Tim Horton's Grey Cups

Just wanted to recognize Tim's for a great promotion of the CFL with the gray coffee cups. So simple that it was brilliant and good for them.


Horton's hired a new advertising firm. (A Canadian one, after a number of years of using a US based firm).

TimBiebs and the CFL cups were two of their first campaigns.

How far spread was the CFL Grey Cup cups? I assumed only in the Hamilton area. Did I assume wrong? Was in across Canada?

From what I heard it was just Hamilton proper
Not even the burbs (who still had regular cups)

A few people had commented in the original post disappointment it was not available in their cities
It seems odd they did not try cross Canada; really minimal extra cost and could have helped raise awareness of game


Thank you. Still a clever idea

I agree it was a great idea (again based on prev thread not everyone did tho)

Should've been a national campaign from Thursday to Sunday .

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