Tim Hortons Field.

After locking our record-setting "Ticats/City of Hamilton Stadium Talks Thread", I expected to see a dozen new Topics started in this forum. But given none have appeared, here goes:

Tim Hortons Field (and lets agree to call it that given that Tim Hortons are financially supporting the stadium and the City to the tune of millions of dollars every year) is a fantastic addition to the infrastructure of Hamilton. From Pan Am Soccer games to sold out music concerts to community sporting events, and yes Tiger-Cat football games, it is already delivering terrific returns to the City.

So don't hesitate to post what you like, or what you don't like about the new stadium. Always keep in mind that if you have a complaint send it directly to the Ticats. Particularly your ticket rep.

These forums are more valuable as a Ticat fan to Ticat fan self-help group. If you are having trouble in a wheel chair ask the other wheel chair posters for their opinion on how to solve the problem. Or if you cannot find a urinal ask other urinal users to point you the way.

The stadium is already doing very well, and we and our partners are still learning. Your experience at Tim Hortons Field is only going to get better.

I have never been there, but what I really dislike is seeing all those empty seats on TV for "sold out" games. I understand and appreciate the socializing opportunities people have now with this new stadium, but with all those people out of their seats, it looks like the place is only half full much of the time. Especially on the east side.

I understand the Ticats make the same profit whether those people are in their seats or walking around the concourses and patios, but it just looks really bad on TV.

I mean really... who spends the money on a football ticket to go and chat with their buddies? You can do that for free before and after the game.

I have season seats and have been to all the home games so far this season. When the game starts almost everyone is in there seats and watching the game but the hard part this season is that by the half time in all three games so far we have been leading and I don't just mean by a few points but by a large margin which in turn makes the game a little less interesting so fans either leave by the end of the third quarter or they are on the concourse have a few beers but I will lean on the later as I see people leaving with there stuff near the end of the third quarter.

Technically not a complaint about the stadium CFF. Good try though :wink:

Disappointed Caretaker locked that thread. :cry:

How inconsiderate of those fans. In their defence, they probably didn't realize the effect their actions were having on you.

I'm sure the team would be happy to make some announcements urging people to stop socializing and spending money, and get back to their seats already. If that doesn't work, perhaps we could re-purpose security guards to make sure it happens.

Cff vs Expat.

Get your popcorn ready.lol

I hear what you're saying about the big leads the last 2-3 games, but I can make the same points I already did for the games there in 2014, and even the games that were at Mac last year. I have them all on video for proof if needed.

At Mac they had the two areas at the back of each end zone where lots of people were congregating, same idea as THF. Beautiful stadium, but its very design encourages people to not sit in their seats.

I guess my main point is that the new socializing opportunities distract people from the game, which is the main reason everyone is there in the first place. One great thing about IWS was that it forced you to get your butt in your seat, and engaged in the game. I was at IWS several times.

If I can make a comment on the fans. The east side needs to pull its weight! We (westers ,westees )are bringing the noise and it's just not enough!

Step it up!!

Agree 100%, get back in your seats and support the team from there. Irks me when I see empty seats from across the field while people are justr milling around on the concourses.

Safe to say its like will ne'er again be seen in these parts.

I'm pretty sure I never posted in it, and never read the vast majority of the content. There's only so much one can take in on a given topic. But congrats to all those who kept it alive for so long with spirited and passionate debate. For a time I was wondering if would ever get to 1,000 pages.

I have to apologize to Grover as it was I who suggested it be locked. Since the stadium is no longer "under construction" it seemed like the right thing to do. I had no idea that it meant that much to you.

I'm sure if you can come up with an equally valid reason why it should be, I'm sure that Bob would consider "un-locking" it. That would be a first on this site, I believe, and, possibly on any site.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Notice he says "I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE...." if he's a fan he would go out an buy a ticket and see for himself/

I have been to THF and TD Place in Ottawa, at both stadiums fans congregate in the councourse, grab a beer and watch the game from there. In Ottawa the concourse on the south side runs the whole length of the field almost 150 yards, the fans are standing 2 or 3 deep to watch the game from there or they congregate in the end zone. This seems to be the new trend, as long as fans buy a ticket they can head to the concessions, congregate in a group with their friends and stand where they want.
I love the way that they have made these gathering areas, the fans seem louder when they gather in these areas. If it means some empty seats on TV - so what?

I live in BC you dolt. If you're willing to pay for my flight, I will happily attend my first game at THF.

:thup: (other than the name calling)

People do need to remember that not all Ticat fans live in or near Hamilton.

And for the record, I tend to focus on what's happening on the field rather than what's happening in the stands when I watch the games.

And I call it Timmies Field on occasion. I figure everyone in Canada knows what Timmies or Timmy's is (I've seen both spellings). Tim Hortons even uses the nickname, or some variation on occasion; there's a reference to a Timmy Run on their web site. But "the doughnut box" or some such thing? No. Just no.

Don’t know what a dolt is but if you had said where you live than maybe you wouldn’t be open to ridicule… :roll:

As the Caretaker stated - name calling is unacceptable.

dolt |d?lt| noun a stupid person.
Why do I need to say where I live to prevent you from making uninformed judgements? Maybe just don't make them to begin with.


the ticats make a mucher larger profit when they're walking around the concourses and patios buying food, beer and merchandise rather than sitting in their seats and not purchasing anytihng.

And i can name everyone in the club section at THF who pay for the most expensive tickets in the stadium which have pushed the cats to profitablity as people who go to football games to chat with their buddies. They can do it for free after the game sure, but they have money to blow and choose to do it while watchhing the cats game.

As much as people hate to admit it, its a business. And if we want to keep the cats around they need to be profitable.

You mention at Ivoy Wynne you loved it because ppl were forced to sit in the stands and not walk the concourses to purchase things/ have a beer on the patio because they didn't have a view of the field

Well guess what. The cats weren't profitable at Ivor Wynne and were losing money because the revenue streams weren't there. They are at THF with club lounges, private suites, open concourse concesssions etc etc.

pick your poison. no people spending money in the concourses means no added revenue for the cats


Okay… let’s put it like this then.

The new stadium is good for business, but not so good for engaging fans into the game.

May I remind everyone that the reason everyone is there (players, fans, coaches, CFL staff, refs etc. etc.) is because of the football game that is being played. It seems a lot more people have borderline ADD now, and they can’t sit still or consistently stay interested in the game. It just makes me sad as a massive fan of Canadian football to see the main event being diluted with consumerism, socializing and hyperactivity.