Tim Tebow considering Winnipeg?

Any chance Tim Tebow would ever consider vacationing in Winnipeg, maybe to take in a Goldeyes game downtown, or stock up on some K-tel records or K-5 products from the pawn shop?
(lol, probably snared a few of you in with that subject line).

All joking aside, why can't Winnipeg get Ryan Dinwiddie back as QB?

keep trying troll,maybe one day you will make a educated post ! :roll: The world needs dummies and you seem to be a natural !

At least now you know what a troll looks like :stuck_out_tongue:

The OP must be a fortuneteller. Maybe not Tebow just yet but we're getting closer:

Joe Pascucci ?@Pascucci015 4m Blue Bombers have signed import WR Quentin Sims. Ge played in 4 Exh games for NE Patriots in 2013 scoring 2 TD's Both from Tim Tebow

....Nice to see we're still bringing in receivers...With the loss of Miles ,we should have a few spots to fill :thup:

And yet you felt the need to reply. Interesting.