Tim Tebow & Javon Walker

The Edmonton Eskimos held their mini camp in secret, taking place in Florida and according to the Edmonton Sun, Tim Tebow (QB) & Javon Walker (REC) were there. The paper did not confirm, nor deny, that they took place in the camp.

Why would either player show up to the camp if they were not there to practise or "have interest" in the Eskimos. Last i heard, the Montreal Alouettes had Tebow on their NEG List, so is this a reason why the camp was secret from the public? We will see.

More Details to follow..

For Tim Tebow, no thanks. On Javon Walker at 34 years old, I am not sure.

He has not had a decent football season since 2006 and has been out of the NFL since 2009.

I'd think they can find better receivers who are younger for that matter.

Tim Tebow would be a great signing for ANY CFL team. If he doesnt pan out, release him. Simple. No loss. All gain.

Tim Tebow's Neg List rights belong to the Montreal Alouettes. So do the ALs/Esks have a deal in place...we'll see. Because Tim Tebow was (confirmed by the Edmonton Sun) at the Edmonton Eskimos "Secret" Mini Camp in Flordia.

As for Javon Walker, we will see. Doubtful he comes to Edmonton. Hervey said Edmonton likely gets younger at REC... signing a 34 yr old... thats not getting younger.. lol.

Hmmmm....that is interesting. Was Tebow just observing? I agree that he would be an interesting addition to the CFL. he's young enough to want to come here, play 3-5 years to prove he is (or not) a pro QB. Viewership would be through the roof. But if he was just so-so he could set a team back significantly. He can't come to the CFL and be a back-up.

No one will comment if he was practicing or not. I tend to think he did some workouts behind the scenes for the Eskimos but nothing has been confirmed. As for Tim Tebow coming to the CFL, i believe there is NO WAY he goes anywhere other then Edmonton, or Ottawa (next year). Why? Because he wants the quickest chance to start and get back on the NFL grid. Edmonton has two young, not so proven QB's. And Tebow's agent likely see's this as the best oppertunity in the CFL for his client. So what does this mean, well... Likely a trade the involves some NEG Listers. For example: QB Tebow's Neg List rights to Edmonton for the Neg List Rights to either: Pat White (QB) or Dennis Dixon (QB) & a conditional draft pick (depending on the success of Tebow in Edmonton). Or.. if Edmonton/Montreal work out a draft day draft that involves Montreal's pick #5/#15 & Edmonton's #10 pick & a roster player (suggest by Richard).

After Tebow was released by the Jets, Fox News was speculating this morning that he may do a Joe Theisman, Doug Flutie, Warren Moon move and go to Canada.

Tim Tebow is a great person it seems, I just hate him as a Football Player playing Quarterback... When he was in Denver "winning" those games (his defense WON the game, not him) it was the biggest joke of the year. He cannot throw the damn ball, its embarrassing knowing he was drafted in the 1st round and I have a better short to medium passing game than him...
But he would be a good money grab if he sat on our bench as the 2nd or 3rd stringer :lol:

From what i have heard lately, the Eskimos have no interest in receiver Javon Walker.

I sure would hope not given the other talent out there let alone far younger.

For coming to the CFL the risk is all his. For the Als or any team that may acquire his rights to bring him into camp would be like bringing any other QB into camp except for his bigger that life name. For Tebow with the Bigger than life name for him to bomb out in the CFL by being released in training camp could be a disaster of some sort of proportion bombing out of two pro football leagues. For him it will be an NFL QB or the broadcast booth.
For now he could be known for his flash of a pan playoff run he took the Broncos on and join his place in the NCAA Broadcast booth where he will be one of the best ever to play College QB.
Not a bad deal

Well said again Steve...'

Tebow exceeded expectations in his second season in 2011 and now it's time to move on from pro football after the almost inexistent game day experience of 2012 and no good fit anywhere in the NFL or CFL as a QB.

Tebow might put some butts in the seats for at least one year, so in that aspect it would be a good move to sign him and if he turns out to play quite well that would be a bonus, but I would stay the course and develop the young talent, that would be my first choice.

I agree the ESKS would not need the attention drawn away form the two projected QBs that the ESKS are looking to develop. Both Reilly and Nichols who both have worked ther way up the latter and have put in the time and years to get there shot. In that same Breathe it is also time to lose Joseph. He will be taking a roster spot from another QB in the 3rd developmental spot.