Tim Tebow or Vince Young

With the Montreal Alouettes having both Tim Tebow & Vince Young on their Neg List... Who would you rather have?

Its a no brainer, Vince Young.

The problem is Vince Young is a no brainer.

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/01/25/vince-young-admits-to-probably-signing-loan-documents/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... documents/[/url]

Pour moi, le moins mauvais candidat des deux est Young.

I'd avoid the bad apple. Tebow is the better choice.

À la fin, je ne vois pas ce qu'on fait à s'enticher de ces deux gars-là. Pour moi, ils n'ont pas le profil pour être de bons quarts dans la LCF.

Tebow a de la misère à lancer le ballon sur le petit terrain américain. Le jour où il ralentira, sa carrière sera terminée. Je crois que si on regarde la ligue depuis 10 ans, il est clair que pour qu'une équipe de la LCF puisse gagner le grand match, il faut un très bon passeur. Tebow n'est pas un très bon passeur, et ne le serai probablement jamais.

Young a un problème différent. Son problème, c'est qu'il prend souvent de mauvaises décisions. Il a des atouts. Il est mobile et est moins mauvais passeur que Tebow. Mais pourra-t-il apprendre assez rapidement à lire le jeu de la LCF? Pourra-t-il réussir les jeux lorsque ses deux premières lectures ne seront pas favorables? Sera-t-il capable de résister à la tentation de forcer le jeu lorsqu'il ne verra pas de jeu possible? Et si oui, combien de temps cela lui prendra-t-il pour y arriver? Je ne crois pas que Young serait un bon quart pour la LCF non plus.

Assuming that money is no problem, I'd take Tebow. Unlike Young who sleeps through university classes, then when awake he most likely spends his time in bars, Tebow will spend time at church. Tebow would be our backup QB to utilize our running attack or we might let him play as did the Denver Broncos. With AC passing and Tebow running ( provided the coach provides some formations to enhance this option) we'd have great offensive capability. Young could poison the team's locker room while Tebow would utilise relaxation techniques and prayer to bring some peace to the locker room. Calvillo and Tebow could each bring their strengths to our offense- this would make the team's combined play very difficult to defend against. Tebow would be a great drawing card for the CFL.

Young has the much better skill set for the CFL (not saying he would succeed); and frankly I have no interest in a self-centered, "look-at-me" type like Teabow.

His religious devotion is no problem. But Ben Cahoon managed to keep his religion private.

Young may possess superior physical skills, although the attic appears to be bare...

[u][b]Ex-adviser: Vince Young needed loan for $300,000 (Birthday) Party[/b][/u]

DALLAS (AP) — The former financial adviser for ex-NFL quarterback Vince Young said under oath that he arranged a high-interest, seven-figure loan for Young during the 2011 lockout because the player wanted to throw himself a $300,000 birthday party even though he was running low on funds.

[url=http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2013/02/12/vince-young-lockout-party-ronnie-peoples/1913655/]http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nf ... s/1913655/[/url]

Fans in the CFL tend to put a lot more weight on neglist rights like they really mean something. The fact that you think either of these players would come to the CFL is laughable. Both would be offered several NFL contracts before they would ever have to even pretend to be interested in the CFL.

All the neg list consists of is 35 players that want one foot in the door should all American options be closed.

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To my knowledge, the player has nothing to do with whether or not they are on a neg-list.

It is a GM's combination of a long-shot wish list and tactical "hands off" list for players with a realistic chance of coming to the CFL.

Tebow will likely get NFL offers, but Young hasn't been anywhere near an NFL team since the Bills cut him in training camp last year. So I doubt he'd be offered one NFL contact, let alone several. If he wants to keep playing football, the CFL might be his only option. That said, I'm not sure he still wants to play football.

Over the years I have read and heard many interviews where coaches or team management has mentioned asking a players permission to add them. Even drafted players have added themselves to be draft eligible. You can't just claim a human being without some type of prearranged agreement. The point is that it's good for the team and player which is why teams keep neg lists and why players agree to be on them.

Unless a player has no or unfamiliar agent. They can request to be removed from any team's neg list and 30 days later they will be if no contract is signed with the team "holding" the player.

From a football skill standpoint, from a point of which QB may have exhausted his NFL options, and from a standpoint of a player who would more need a job as a football player the answer would be Vince Young who could be a very good CFL QB. The huge question is how much interest he has and how much effort he would put into it.
You would think that a guy who is broke and took his NFL 300K signing bonus with the Bills before getting cut would want to give it his all to any team that would be willing to offer him a decent salary he would take it. Young does not appear to come off like that person to the average fan.

Tebow wants to be an NFL QB. Money is not an issue for him as he has been paid well in his NFL career so far and there is no reports that he has blew it all. He already has endorsement deals in place and all signs point that he will have a job in broadcasting in college football when he decides or the NFL teams decide for him that QB is not an option anymore.

It is logical to gauge a players' interest, but the neg list gives teams the first shot at the players they "claim", regardless of whether the player agrees or not. As explained above, players do have a partial "out". But it is basically as teams getting exclusive rights to a player they draft.

Tim Tebow or Vince Young would be a great asset to the CFL, and in particular, the Montreal Alouettes. Although Young or Tebow would likely be a backup quarterback, it would be, perhaps, to one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game (CFL or NFL) in Anthony Calvillo.

Young-right handed thrower, Tebow-left handed thrower. Not too many, if any, lefty QB's in the CFL. Advantage: Tebow

Both won national championships (Young for the U. of Texas, Tebow for the U. of Florida). Advantage-even.

Tebow won the Heisman Trophy, Young finished second to Southern California's Reggie Bush (who later had to vacate the trophy when the NCAA declared him ineligible for taking benefits). Advantage-Tebow, but not by much.

Height-Young is 6"5" (1.96 m), Tebow is 6'3" (1.93 m). Advantage: Young

Speed: Young-4.58 in the 40 yd. dash but has had some injuries in his career, Tebow-4.71 but career in NFL has been injury free. Advantage: Speed-Young, Healthiness-Tebow

Media Hype: Tebow with the Als would probably get more media attention than Young.

Passing arm: Young has the better arm than Tebow. However, with the wide open CFL field in comparison with the NFL one, I think if Tebow was in the CFL, he would be in a similar mold to former Eskimos QB Tracy Ham.

Uniform numbers: Vince Young would want #10, but that number is taken by Marc-Olivier Brouillette, a linebacker on the team who also played QB at the U. of Montreal. Vince wore #10 in honor of his mother, Felicia Young, whose birthday is 10 June (June 10). Tebow would want #15, but that number is taken by QB Quinton Porter of Boston College, who played for the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers in the NFL and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats before signing with the Als. Advantage-even.

Bad luck: Young wound up getting the starting job for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans, but injuries and, in Tennessee, an argument with Jeff Fisher (who would eventually be fired by the Titans) where Vince left and threw his shoulder pads into the stands plus some discipline problems, has hurt his stock. Tebow started some games for the Broncos and led them to a playoff victory, but GM John Elway didn't think that Tebow was really good QB material (I don't think he liked Tebow in the first place) and let Tebow go in favor of signing Peyton Manning. Also, Tebow's Christian stance would probably make for a better role model than Young.

So, in my opinion, Vince Young may be the right choice, but Tim Tebow could be the best choice. Besides, either one could be a good candidate to be the starting QB for the new Ottawa team next year.

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You left out a few other things.

Age and that's a big one when transitioning from the American game to the Canadian game. Advantage Tebow
Personal Situation: Vince Young is bankrupt,spent his money on cars and cribs, tebow is much lesser money on building schools. Advantage Tebow.

Both are out of NFL options...Advantage Alouettes :slight_smile:

young needs to be a football QB to make any kind of substancial money.
Tebow does not need to play another down of football the rest of his life and will be well off in other endevours
Advantage Young.
Tebo comes to the CFL and bombs out he looks terrible and not from a lack of effort makes the experts right Tebow embarresed.
Young comes to the CFL and bombs out and looks terrible but not from a lack of effort it will just be typical vince young
Advantage Young.
Pro football expereince. Advantage Young
CFL is a league of second chances
Young needs a second chance
If Tebow is already finished with the NFL he has no chance in the CFL
advantage Young