora 1h Besides Tebow, Montreal also has CFL rights to Vince Young, Seneca Wallace, Jimmy Clausen and Dennis Dixon. Could be competition #CBSKickOff

Clausen like Tebow was also groomed by Trestman before the 2011 draft. I`m certain he will be signed by another NFL team.

The writer for the Toronto Star, sports, today indicated that perhaps Tebow was experiencing the end of the NFL interest in him as a QB.

Far more significant sources have said the same for some time.

Americans are now suggesting that he come to the CFL.

[url=http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2013/09/01/tim-tebow-steve-clarkson-nfl-cfl-quarterback/2753895/]http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nf ... k/2753895/[/url]

But then you have Tebow saying he will continue to chase his lifelong dream of becoming an NFL quarterback. That by definition dooms him to failure in our game IMO since each is as challenging while different. If he's not all in or looking at it as a springboard you can't be successful.

Certainly not. As long as his religious expression is not of Catholicism, he would be in violation of the incoming Charter of Values. :x

He might make it as Tim Thibault. :smiley: